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High Hopes

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I took this really cool October evening shot a couple nights ago. It reflects the mood I've been in, kinda cloudy. lol Please excuse my being behind on comments. I haven't forgotten you. Thank you for all the clicks, comments, and favorites on my previous upload.

I chose this song off Pink Floyd's album 'The Division Bell' for tonight's post. Hope you like or at least can give it a listen.

High Hopes by Pink Floyd

partial lyrics:

"Looking beyond the embers of bridges glowing behind us
To a glimpse of how green it was on the other side
Steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again
Dragged by the force of some inner tide

At a higher altitude with flag unfurled
We reached the dizzy heights of that dreamed of world

Encumbered forever by desire and ambition
There's a hunger still unsatisfied
Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon
Though down this road we've been so many times

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river

Forever and ever"

Hopefully everyone knows Floyd, so I didn't list band members names etc. If not I highly recommend them.
October 27, 2012
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Image Comments

Oct 27, 2012 7:50:00 pm
Reflects my mood 2 hon,lol! Wonderful capture! xxx

by Heavenlee Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 8:08:39 pm
however, from the title, I'm hearing Frank Sinatra singing 'High Hopes' and the little ant that pushed down the rubber tree plant

But Floyd is good as well

Things have a way of resolving themselves when they are allowed
You're doing great

by Faemike55 Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 8:09:28 pm
oh yes, PINK FLOYD!! most cool scarry sky shot Rose, fits the song to a tee. hendrix may have been the best guitarist, but Gilmour is my fave.

by eekdog Online Now!   Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 8:15:18 pm
that was cool awesome pic as well wow

by deliverence Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 8:15:57 pm
terrific clouds and capture.clouds has not cooperated here for several months

by Richardphotos Online Now!   Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 8:39:54 pm
Looks like you are in for a storm. A super, moody capture.

by npauling Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 8:58:51 pm
A powerful image.

by Jay-el-Jay Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 9:06:28 pm
Looks like a New England fall sky alright. ;~)

by 0rest4wicked Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 9:16:31 pm
Very forboding and dramatic skies.
Excellent capture.

by pimanjc Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 9:39:23 pm
Wow - what a gorgeous photo, Rose! A fantastic sky!

High hopes..... that's what I have for the lottery so I don't have to go back to work, Monday! LOL!

by RodS Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 9:48:15 pm
a fantastic sky shot!

by bakapo Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 10:38:38 pm
Great sky capture Rose its like that here atm in fact it has been raining..
Take care my friend!! Hugs!!

by bazza Homepage »

Oct 27, 2012 11:57:36 pm
Luv that song, excellent photowork.

by bebopdlx Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 12:11:15 am
Marvelous capture Rose, excellent shot! Thank you for sharing!

by mgtcs Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 1:01:45 am
''I took this really cool October evening shot a couple nights ago. It reflects the mood I've been in, kinda cloudy.''

HELLO! .... LOVELY photowork! ....

TallPockets has been in a 'kinda cloudy' world MOST ALL his LIFE! ....
AND, he's OFTEN been told he's TOO DUMB to know WHEN to come OUT of the RAIN! ....

THAT is SUPPOSED to give YOU SOME 'comfort'? (WINK) T.P.

by TallPockets Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 1:30:53 am
Really fantastic capture Rose, And great idea on how best to show your mood

by magnus073 Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 2:48:47 am
Powerful clouds.... Nice. Aloha

by sharky_ Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 3:15:18 am
Fantastic sky shot, I like the monochrome colors. I hope your mood has improved a bit. Life's too short to have too many bad thoughts.

by Hendesse Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 3:30:47 am
yeah when the winter is not far away the gloomy moods come back what with all the misery the one has seen so far.keep it up rose.

by renecyberdoc Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 4:50:10 am
looks like i remember it - except from below - lol
nice cap Rose

by Structure Online Now!   Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 7:25:27 am
I love this shot most awesome sky.

by dakotabluemoon Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 8:03:43 am
Beautiful shot, and very appropriate for the Halloween season.

by starship64 Online Now!   Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 8:25:52 am
oh... my... wow!... stunning pic, because that's the same sky outside my windo the past few days... and hey... it's the Floyd... (flashback... now that you've stirred that memory, I'll have to put on my dvd of "The Wall" being performed in berlin... Van Morrison, and The Band guest vocalists... among many others... )
thanks for the inspiration!

by 1358 Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 9:03:16 am
outstanding work

by flavia49 Homepage »

Oct 28, 2012 11:19:34 am
♥ Love this pretty looking capture!

by UteBigSmile Homepage »


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