April Fools!

April Fools! No, we're not (nor will we ever be) a gardening supply website. It was just a little prank for the community to celebrate! And although the pranks have ceased, we are still celebrating April Fools' Day! Read on to see what special we have going on in the MarketPlace today, where all items are DOUBLE the price!!!

...just kidding about that last part.

April Fools!!!!!


Celebrate April Fools' Day with us at the Renderosity MarketPlace!!!


Visit us today and apply *Coupon Code: 04APRILFOOL15P25 to your order at the time of checkout for instant savings !!!

For a limited time receive 15% off of a single order of $25.00 or more!!

This coupon can only be used once per member, and expires on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 11:59pm (CST) Renderosity system time, so shop today and take advantage of these savings!!

Here is a small preview of the enormous variety of products we have available:
Aery_Soul plus3d & Mairy coflek-gnorg Letterworks PG-Graphics, Romantic-3D and ArtOfDreams outoftouch
Vali aoaio SWAM & Zachrael2002 paleman billy-t RajRaja

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Member Opinions:
By: Pinball24 on 4/1/08
lol Had me going for a second. Forgot what today was!!! LoL!!!

By: kodewarrior1 on 4/1/08
ahah! I was thinking someone did a mistake in the DNS configuration! ^___^

By: arcebus on 4/1/08
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek - make it dead, make it dead....
Where have you got this greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen from?

By: Adante on 4/1/08
Wow, great prank, hehe. Thought someone forgot to renew the domain name. Awesome coupon!

By: Yoro on 4/1/08
*hrmpf* and where can I buy now the assorted roses seed pack? I want it IMMEDIATELY!!! ;)

By: pdblake on 4/1/08
No Top Selling Plant Ads?

By: Talisman on 4/1/08

By: milanautica on 4/1/08
LOOOL OMG great joke :D

By: shipmanjonathan on 4/1/08
Man. I thought the site had been hacked for a minute till I refreshed. I'd forgot it was April 1st. LOL

By: Vremont on 4/1/08
yanno, i thought the site had been hacked--which reminded me why i only use a low balance credit card on this site. Are you sure you wanted to remind me of that???

By: Lory on 4/1/08
You really got me!!.. . I was thinking too the site was hacked. Good one!

By: Perry6 on 4/1/08
Hey... I need to order some seeds and gardening equipment... where did it all go?

-Excellent! Had me fooled for a few moments!

By: stardust on 4/1/08
My heart skipping a beat, and then I tried to buy some seeds to plant for spring :) Good One!

By: Enchant3D on 4/1/08

By: mytilus on 4/1/08
That's great... LOL

By: sweetpegster on 4/1/08
OMG laffs Real good. I was more thrown by the awful green.

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 4/1/08
LOL! I honestly thought....OMGDDSS!!! All my purchases are gone! Shame on you all!!!

By: kaslks75 on 4/1/08
LOL...good one! thought for a minute you guys got hacked!

I guess 3D plants are on special today then? :D

By: Khai on 4/1/08
thank you for another reason to avoid the front of the site and go straight to the forums.

By: Virtual_World on 4/1/08
I was thinking too the site was hacked.

By: RedSangre on 4/1/08
Hilarious!!! Absolutely too clever!

By: PG-Graphics on 4/1/08
*LOL* You really got me *g*

By: Tony_Boutle on 4/1/08
Even wierder if you are a Brit as AFD is over (only the morning over here).

BTW when will the seeds I odered be arriving?

By: globalpuffer on 4/1/08
Dang it! I need a pulsating sprinkler. Any idea where I can get one for real.. LOL!

By: beachsidelegs on 4/1/08
OMG LOL You got me hook, line and sinker was going to send a mail to let you know lmao

By: Lucie on 4/1/08
I too wanted to buy some seeds, only 8.99 for some sunflowers seeds is a bit pricey... lol

By: madriver on 4/1/08

By: outoftouch on 4/1/08
LOL You got me hooked as well! :D Wishing you all a great day!

