Rochr - 2004 April AOM!

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Rochr - 2004 April AOM!
Who is 'Rochr'?

Well, Rochr is Rudolf Herczog. 33-year old hobbyist, born in Budapest, Hungary and currently living in Halmstad, Sweden, along with my girlfriend and 3 cats.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

My very first experience with computer graphics, was actually on the old Amiga, and Deluxe Paint. That didnīt last long though. Years later, a friend of mine started a production studio doing commercials for local companies, and they were using Lightwave. We used to hang out there after work and play with the software, and even though i liked Lightwave, i could never use it the way i wanted. (laziness)

Then about five or so years ago, the same friend pointed me towards Bryce and i was instantly hooked. It was easy to learn and, once i passed beyond the obligatory shiny spheres-images, a tool that suited me perfectly.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Not really. Or it depends on what you call art. :) Iīve been drawing since childhood, mainly futuristic cities, cars etc, but it was all in black/white. Iīve never really used paint or even colors until the Amiga.

Never went to any art classes, iīm self taught.

What are you currently working on?

Apart from personal images, and a new design for my webpage, iīm currently working on some concept images for a feature film. Canīt reveal anything about it unfortunatly, as itīs still in the early stages.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

My primary tools are still Bryce 5, Photoshop 7 and Universe Image Creator. Plus, iīve recently started learning Cinema 4D (or at least trying to), for models i canīt do inside Bryce. I find the combination of these applications to be perfect for the type of images i want to create.

When it comes to hardware, i currently use a P4 2.26 Ghz, 512 mb RAMBUS and a Wacom Intuos2, but iīm planning on building a new machine with a lot more power. Already purchused some of the parts, but iīm not rushing it.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I must say my last one, "Skylab". I have a bad habit of always trying to push myself, and the hardware, one step further with each image, and this one really turned out exactly how i want my images to look like. One of very
few iīm 100% satisfied with...or at least 99...

An other personal favourite is "Downtown", an older piece. It was sort of a tribute for my fellow Bryce artists, and to this day, my best compositioned scene. Plus it was fun to make. :)

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

Itīs 3D...? No, but seriously, 3D adds a certain depth and feel to the images, i personally canīt achieve with pure drawings. Even though i usually draw some of the details in an image, i always, (with one exception), start out with a 3D base.

Who/what inspires you?

Everything really. Movies, real life, other artists. I also have a huge library of industrial photos, where i get inspiration from when needed. But for some strange reason i get most of my ideas at work. Still trying to figure out why, because itīs not that exiting...

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I was actually about to give CG up, when i found this community. When i posted my first image here, my progress with Bryce had been standing still for a long time, and i was getting bored. Finding this place with itīs great members and all the knowledge was a real boost, and i always recommend new artists coming here for learning. I can easily say that iīve got to know some fantastic people here, many iīld like to call my friends, and i still consider this a second home. :)

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Learn as many tools as you need, and keep working with something you love, no matter what people say. And donīt worry about getting a personal style, itīll come automatically after a while. And naturally...practice, practice and practice some more.

Thanx a lot everyone! :)


Be sure to check out Rochr's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: twisted_angel_9 on 4/13/04
well derserved. Congrats!

By: Blog on 4/13/04
I've been a long time follower Roch, your rock! Glad you won this month...

By: Django on 4/13/04
Well deserved .. he always does outstanding work

By: Flak on 4/13/04
Great to see you win this, Rudy - most deserving and hearty congratulations. And boy, am I glad you found this place - I would've hate to have seen you give this up.

By: jlgarcia0 on 4/14/04
Really you deserve it. Your works are magnificent and your unmistakable style...Hope to see new
pieces soon. ;)

By: Cada on 4/14/04
Congratulations and best wishes for the future!

By: linkinpark on 4/14/04
Rudy, you deserve this for a long time. Your art is really unique and truly wonderful in Bryce gallery as well as in Renderosity comunity!!!
Keep up this amazing work, and have a nice time.

Long live the king..


By: drawbridgep on 4/14/04
Very well deserved. But you didn't mention the tentacles. ;-)

By: JenniSjoberg on 4/14/04
Best choice for AOM in a long time! Very well deserved!

By: orbital on 4/14/04
A deserved winner, I 've lost count of the number of times I've been in awe of your work.

By: ben_martin on 4/14/04
No surprise at all!
Deserves this and all the best that can come!
Keep on!

By: herbstliebe on 4/14/04

By: pipo_peanut on 4/14/04
YOu rocked my month man.. (just call me kid. Ü). INtensity: 10. :)

By: kenwas on 4/14/04
Congrats on a well deserved award and recognition!

By: pmermino on 4/14/04
Many congratulations for AOM .... you deserve it... your work is absolutely beautiful...

By: kromekat on 4/14/04
Doesn't matter how busy I am, if I get an email saying that Rochr has posted a new image, I have to have a look, and I have never been dissapointed! - This award has been a long time coming my friend, very well deserved - big congrats to you!! :D

By: MarkHirst on 4/14/04
A continuing inspiration to us all. Well done

By: jagill on 4/14/04
Congrats Rochr! Very well deserved. You are an inspiration to myself and many other artists. Long live Bryce!

By: Syyd on 4/14/04
I just have to tell you, perusing your gallery was Eye candy! Glad to see you have this recognition.

By: Incarnadine on 4/14/04
Congrat's Rudy! Your work has always been an inspiration for me. (although I must agree with drawbridgep about the tentacles issue)

By: vshane on 4/14/04
Congratulations to you, well deserved!

By: hobbit on 4/14/04
Congrats Rudy,,, well deserved.

