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Mixed Medium Pin-ups posted on Dec 19, 2021
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Just a bit of playing around in between TNA uploads (and yes, there are many things cooking in the TNA oven...). Postwork.... There are two main schools of thought on this - and I have buddies here on both sides of the line. Some artists never do postwork. They will spend hours getting everything perfect in DAZ, Poser, Blender, or whatever 3D app they're using. And whatever comes out of the render oven is the finished product. And I can name some of you that are expert with doing this! And there are artists that frequently do postwork - or ALWAYS do postwork. I'm firmly entrenched in the latter category. It is extremely rare for me to post something that hasn't had at least a perfunctory visit to Photoshop. If nothing else, I'll tweak the contrast, color, or vibrance just a bit. But usually for me, it's just another aspect of creativity. In this image, I have Scooby's Geena posing on a car - which is a 3DS file I got from somewhere I don't remember. I used Bagginsbill's Car Paint Shader in Poser's material room, but it just gave the car the same overall blue. Didn't care much for that. So I gave the car a black color, and rendered it again. (I actually rendered the base image about 4 or 5 times with PS layers in mind). After dragging all the renders into PS as a stack of layers, the fun began. The black paint layer was below the blue paint layer, so I used a layer mask on the top layer, and painted on the mask to gradually expose the areas I wanted to be darker, then adjusted the opacity to get the intensity I wanted. Also, the decal on the car's hood is a graphic element I found in my (massive) library of graphic goodies. I did a similar bit of masking for Geena's outfit. The base layer has Geena nude, with the top layer where she's wearing one of Darkworld's skinsuits. I used a mask for the cut-out on her abdomen and chest. The chain border on the cutout was painted with a "chain" brush on another layer on top. I also did a subtle bit of highlighting on her hair with a brush set to 'color dodge.' The floor and wall are both painted surfaces in PS. I duplicated the layer with her and the car, selected it, filled the selection with a dark brown, set the layer to multiply, dropped it below the Geena-car layers (by this time I'd put them in a layer group), did some fiddling with the warp / distort tools, adjusted the opacity, and here it is. You've probably figured out by now that I just love doing the postwork part as much as setting up the original scene in Poser or DS. For me, it's just a normal part of creating, and is limitless as far as what can be done with an image. I just posted my last "Behind The Scenes" on my YT channel which can be accessed via my website as linked below. Check it out if you get a chance. I promise not to put you to sleep! LOL As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and for all your fantastic support and comments! Hope you all have a warm, wonderful, healthy, and happy Holiday Season! By the way... This is 16:9 aspect ratio at 4K, so if you want to use it for wallpaper, feel free! Merry Christmas! Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord

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zaqxsw 7:57PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

What a delightful hood ornament she makes... is she a standard option? I'm afraid I'm in the first group regarding postwork, but only for financial reasons... I just haven't put out the money to get Photoshop. Best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season to you and your loved ones!

RodS 9:15PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

Keep an eye on Humble-Bundle-dot-com.. I just picked up thier "Create with Impact" bundle with Corel Painter 2021, PaintShop 2021, and a buttload of brushes, scripts, and even a video editor - all of the above for $30.00. Both of these apps are great alternatives if you don't want to spend $120 a year on an Adobe subscription. I think there's 9 days left on that bundle..


lwperkins 8:03PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

What a cool workflow!! I especially like the small tough of the color dodge on her hair, that is a really noticeable improvement over most raw rendered hair. It's nice to see you just having a good time making art!

RodS 8:07PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

That's what it's all about.. Having some fun, keeping the darkness at bay, and adding something to this world that someone might enjoy.


eekdog 8:39PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

A freaking hot gal on a sweet car. A awesome pinup and poster looking print Rod. Put some cloths under her rear end to buff up a big shine.

I use post work alot for fx, sparkles, arcane circles for prints that need it. But alot also are straight renders. Lots of post work things like I mentioned I dont think you can render in unless they are props. PS does us wonders huh my friend.? Love the outcome of this image Rod.👍🍻🎄❤


versluis 9:38PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

Thanks for sharing your process, Rod! It's a part of 3D production that's not often talked about, as most tutorials focus on how to get things done in 3D. I'm like you, everything I do has at least a small touch of Photoshop even if it's just a vignette and some colour corrections. Once you learn the tricks, things are often easier and faster in one tool or the other. I've started recording my screen while I'm doing this to create a time lapse of the whole process, over which I narrate and explain. I'll let you know how popular that format is, I find these things insightful as they help other artists try out new workflows and processes. Next year I'd like to take the post work a step further and see what I can do with tools like Painter, PaintShop Pro, Clip Studio Paint and perhaps even Procreate. Have a good Christmas!

RodS 10:15PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

Thanks, Jay! I'll look forward to seeing those videos. I'm thinking seriously about firing up OBS and recording all those steps as well. Maybe we could do a postwork-a-thon! LOL


TwiztidKidd 9:48PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

SWEET!!! Your images are always amazing, Rod! Your postwork leaves me speechless!! Fantastic how you blend the 3d with the 2d... You have developed an incredible artistic style that is all your own and is truly stunning! Seriously awesome work!


mifdesign 9:53PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, my dear Rod!
Geena looks very hot, all your girls - part of the TNA or not - all look gorgeous, your girls rock!
I also admire Steve's positive thinking :)
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!
Thank you very much for allowing us to have the gorgeous Artwork for a wallpaper, my dear friend!


