White Wyrms Chapter 3: Getting the Thompsons

Writers Fantasy posted on Jun 30, 2022
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Ann appeared near the gate to Earth. She approached the guards. Few people were allowed to use the gate without permission. She, Andy, Jo, Nim, and their parents made up the short list. The guards recognized her and waved her through. Before entering, she drew in as much magic as possible. There was no magic on Earth and she wanted to be ready. She walked through the gate and into a country club run by Jo’s cousin and her husband Allen. They used to have to sneak through, but now Melissa and Allen knew about the gate and allowed them free use as long as there were no disruptions. Once outside the club, Ann transported herself to the office building where Jo’s parents worked. After some problems with immortals, they had set up protections so no one could transport in or out of the building. “I need to speak with Amelia Thompson,” Ann told the receptionist. Amelia didn’t travel anywhere near as much as Curt did. “She’s in a meeting. Do you have an appointment?” The woman asked, frowning at Ann’s strange clothes. “No, this is about her daughter. It’s urgent.” “She’s busy. Joanne can call her later.” “She may not be able to. Can you tell her Annlonna Mathis is here?” “Mathis?” The woman frowned. Steve Mathis, Andy’s dad, was their lawyer and friend. Naturally, the woman recognized the name. “Have a seat. When Mrs. Thompson gets out of the meeting, I’ll tell her you’re here.” That wouldn’t do. These meetings could last hours. “Is Susan available?” Susan was Amelia’s personal assistant. She would be able to help. The woman nodded and made a phone call. A short time later, Susan appeared. Ann explained the situation. Susan nodded and led Ann down the hall. She opened the door. “Mrs. Thompson, we have an emergency.” “What is it now, Susan?” Amelia asked as she came to the door. Then she saw Ann and grew pale. “Is Jo alright? Did someone kidnap her again?” Jo had been abducted by immortals twice wanting to use her as leverage against Nim and once wanting to use her against her parents. “She’s in labor. There are complications and we don’t know if she’s going to make it. They want me to bring you and Curt,” Ann explained. Amelia nodded. She turned to Susan. “Thank you for getting me. Please explain to the clients there’s a family emergency and cancel all of Curt and my appointments for the next three days.” Susan nodded and slipped into the meeting room. “Curt is upstairs,” Amelia told Ann. Using the phone at the front desk, she called him. “Curt, Jo’s in labor. We need to go now.” She turned to Ann. “He’ll be down in a moment.” Ann was glad he was there. Transporting here took a great deal of strength. She didn’t think she had enough to get them to Curt and then back to the gate. Now, she didn’t need to worry. Curt stepped off the elevator moments later. “What’s going on?” “I don’t know a lot of details. The baby isn’t turned, the cord’s around the neck, and Jo’s hips are too small. They halted labor for now while they come up with a solution and they asked me to get you,” Ann explained as she led them outside. After a quick look to make sure no one saw them, she took both their hands and transported them to the gate. She was right. She didn’t have enough magical energy to transport a third time. The Thompsons looked around confused. Ann knew Nim had told them about magic and scried them, but there hadn’t been many visits in the last five years. Jo and Nim had always gone to Chicago and Nim had to avoid casting on Earth. “I’ll explain in a moment,” Ann promised. “Come.” She led them through the gate and started drawing in magic again. “I used magic to transport us to the gate, like teleporting in your movies. We’re going to need to do it again. It’s easier if we’re touching.” She held out her hands and they took them again. *** “What can we do?” Nim asked once Ann had left. “Jo’s too small for me to try to turn the baby, not with the cord like it is,” Thailyn said. “What about transporting him out?” Shunati asked. “I’m not that precise, are you? I’d either tear up Jo or the baby.” Shunati shook his head. “I’m not either.” “Mirimar was,” Pt’this said of his late wife. “Maybe your mom can. I know your dad isn’t able to, but it runs in families.” Thailyn shook his head. “Not anymore. She used to be.” “Vor might be able to. He transported out of someone’s grasp once,” Shunati said. He stepped aside to scry his cousin. “I thought you couldn’t transport newborns,” Andy said. “You shouldn’t,” Thailyn agreed. “But, if it’s a choice of transport or death, we’ll risk the potential problems. We should be able to counter if the heart stops or the lungs collapse.” “What about a c-section? It would be safer.” “A what?” Thailyn asked, guessing it was something done on Andy’s home world. “A cesarean section. Cut the baby out like they did with Ann and her mom.” Shunati paused in his preparation. “They practically shredded Darina. Jo would never survive that. “Darina was already dead and none of them were