By: signsofdeath on 4/14/04
his work is fascinating. I flicked through is gallery just now and it is something amazing. He deserves this

By: eaglesse on 4/14/04
I agree with all, your artworks deserve this honor:):)
Congatulations Rudy, I am happy to see you here, at this place!

By: Curio on 4/14/04
Congratulations! Very well deserved!

By: ChrisNz on 4/14/04
A well deserved award. Great stuff, as such, must be noticed.

By: texboy on 4/14/04
about time, Rudolf! a million congratulations!

By: ocddougdotcom on 4/14/04
Congrats! If anyone deserves this it's you ;-)

By: talisman018 on 4/14/04
Supremely well deserved! Kudos! Gratularar!

By: Vile on 4/15/04
congratulations! Your art is very inspirational!

By: SeigMancer on 4/15/04
Good luck :D

By: draculaz on 4/15/04
congrats rochr!

By: jaydiva on 4/15/04
Congratulations Rudolf!!!
You're definitely one of my favorite artist EVERY month :))

By: shahzad on 4/15/04
Good dear
Its nice stuff But i use the 3d max. I am very happy to see your work.

By: CarloTraversi on 4/15/04
Hope next one will be Artist of the Year :o) - Congrats, Rudy, you deserve it!

By: baher on 4/15/04
Congratulations!!well derserved!

By: dante on 4/15/04
Ditto all of the above...
Actually this is the first time I really care to comment on this column.
This guy really er...Rochrs...(pun intended)
Keep on rendering my friend

By: derjimi on 4/15/04

Congrats, Rudy!

You make the Bryce community proud!

By: AGOR on 4/15/04
Congrats!You are one of the Best and true Bryce artists in the net and you deserve it!

By: Varian on 4/15/04
You do such wonderful, creative work and really bring out the best aspects of Bryce. Keep it up! :)

By: Rochr on 4/15/04
You people really are most kind.
Thanx everyone! :)

By: TheBryster on 4/15/04
Don't ya just love him? Way to go!

By: Doublecrash on 4/15/04
Gee, Rudy, this is so darn-well deserved! I was happy when I saw you earned the AOM... sorry I couldn't vote, but you know you would've had mine if I only was able to. Keep up the wonderful, inspiring work, pal! __ Stefano

By: CloudNine on 4/16/04
You deserve this award, your work's always excellent. Congratulations.

By: tricksta on 4/16/04
About time too friend Well Done :D

By: mrscience on 4/16/04
You have always been one of my personal artistic heroes. Never, ever, ever stop doing what you do so well: amazing us.

By: EmKay on 4/17/04

You've definitely earned this one!!
Well done!
Your works...keep 'em coming!!

By: Lumous on 4/17/04
This man does amazing things with Bryce..One of my computer graphic "idols" :D WELL deserved..

By: Kaol on 4/17/04
This award gets to one of the best artis I have ever seen

By: TrAnd on 4/18/04
Congratulations !
You are a wonderful artist !

By: davidm on 4/18/04
Very well deserved! Your artwork is amazing! :-)

By: librarian__1 on 4/18/04
Yep, one of the best, and no doubt. I was surprised you hadn't already won this award. You're a giant. Glad to see you with the honor.

By: christianfly on 4/19/04
I didn't know you before, and still I went on your gallery, I must say just one thing : wowwww!! Congrats!!

By: Atomic_Anvil on 4/19/04
When I first entered your gallery I really fell for that look your images have (heavy industrial sci-fi I call it) but whatever it is it's great stuff. I find it motivating and inspiring. Congrats on the AOM recognition sir!

By: inthecity on 4/19/04
Rochr, your work is awesome. If you need any help with the Cinema learning, come on over to CG Talk and ask away. You'll find it would be an amazing tool for your work and much easier than you would think.

Nice going with artist of the month, keep it up.

By: lemonjim on 4/19/04
today AOM, tomorrow AOM! (Artist of Millenium). Always inspiring me with more fun images. Great Pen Pal, too. Rock ON, Rochr!

By: Dash101 on 4/19/04

Well... Let me say this is no suprise..

You are the man! Period!

Nicely done! And well deserved!

By: Eugenius on 4/20/04
You are truly deserving of this nomination Rochr. Congratulations!!!!

By: wdiniz on 4/20/04
Congratulations. When I marked you as my favourite artist, I knew this award was coming. All the best to you.

By: treemont on 4/20/04

By: internel on 4/21/04
Congrats Rudolf! a well deserved recognition. I discovered your work a few weeks ago, recomended by other great artists of the community and your artwork is really amazing.

By: eres on 4/21/04
Congratulations to you! You're at the right place!

By: chrisp2 on 4/21/04
Some of the best work I've ever seen using Bryce, or any other software, and the most consistently excellent artist I see at any 3d site that I visit.

I agree with all the above comments, and all that are sure follow!

Congrats - definitely well deserved.


By: zfigure7 on 4/21/04
Wonderfully deserved Rudy! I've seen you come a long way. Please keep up the goods!

By: Spike on 4/22/04
Congratulations on this and for your work being on the cover of the DVD!!!!
Great job as always

By: roobol on 4/24/04
A well deserved honour for an exceptional artist, congratulations Rudy.

By: alvinylaya on 4/26/04
A very well deserved recognition that underlines what we all know. Big Hooray for Rudy!!!

By: Gracyanus on 4/27/04
My the Force be with You...
..and let Your artwork always gladden ours eyes.

By: RodsArt on 1/2/05
Congrats Rudy!! You're a strong inspiration to me, not so much in SciFi but your passion in art...Well deserved Title.
Thanks Pal

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