COMING SOON: Video Tutorials on Renderosity!
Renderosity is in the process of adding a video feature to the site that will allow users to not only watch, but also create tutorial videos for use throughout the community! This gives our members easier access to educational materials on anything from Blender3D to ZBrush, and everything in between.

To ensure that the best tutorials are available consistently to our members, a review team will be in place to review all tutorial submissions. Only tutorial videos will be accepted at this time. Non-tutorial related videos, like slide shows or personal videos, will be deleted by the video review team.

A sample of the new video player, available soon on Renderosity

We are really excited about the video rollout, and look forward to helping you become the best digital artist possible.

There are additional Terms of Service (TOS) for using the video module that can be read below. The
standard TOS for the site still applies as well.
Video Terms of Service (TOS)

The Video section is for educational, instructional tutorials related to the 2D/3D industry only. No personal videos are allowed. Video Tutorials are subject to the following guidelines: No human nudity is allowed in the video tutorials. Untextured mannequins and wire meshes are allowed for instructional purposes. Violent imagery is not allowed. You should own the copyright, or have the right to use, any materials shown, including audio files. The Renderosity site
Terms of Service also applies to the Video tutorial section.

Member Opinions:
By: StormSinger on 5/19/08
Long time coming. I'm sure it'll be very popular.

By: Acadia on 5/19/08
I'm a big fan of video tutorials, and love making them. This is a wonderful feature!!

By: Tashar59 on 5/19/08
Good idea. Hope the resolution is better than the sample shown here.

By: SAMS3D on 5/19/08
This is great!

By: Kimberly.3D on 5/19/08

By: xpac5896 on 5/19/08
Hey, this is a great idea and I'm glad to see it comming. I can't wait to start watching. Question - can you download the video for future referance?

By: molsmith on 5/19/08
Can you not let us know the file format, Max File-size, WxH size so we can prepare videos ready to load?


By: StaceyG on 5/19/08
xpac, I'll have to check about the downloading of the videos for reference.

molsmith, It handles all the popular file formats we've tested inlcuding avi,mov,mpg,wmv, and 3gp from cell phones. The display is 4:3 ratio so any widescreen stuff will get trimmed to fit. The max file size is 50mb at the moment. We may increase that if we have issues.

By: IO4 on 5/20/08
I'm looking forward to this - sounds like a great feature:)

By: matrix03 on 5/20/08
awesome idea! I can hardly wait to see this implemented!

By: donquixote on 5/20/08
Video? What, no interactive 3d virtual reality immersion?! (Just kidding, of course; I suppose we'll probably have to wait until next month for that.)

By: RGUS on 5/21/08
Oh this is gonna be hard... I'll voice over in my best Kiwi accent... "Load a V4".. and it will be instantly deleted for nudity.... hmmmm... I wonder if I skip that bit and save a fully clothed model with cloth simulation in tact.. with wind forces... but not transparent...... is this really gonna work???... I mean the TOS is very specific.

By: scooby37 on 5/21/08
Sounds like a fantastic feature, I can't wait to watch and learn.

By: Boni on 5/21/08
This is great.

By: retread on 5/21/08

One request ... please include download links for those of on slow dialup who don't have the bandwidth to open videos on line.

By: stick on 5/21/08
Hurray!! Maybe now i'll find something that will teach me the basics of poser 6.

By: Thelby on 5/22/08

By: LokiMaxim on 5/22/08
Sounds great. Can't wait!

(I'm a poet, and I didn't know it!) :D

By: DRAKELOT on 5/22/08
This sounds way cool.
I can help with that (video tuts) ... Poser to Flash or AVI, mpeg2-3-4 ... Antonio.

By: arat on 5/22/08
Cool feature...

By: nikki112459 on 5/22/08
Uhhhh I am excited. I love video tus. Since our work is visual there is just no way to just simply write about it you have to show it!

By: schowler on 5/22/08
I'm highly excited about this!
I hope there are a lot of people willing to post some tutorials for Poser. Sometimes the translation is better with a video than straight text. I can't wait! Good call.

By: moselystone on 5/23/08
Carrara, Hexagon and Vue the Sooner the better please. So cool you guys.

By: nyguy on 5/23/08
This is great! Now won't have to hunt You Tube for videos!

By: gibby.g on 5/24/08
Excellent idea, I love video tutes!

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