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Poser Comics/Cartoons posted on Nov 13, 2022
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It took her a bit less than a minute to disable 6 of them. It would have been even less time if she had not bothered with her vow to Bruce never to kill. The last thug warily circled, obviously an experienced mixed martial artist. "You're good, you little freak," he muttered. "No matter, I'll break you in half!" Although she heard his words she took little meaning from them. What she saw and heard was a rich combination of body language: tiny movements and sounds that revealed his nervousness and his exact plan of attack. "Why don't you say anything, freak?!?" He demanded. He could not easily perceive her language: tiny movements and sounds that spoke to her simple intention to disable him as she had the others. Molly's art notes: This here is a fan art that was set up and rendered in Poser 12.0.1029 and tweaked in Photoshop. The thugs include a Lorenzo LoRez by P3DA, L'Homme by RPublishing and the big dude facing Batgirl: M4. Batgirl is based upon the marvelous Project Evolution by erogenesisCGI (I cannot praise this figure and the supporting material enough). The setting is by Coflek-gnorg. Pretty much everything that you see is available through Renderosity. If you are interested in a specific item you see in the picture just mention it in comments and I can give you more detail regarding vendors, content names and the like. There have been a number of women wearing the cape and cowl of Batgirl but Cassandra Cain is my favorite. I've got a thing for tragic misfits, I guess. Raised by her assassin father with such a focus on martial arts that those parts of the brain where language skills reside developed no facility for speech or written language instead tuning perfectly to "body language". Without speech and illiterate she perfectly reads body language resulting in mixed martial arts capability that is unmatched. The character has progressed and although still having problems with literacy can speak; most of her fighting skill remains but she will never be quite the perfect machine she was when she first took the cape and cowl. I choose to depict her here before the event that changed her neural pathways to give her "normal" language capability. The character is wholly owned by DC and this (as mentioned above) is fan art. I'm not making anything for sharing this.

Comments (10)


LilMichiganDevil 12:53PM | Sun, 13 November 2022

: ) Great job

MollyFootman 1:35PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thank you! I do enjoy me a little fan art once and awhile! =D



Radar_rad-dude 1:23PM | Sun, 13 November 2022

A most skillful assassin is she? She looks and means business! Big guy bad! Big guy fall big time! LOL! Excellent work!

MollyFootman 1:36PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thanks, my dear Rad! The comic book artists always render Cassie as improbably small in relation to her foes but she is supposed to be invincible. I really tried for that here. XD



bakapo 10:50PM | Sun, 13 November 2022

this is great! good pose and attitude on her. wow!

MollyFootman 1:38PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thank you! Although I am not the biggest fan of post modern comic book stories that mostly feature tragic misfits rather than simple heroes I really, really like Cassandra Cain and the idea of her Batgirl. This is a bit of fan art that's been percolating in the background for a couple of years.



eekdog 11:35PM | Sun, 13 November 2022

most well stated. great action work.

MollyFootman 1:40PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thank you, Steve. I find action to be challenging. It was easier to portray the moment before she springs into action than to show her going all medieval on the big guy. Now... when I show the beat down and you think THAT'S effective, then I'll know that I've arrived! But that's for some other day; I'm done with Cassie for the moment! =D



A_Sunbeam 1:16AM | Mon, 14 November 2022

Nicely posed and great characters!

MollyFootman 1:41PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Of course, I can't really take credit for characters in a fan art, but I'm delighted you enjoyed it and think I hit the mark with posing! =D



JoeJarrah 3:53PM | Tue, 15 November 2022

In a word, excellent!

MollyFootman 1:41PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Thank you, Joe! This one's been in the making for a long time!



jdwtrxk 5:57PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Well written and portrayed. I too like tragic figures regardless of character arc, though the tendency for writers to use dark pasts to shape or highlight character development borders on trope.

Catgirl is lucky the thugs don't carry better weapons - martial skill is great unless the bad guys unload 15 rounds apiece coming at her at over 1000 FPS. If I were a thug - a big stretch - I'd shoot a costumed superhero on principle alone, and then worry little if I'd mistakenly drilled a cosplayer. That's why my villains suck.

Yours are better, Molly! Enjoyable as always!


MollyFootman 6:34PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Heh. In the comic books, efforts to shoot Batgirl haven't gone too well as she can anticipate aiming and firing. Since she does her best not to be seen until she assess a situation and commits to combat snipers don't seem to be much of a problem and that's pretty much the only way the bad guys are going to get her unless they, too, are somehow more than human.

Thanks for the comment, JD!



jdwtrxk 8:19PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Always a pleasure. Never read the comics - at least those. Just for curiosity - if Batgirl does get hit, will it have any effect beyond annoying her? A real question - not a spar.

MollyFootman 9:30PM | Thu, 17 November 2022

Oh yes, Cassie is human and is injured in the same way as any 18 year old girl would be. As her story progresses she gets involved with an autistic dude who is also gifted with telepathic powers. He senses Cassie's problem with speech and "fixes" her. Since her language centers are now no longer solely devoted to translating "body language" after she has been "fixed" she is no longer an invincible fighter which she learns to her dismay when she takes a walloping from a fighter she'd ordinarily easily dispatch. The upside is that she better understand speech, can speak herself (although she remains pretty terse) and begins to learn to read. What follows is a period of retraining with her mentor, Batman, and although she quickly becomes quite formidable she is never again the fighter we see in this picture.

These days she is hanging out with another girl who had worn the cape and cowl, Stephanie Brown.

As post modern comic books go, it's really a good story. =)



perpetualrevision 1:43PM | Fri, 25 November 2022

The very picture of small but mighty! She looks perfectly poised to provide this bad guy a walloping he certainly isn't expecting! Love her shiny/glowy belt and the drape of her cape! Thanks, also, for info on the story. I haven't read many superhero comics, but this one sounds interesting!

MollyFootman 10:59AM | Sun, 27 November 2022

I'm married to a person who LOVES comics. I hadn't read them much after the silver age when I was a little girl but lately have been reading some that get shoved under my nose. XD I'm truly not very fond of the angsty post modern stuff but I do love Cassandra Cain. She was a Vietnamese orphan raised by a psychopathic assassin to be a killing machine. She turns away from her stepfather when she realizes he is using her to kill and nothing more. Her relationship with Bruce Wayne, the Batman, fascinates me. She longs for a father she can love and respect and he fears commitment after many personal tragedies. Nice stuff but definitely angsty and post modern. XD

One of the things I find most visually appealing about her is her tiny stature. As she is unable to speak she sews a covering over the lower part of the Bat cowl. The whole thing touches something in me and I've been trying to put together a satisfactory fan art for a couple of years. =)

As always, I love hearing from you, Amy!


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