By: renapd on 4/1/08
ROFL! Pretty well plotted April's Fool joke guys! I got chilly scared, puzzled and shocked for a few seconds there! All pretty worthwile the occasion! YOU SURE GOT ME! hehe!

By: ojim on 4/1/08
LOL You got me on that one.

By: LilWolff on 4/1/08
You got me too! I forgot what day it was.

By: scifibabe on 4/1/08
I thought the domain name hadn't been renewed or something and had a heart attack! Boy, you guys are such pransters. :) I was so releived when I clicked on Products and saw it wasn't more gardening stuff. Not that I couldn't use some gardening stuff... just didn't want to lose my Poser stuff...

By: CurtieBear on 4/1/08
Deffinitely one of those "WTF" moments.. LOL

By: gonedigital on 4/1/08
hahahahah WHEW! I thought I was having some kind of "altered state" experience. Good one!!!

By: Dragonluna1 on 4/1/08
LOL! Good one!!

By: LadyEmmy on 4/1/08
Whewwww my heart went in 5th gear looool... Great prank! You sure got me :D

By: rbchandler on 4/1/08
Crap, I was looking forward to getting some of the garden tools too. You had me goin' there for a while. I forgot what day it was;o)

By: twingo on 4/1/08
And where can I find new plants for my garden........ LOL

By: sunfish on 4/1/08
Arrrrggg, my heard stopped for a second! LOL!!!!

By: decadence on 4/1/08
Dos this mean I can't get the 25 ft garden hose? Lol nice job!

By: Contajen on 4/1/08
I was actually looking for sites with April's Fool's jokes and didn't even think of looking here! I got a computer outlet's newsletter trying to sell me a retinal scanner, a pawprint analyzer and a bark analyzer. You guy's are the best one so far!

By: Pommerlis on 4/1/08
Great Joke! You got me there for a second! LOL

By: Christel on 4/1/08
ROOOFL!!! You almost got me there ^_^ ha ha ha

By: ChristineG on 4/1/08
ROFL I thought for a sec that Renderosity had a visit from a hacker or something... What a cool joke... I LOVE it… I’m laughing my A.. off here…

By: kingrommel on 4/1/08
Can i still order the Daisies??

By: bigjobbie on 4/1/08
Heh - no garden gnomes for sale?

Is that 15% off for a single ITEM or a single ORDER - the word "purchase" is a bit obtuse.


By: StaceyG on 4/1/08
Hi! The coupon is good for one shopping session (one check-out) with as many items in the cart as you would like.


By: mboncher on 4/1/08
Dammit! Don't DO that when I'm taking a drink!
I almost did a spit-take and fried my monitor.


By: AscendedSpirit on 4/1/08
At first I thought "What the hell?" I thought maybe i typed link wrong, but I then realized it is April Fools Day good one Renderosity.

By: Django on 4/1/08
Lol..great joke, you should have seen my jaw drop

By: tbcmhhsexton on 4/1/08
Don't know who thought of that one, but they deserve a pat on the back.....a hard one lol just kidding, great prank...:)

By: debb6425 on 4/1/08
Ok, well... disregard my email then....LOL
You got me!

By: madcatter on 4/1/08
That was the best April Fools joke I've seen in many a year! Thanks so much! I'm at work and we ALL had a great laugh!

By: ariasparkle on 4/1/08
Tag I'm it! Got me!!!!

By: RedPhantom on 4/1/08
I came on today to see what, if anything, Renderosity had done for April Fools, but I wasn't expecting something like this. It's cool.

By: SouthBeachPhoto on 4/1/08
LMAO! I thought you guys were hacked!

By: celestial_dreamer on 4/1/08
LMAO!!! I want the roses!
Good one :-)

By: childoflightdesigns on 4/1/08
OMG I was like ok , so who hacked in here or who bought you out lmao

By: delbeke on 4/1/08
lol you got me! lol Very cleverly happy! Great fun!