Radar_rad-dude 10:15PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

Oh my goodness, Rod! I just couldn't keep up with all the work you put into this image! Just let me say that it turned out most fantastic and is a true delight to observe! I am in the camp of 'middle of the road' as it were. There are times when I am satisfied with what is rendered, (as you can tell from my art work I have very low standards), but sometimes I think it could be improved some with Photoshop, like when I forget to put things on the floor and it looks like they are floating. LOL! Happens to me too many times. For the most part though, they all have to pass through Photoshop for me to attach my logo.! As stated above, I love this image! A most superb work! Easily 5 stars and worth oh so many more I can't count! Take care my friend! Happy rendering and post working! Oh, and Merry Christmas as well!


dragongirl 11:02PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

I enjoyed very much hearing about your process. You got a gorgeous shade of blue on that beautiful finish - and the decal is my favorite part. 😻


flaviok 11:11PM | Sun, 19 December 2021

Eu nunca realizo o pós trabalho. Sua obra é intrigante e magnifica meu amigo . realização excelente, aplausos (5)


anitalee 12:11AM | Mon, 20 December 2021



hashdoc 1:12AM | Mon, 20 December 2021

very hot!


beachsidelegs 1:31AM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Wonderful image my friend :)


starship64 1:43AM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Nicely done!


UteBigSmile 4:19AM | Mon, 20 December 2021

I really love this very beautiful looking new image! Have some lovely and peaceful Christmas Holidays, take care and stay covid-free!


Leije 10:33AM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Beautiful scene !


bakapo 10:47AM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Good work! That's a lot of work, thanks for sharing your process.

Have a nice and safe and healthy Christmas!


Saby55 12:42PM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Stunning image love the pose and character very pretty 👍🙋‍♂️


miwi 12:58PM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Beautiful character, fantastic car,again excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Davidvantol 4:03PM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Sweet job !


Darkglass 4:27PM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Nice image and composition, not one for post work..but it has its place, top work, great skills, quality....!!


paul_gormley 6:43PM | Mon, 20 December 2021

and who would have thought she was a shy thing in junior school who couldn't ride a bicycle, I'll have a double whatever she was/is drinking, lol, what a stunner... and red hair...


Diemamker 8:46PM | Mon, 20 December 2021

Wow! now this came out great! though the explanation left me scratching my head... be then you do make great art work! I for one would fall in to the first category, but not an expert! I do use PS but mostly just to add some effect that I find hard to do in poser!


Wolfenshire 1:32AM | Tue, 21 December 2021

Can I get one of each, please?


JoeJarrah 5:19PM | Tue, 21 December 2021

Nice work Rod, the effort you put in and care you take in your creations shows. Happy holidays to you and yours.


Richardphotos 11:40PM | Tue, 21 December 2021

I have not seen Geena being used in many years. the car is bodacious, but she grabs my attention


donnena 7:36PM | Wed, 22 December 2021

lovely image, beautiful revelation on your work flow!

I view Photoshop and Poser as paint brushes in my tool kit. I don't use a 4 inch brush to paint a landscape, or a pencil to paint a cloud! Poser (& DS if there is a Yeti involved) are my favorite toys, and I love to use them together!
THANKS For sharing!

RodS 7:48PM | Wed, 22 December 2021

My only question is... How does yeti fur work as a paintbrush?? 😆


STEVIEUKWONDER 1:08PM | Thu, 23 December 2021

She looks so at home with her growling toy! Fabulous colour and finish Rod!


anahata.c 10:48PM | Sat, 01 January 2022

Re your very well-explained description: I have a harder time understanding the technical details of your work than most, only because I've had no experience with 3D. But I can get the gist. I never realized the role that postwork plays in a finished 3D image. I'm not surprised you do postwork, because you bring everything to such finished pitch. But I didn't realize how extensive non 3D work can be for one of your 3D images.

Geena is in an outfit of such contrasts, and the open front gives it a sexy and very 'human' touch. (The sheen on the shoulders, etc, and all that detailed gray stands out as being so different from her flesh.) Her striking crimson-red hair is a beautiful contrast with those blacks and grays. And she's posing for you with a very slight look of invitation---more subtle expression from you.

The car reminds me of Steve's work (eekdog) (in case there's more than one Steve in your gallery): It's one of those deep, saturated hues that he uses so well. Here, it gives a 'night' feeling to the image, and makes Geena stand out even more. I love how you have her resting on the hood, too, and how she juts above the roofline. The brown background makes this feel like an intimate piece, like it's in some quiet garage or showroom, where no one else is around. And I like the full aspect ratio---fit to the standard screen---it gives this a cinematic feel.

Well, believe it or not, I've been in your gallery, now, for an hour! I mean I only commented on 5 pieces---I'm slow! I have to leave you now, to try to get a few other comments before I stop. (I used to be able to do 7 or 8 images here, but I'm getting old!) I have 2 more of yours to go, Rod, so I'm almost caught up. Great work as always, and a pleasure to sit with your work for a while. I hope your new year is a good beginning, and I truly hope your 2022 is so much better than your 2021. May you and Jo find great uplift, peace, happiness and inspiration. Boy that would be wonderful---may the powers of the universe be listening! Happy New Year and many more...


mtdana 2:07AM | Wed, 05 January 2022

Very stunning colors - so well done !!!


ikke.evc 10:33AM | Mon, 17 January 2022

Like i said, you are a patient man.

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