January 2014 Artist of the Month - Cyve

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on the Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... January's AOM is Cyve!

We congratulate Cyve for an outstanding collection of works in the 2D Gallery!

Who is 'Cyve' ?

Someone with a passion for drawing and arts in general.

How long now have you been creating art?

I discovered drawing when I was 14 or 15 years old, thanks to a teacher who gave me some perspective drawing groundings. I then tried several techniques like China ink drawing, oil painting, scratchcard, etc. But, I really started drawing in 1992. I had a long break from drawing in the mid 2000’s and began to draw again (and post on renderosity again) at the begining of 2013.


Old 1993 - v10


Do you have any formal art education?

No, I never had any professional training, but a stylist friend of mine gave me some tips and taught me some basics around 1992/1993.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on several drawings.


Glamour - 12


Who, or what, inspires you?

I only draw what I find beautiful. It’s kind of a vague answer, but I can’t draw something I don’t like. However, I’m mostly inspired by nature and the human body, nothing fancy!

What do you enjoy most about your art?

What I enjoy the most is drawing fully-detailed pieces, and conversely, minimal drawings.




What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

It’s really hard to answer this question, but, in my opinion, every new drawing is the best one (with a few exceptions I never posted).

Do you have any tips you would be willing to share on drawing/painting?

Of course, but it’s really hard for me to fully express myself in English (my son did the translation for this interview).


Glamour04 (inspired by Ti Wilson)


How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has two majors assets regarding this matter :

First, there’s this emulation from the community that helps you improve. You want to challenge yourself every time so that your friends like your new drawing.

Then there is all the advice from your peers, pointing out things you might not see when you draw. Other aspects of the community help you gain creativity, but they are less obvious and hard to explain.

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other artists?

I’m affraid this is it! However, I’d like to warmly thank every person who has supported me since I began to draw again and everyone who voted me up so that I’m here with you today.




We invite you to have a further look at Cyve's Gallery!

Be sure to visit:

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Member Opinions:
By: Shaylea on 1/2/14

By: MtnMist on 1/2/14
Congratulations, Yves!!!!! You know what a huge fan I am - this is such a well deserved showcase!!!

By: aeilkema on 1/2/14

By: ArtistKimberly on 1/2/14
!!Congratulations Sweetie!!



By: bakapo on 1/2/14

By: caty77 on 1/2/14
Congratulations! :)

By: flavia49 on 1/2/14

By: Anagord on 1/2/14

By: JVRenderer on 1/2/14
Congratulations! I love your line art.

By: drag on 1/2/14
Congrats well deserved.

By: EliteModels3D on 1/2/14
Congratulations from your friends & fans at Elite Models 3D! Well deserved.

By: wolfenshire on 1/2/14
Congratulations, well deserved, your illustrations and art are wonderful.

By: RodS on 1/2/14
CONGRATULATIONS, Yves!! Well deserved, my friend!

By: Dim_Reaper on 1/3/14
Congratulations! Much deserved.

By: rto3d on 1/3/14
Congrats !

Really love your art,
it's dope for imagination in general ... fabulous.

By: Sandrose on 1/3/14
Very well deserved! Congratulations!!

By: quietrob on 1/3/14
What a superb style. This AOM is greatly deserved.

By: shonsu on 1/3/14

By: Savage_dragon on 1/3/14
Congratz, buddy!

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 1/3/14
Very happy to see Cyve artist of the month, unique art style and what art!! Congratulations!!!

By: Cimarron on 1/3/14
Congratulations Yves, always beautiful work:)

By: dent-de-lion on 1/3/14
Congrats Cyve.
AOM? Yes !!

By: Nonsolum on 1/3/14
Voici de quoi commencer l'année en "beauté" ! Entre pleins et déliés c'est un trophée de Janvier, à l'année bien mérité ! Bravo l'artiste !

By: rbowen on 1/4/14
Congratulations! A very talented artist!