By: Lord_syphex on 4/1/08
Yeah they got me too. Had me refreshing, and wondering what the heck!

By: impish on 4/1/08
Not bad although it didn't really catch me out. Best CG April fool of the year though goes to the BBC:


(Not sure if you can get to that page from outside the UK)

By: sdp93 on 4/1/08
That's a good one. I was pretty surprised when I ended up at a gardening site.

By: ShatteredExistance0 on 4/1/08
I'm cracking up as I type this. That was a hilarious joke. It took me a good few minutes to realize it was April Fools also, so imagine my initial surprise. XD

Well played Renderosity. Well played. =D

By: romanceworks on 4/1/08
You gave me a start and a laugh! Fun for this day.:o) CC

By: Propschick on 4/1/08
I thought I had a virus, AND I said nobody would get me today- Geez.

By: jan_scrapper on 4/1/08
Excellent!!! I always Google to get here and I thought, oh no....problems...

Thank you for the smile today!!!

By: theconqueror on 4/1/08
Great idea...But I like the "GreenThumb Garden Tool Set for $14.99" is it possible to buy ..I search all the Renderosity store for 1 hour but I couldn't find the item.......:-)

By: sissywoods on 4/1/08
lol.. had to get a screen shot of the Renderosity gardening spot

By: McDod on 4/1/08
Ha! Very funny!

By: Black_Star on 4/1/08
I thought someone took over the site.I was starting to think when you will get it back...:)

By: redchilicat on 4/1/08
Too Funny! It got me too, I was like WTF???? LOL

By: Angelwave on 4/1/08
HAHAHA.........LOLOLOLOL......... clicked the Green Thumbs.........thought it would give me one HAHAHA-LOL

By: Ameesa on 4/1/08
I've seen April Fools jokes on 4-5 websites so far. But truly, this was the first one that totally took me by surprise. Kudos to whoever thought up this one!

By: OOh Betty on 4/1/08
OMG. I thought maybe I had a stroke and couldn't remember how to spell Renderosity. I was scared for a minute! You really got me--good one.

By: Angel_in_Disguize on 4/1/08
Ha Ha.. Nice one.. thought I was going crazy as I have it saved in my favorites :-)

Thanks for the giggle

By: vaia on 4/1/08
HAHAHA! April Fools!! :D

By: cole4965 on 4/1/08
LOL! Really awesome! You caught me!!!

By: YngPhoenix on 4/1/08
So this is only an April Fools joke? Well I for one am extermely upset and will never buy garden supplies from this site. I was really looking forward to picking up some furtilizer and flowers, possibly a rake oh! and a hoe and shovel. :D

By: SmedleyX on 4/1/08
You scared me good! lol

By: LaVonne on 4/1/08
My first thought was "Oh, no! The site has been hacked! This is terrible!"

I am glad I clicked on something and found out. I totally forgot it was April 1!

By: zandira on 4/1/08
I thought that I'd logged onto the wrong site or that you had changed to selling garden stuff. I hate pratical jokes, they are so immature. Thank **** this stupid day is only once a year, once too often if you ask me!

By: Draven931 on 4/1/08
I miss typed the site addy and typed http://www.remderosity.com in stead and got an art supplies site oops then the garden supplies on here whoa too funny hahahaha

By: BBarbs on 4/1/08
Arrrrrrrrgh !!! I thought I had lost my mind !!! I can't believe you guys did this !!! LMAO !!

By: dhama on 4/1/08
Could someone point me toward the Petunias...... or potted shrubberies?

By: Phoenix1966 on 4/1/08
But...but...I wanted the lilac seeds and the monkey grass...

By: MajinBoo on 4/1/08
Yesh that had to be the ugliest page layout lol! You got me good with that one.

By: engeltje26 on 4/1/08
I thought it would come in obj. files... Really did...

By: DarwinsMishap on 4/1/08

I had to reload twice to make sure where I was, and even then I wasn't sure. VERY FUNNY! >.