healers,” Pt’this pointed out. “It doesn’t matter if we are healers. We don’t know what we’re doing,” Thailyn reminded him. “Carla knows.” Nim looked up from his drawing. The activity was his countermeasure to the caffeine-like effects magical energy had on him. Like all mages, he’d become addicted to the activity and used it to soothe himself during stressful situations. “My mom?” Andy asked. “Maybe, but she hasn’t been a nurse in years.” Shunati returned to the group. “Vor can’t come for a few hours. He also doesn’t know if he can be precise enough.” “Then we talk to Carla,” Thailyn decided. “It won’t hurt to ask.” “How will we get there?” Andy asked. There was no easy path to Colorado where Andy’s parents lived. “I know the spell to transport there,” Nim said. “You aren’t strong enough to get yourself there and back,” Chapado warned. “I have my vial full,” he assured her. Morina shook her head. “It won’t be enough.” The vial they referred to was the diamond vial dragons used to transform from huge winged lizards to the smaller, two-legged forms of the other races in the area. The vial had other uses, including storing magic for later use. Nim growled. “It’s my wife and baby in there. I’m not going to let them die because something’s dangerous.” Chapado patted his shoulder. “Of course you wouldn’t. But you can’t do it both ways. I can’t do it both ways. I’ve tried. Even if I gave you my energy, it won’t be enough. There’s too much copper on Earth.” “They’re my family.” “Which makes them our family,” Morina said. “Let us help you. I’ll send you. Take Chapado’s energy to get back.” Nim hesitated. “Can you handle that much energy?” Andy asked. Do you need my help?” Nim was the stronger mage, but Andy was the stronger Augmenter so he could handle more energy than Nim. “I can handle what I need,” Nim assured him. He started absorbing Chapado’s energy. Ann returned with Jo’s parents. Amelia hugged Nim. “How is she?” “She’s resting,” Thailyn told her. “Lamdi is keeping an eye on her and the baby.” “Lamdi? Isn’t she just a little girl?” Nim growled. “Amelia, behave,” Curt scolded. “Lamdi is thirteen and my apprentice. She’s learning quickly. I may be the world’s strongest healer, but she isn’t far behind, and she can do some things I can’t,” Thailyn explained. “Can we see her?” Amelia asked. Nim pointed to the window for the other room. The curtain was now open. They looked in. Jo lay with her eyes closed. Lamdi patted her shoulder and pointed. Jo smiled when she saw her parents. “Would you like to go in?” Thailyn offered. “May we?” Amelia asked. The dragon-man nodded. “For a little while. Just don’t do anything to upset her. Lamdi has problems with her own parents and if she gets upset, she’ll lose focus. We can’t halt the labor a second time,” he warned. Amelia nodded. Shunati cast a spell to take care of germs and they went in. Nim followed. “Mom, Dad, you didn’t have to come. We would have scried you. We were planning on bringing the baby as soon as we could,” Jo said. Curt waved her off. “Nonsense. We didn’t want to risk the baby getting sick like Nim does. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be there for their first grandchild’s birth?” “Sweetie,” Nim said. “I’m going to get help. I’ll be back.” He drank the rest of the bond block. “Hurry back,” Jo said as he kissed her. “We’re both going to be okay,” Jo assured her parents. “But I’m glad you’re here. How did you get here?” “Ann got us. One minute we’re downtown Chicago, the next, we’re outside the gate at the country club. We went through, there was a flash of light, and we were in that outer room,” Amelia said. “The gate is in the north part of the kingdom. We’re in the south. It takes all day to fly. Ann’s too small to carry two people for that long.” “Spend all day on the back of a dragon?” Amelia’s eyes grew wide. “It’s kind of like a roller coaster, only without the corkscrews and loops,” Jo told her. Amelia frowned. “You know how I feel about roller coasters.” “The last time she rode one, she lost her lunch,” Curt told Lamdi who smiled. “I don’t like flying either,” the girl admitted. “Jo should rest.” “We’ll be right next door,” Amelia said. Jo nodded and closed her eyes.

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Wolfenshire Online Now! 4:47PM | Thu, 30 June 2022

I like the concept that magic can be pulled in like a held breath; of course, that leaves the question of how long can you hold your magical breath.

RedPhantom 8:46PM | Thu, 30 June 2022

Depending on the mage, magic can be held for up to several days if needed.


CoolDimension 8:24PM | Thu, 30 June 2022

Very well-written and tense scene. I like the concept of the gate and the render with receptionist and the conflict there is really well done!

RedPhantom 8:51PM | Thu, 30 June 2022

Thanks so much. The gate has been in play in several stories throughout the series, but it'll be used quite a bit in this book


Leije 10:12AM | Fri, 01 July 2022

Nice POV on this realistic scene !


ikke.evc 3:40PM | Sat, 02 July 2022

Well done!

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