By: regeer on 1/4/14
Congratulations, love your line art.

By: bockolaf on 1/4/14
Fantastic and I wish you a happy New Year.

By: byteline on 1/4/14
Congratulations !!! Your works are GREAT !!!

By: Mark-David-Rogers on 1/4/14
Congratulations... most highly deserved without question.

By: Navi on 1/4/14
Félicitations Yves ! :) , bien joué :)

By: braincells on 1/4/14
Congratulations and Happy New Year Ives! Well deserved and can't wait for the next 1000 drawings!!

By: savanna on 1/5/14
Congratulation Cyve :)

By: MarkHirst on 1/5/14
Well deserved recognition.

By: speculoos on 1/5/14
Congratulations! A well deserved reward... :)

By: arlivre on 1/5/14
So clean and beautiful artwork...congratulations !

By: QXI on 1/5/14
Well Deserved!!! and what a way to start the new year!!!!! Congrats once again!!!

By: boobunny on 1/6/14

By: renecyberdoc on 1/7/14
congratulations mon ami,well deserved,always a pleasure to view the "force"in your pencil.

By: soffy on 1/7/14
Congratulations,Yves :) you have a wonderful Gallery********

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 1/7/14

By: FragmentedFortunes on 1/7/14
Well deserved recognition for a superb artist, your work is stylish and unique. Congratulations.

By: Henchmonkey on 1/7/14

By: toyyaris on 1/8/14
congratulations my friend
and thank you for your wonderful Art
big hugs

By: RubyT on 1/8/14
This is wonderful! I love your artwork! Congratulations!

By: doarte on 1/8/14
Congratulations Yves

By: Domi48 on 1/8/14
C'est bien mérité, bravo!

By: cfulton on 1/8/14
Congratulations, Yves!

By: EddyMI on 1/8/14
Congratulation a toi!

By: nefertiabet on 1/8/14
Congratulations my friend :-)

By: Eganko on 1/8/14
so cool. Congratulations Yves!

By: romangirl on 1/8/14
It couldn't happen to a better artist, Cyve!

By: Vokes on 1/8/14
Completely deserved!! A highly creative artist! Congratulations!

By: rexn8r on 1/8/14
Excellent interview and artwork!

By: mrestey on 1/8/14
WOW! This is an awesome and well deserved honor Yves! You deserve it! Congratulations to you buddy, and keep that great artwork coming.

By: blbarrett on 1/8/14
Well Deserved :)

By: Jollyself on 1/9/14
YAY... Congrats my friend. I am SO SO pleased that you have won this honor. You deserve this. Your work is exceptional. :)

By: lobus777 on 1/10/14
Congratulations my friend, I'm so happy that you have received this honor! It is well-deserved!

By: jfelfouly on 1/11/14
Félicitations! Il y a quelque chose de gracieux dans la maîtrise des courbes et la réduction à l'essentiel dans le trait qui fait penser à la période Art nouveau / Art déco et fait bien honneur à l'art français.

By: peedy on 1/12/14
Congrats! :-)


By: Justmel on 1/14/14

By: DRAKELOT on 1/15/14
Congratulations Yves, love your works !!!

By: katibabi on 1/15/14
Congratulations! Well deserved. :)

By: adrie on 1/16/14
Congratulations my friend.
You well deserved.

By: LadyAlys on 1/19/14
Yay! Awesome getting AoM.

By: starlitemoon on 1/20/14
Congrats, beautiful work

By: Philart on 1/20/14
Un style et de belles courbes, bravo pour ta nomination !

By: elleque on 1/25/14

By: Rhett55 on 1/26/14
You are a brilliant and talented artist. Extremely well deserved. Bravo my friend!

By: karl.garnham1 on 1/30/14
Well Deserved you are an incredible artist Well Done Cyve

By: MarciaGomes on 1/31/14
Congratulations dear friend, I am very happy for you.

By: donnah on 2/1/14

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