By: Digital_Mischief on 4/1/08
My gosh, I went into shell shock! Where was my Renderosity???? Why does my bookmark take me to a gardening site...

I forgot it was April 1st...Yes, you got us good. :)

Now it's funny....

By: Iceshark39 on 4/1/08
What? Wait! You're NOT a gardening supply site??? Then what's going to happen to my seed order?! GREAT prnk! Happy Fool's Day!

By: matrix03 on 4/1/08
ROFLMAO! I thought someone had hijacked the site for an instant! good one!!

By: pspworkshop on 4/1/08

By: goodgirl4 on 4/1/08
I almost had a heart attack! I thought I typed the link wrong... Very well done.

By: hmatienzo on 4/1/08
Don't scare me like that, LOL! Gardening, indeed...

By: 4udreamcatcher on 4/1/08
ha! ha! ;)

By: tricksta on 4/1/08
had me totally fooled as its the first time i have logged in for a month or two! :S

By: ricc on 4/1/08
Nice one. Had me fooled. Trouble is, Im from the southern hemisphere and April fools day was yesterday!!

By: lululee on 4/1/08
Yowza! You got me!
cheerio lululee

By: hapin-n on 4/1/08
Ahhhhhh u soooo funny!!!

By: sikar on 4/1/08
thought some1 had highjacked the site lmao, nice touch renderosity, hehe.

By: tralfaz on 4/1/08
Ah, I ordered the Seed Pack: Indiana Peony. Am I still going to get those and with the 15% off?

By: the3dgm on 4/1/08

By: louly on 4/1/08
LOL I didn't dare click the links at first, thought it was hacked and I could get to the real site with the ebots, I just couldn't understand lol You sure went through a lot of trouble of creating that page. Funny, good one :)

By: efron_241 on 4/1/08
It's exactly what an other site did last year.. So I was ready for it.. in fact made my image and uploaded it earlier to warn people :)

The fun thing is the responds of the people who did not expect it and write that honest in the comments.

By: -Josh- on 4/1/08
Muhahaa... Gorgeous idea to this day!!!

By: TaraBlack on 4/1/08
not bad........very creative...Almost thought my bookmarks got messed up then had to sak myself how does that happen

By: JohnDelaquiox on 4/1/08
ok thats funny

By: Mechanismo on 4/1/08
yes hello? id like 3 knomes... a sprinkler and a trowel... whats the P+P on that?? :P

By: Marvel1 on 4/1/08
Ya had me going there for a second...as I wipe the beads of sweat from my brow. Good joke man.

By: Rich2 on 4/1/08
Har-de-har-har!!! Love it! I got in the spirit myself with an upload in the Terragen Gallery - with respect and apologies to the Poser Community...

By: DustyRoad on 4/1/08
You know, I haven't been pranked at all today so I forgot it was AFD. THAT WAS GOOD! :)

By: digitell on 4/1/08
Geeeez!!! You guys!!!! LOL!!

By: kainxxx2000 on 4/1/08
boy i was tick off lol good apirl fool joke lol

By: kylered on 4/1/08
LOL....U goal...:)..but indeed I'm going to cry...saying: "Is not true, can't belive..lost my Renderosity world...OMG..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

=(^;^)= Heheheheh..cheers CIAO

By: NonasArt on 4/1/08
I,m freaked hair stood on end, then the brain kicked in oh my gosh great Aprils fool joke. You guys are funny.

By: ussadventure on 4/1/08
I needed a sprinkler too...can you add this to the store?

By: greywolfe1960 on 4/1/08
That home page was classic!!! But that green was better suited to a baby's diaper! (C;

By: turtleheart on 4/1/08
"scuse me, do you also have powdered herbs and herbal supplies?

By: flyairth on 4/1/08
That was just too good!! LOL

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 4/1/08
Darn... i really wanted to buy garden supplies... :( ;)

By: Artemis on 4/1/08
ROFL too funny....

By: SilverLynx on 4/1/08
LOL, I love that picture too. ;)

By: kauldron on 4/1/08
That was damn good!

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