A Bot and Her Dog

Poser Science Fiction posted on Apr 11, 2022
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Aikobot2 takes a moment out of her busy maintenance schedule to enjoy the company of her faithful pal, Rex. ==AMY’S NOTES== I’ve had Aikobot2 on my wishlist for years, but the moment finally came when the price was right :-) I had tried setting up a scene with Fembot 2 and Rex, but it just didn’t look right. Aikobot2 is a much better match for this high-tech pooch! Like the render of Aina and Noor, this one also took an unusually long time, and while the DOF and reflections might account for some of that, I think I must’ve messed up something in my tinkering with various settings. Either that or my MacBook knows it’s about to be replaced and is having a pity party! Rendered in April 2022 using Firefly in Poser Pro 11.3 for Mac at 3200 × 1800 pixels. DOF enabled (and also applied in Photoshop, to soften the effect). View full size on my blog. ==CREDITS== SCENE: Sci-fi Corridor B by Petipet. CHARACTER: V4 with Aikobot2 character and outfit by Parris; Sci-Fi Puppy Rex by darkvisionary.

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Comments (18)


CoolDimension 1:35AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Adorable and well-done scene! Great expression work!

perpetualrevision 8:49PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks! Having a heart emoji for the dog helped with its expression, and of course Aikobot2 can use the full range of V4's expressions. I know some people complained that V4 wasn't very expressive, but I've never found that to be the case, and I love to make her smile :-)


Paulienchen 1:56AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

ein sehr schöner Render

perpetualrevision 9:17PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thank you!


poser4me Online Now! 2:10AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

And the scene works out great, hurray for Aikobot2 and Rex!

perpetualrevision 8:49PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks! I will eventually find a use for Fembot 2.0, but I also put the original Fembot on my wish list, after seeing your renders with her!


A_Sunbeam 4:43AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Great characters!

perpetualrevision 12:44PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Thanks! Your work is probably what first introduced me to Aikobot2, and you've used her so well for many years! I love that green and brown texture you set up for her!


Gisela 6:09AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Great scene.


uncollared 7:29AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Oh, super cute Sci-fi. Excellent work

perpetualrevision 8:57PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thank you for the comment! I want to do more in the sci-fi genre b/c I love the style, but I have a feeling I'll end up trending towards "cute" even in an environment that's not really known for that :-) I'd like to expand my range, however!


RubyTuesday70 7:48AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Super cute, because even Robots need cuddly time!!! i'm happy you were able to get your Aikobot2, I know what it's like when you've had something on your wishlist for a while and then it's finally in your runtime!

perpetualrevision 1:04PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Thanks! I know sci-fi isn't your genre, but I've collected a LOT of prop sets in that genre and only more recently acquired some sci-fi type characters to hang out IN those sets. So I look forward to doing more with those! I have a comically large space suit for V4 by Summoner that I can't wait to try :-)


gerberc 10:45AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Cute scene, you really made these bots look like best friends enjoying their time together! If Poser would provide the option of z-depth map output, nice and smooth (fake) DOF effects could be quickly done in post processing. Just another feature idea for Poser 13 :)

perpetualrevision 12:43PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad their affection came through! The dog's heart-shaped emoji face probably helps :-)

Poser has offered the option to include a Z Depth map with a render for as long as I've used it! It's one of the options under Auxiliary Render Data in the lower right corner of the Firefly render settings panel, under Gamma correction. I have that option enabled by default so that I don't get all the way to a final render and forget to turn it on.

If I want to use the Z Depth map for DOF in Photoshop, I copy it to a channel and apply that to the Lens Blur filter. Even if I render with DOF enabled, sometime adding it in Photoshop as well helps to smooth out artifacts. I did both with this render b/c Poser's DOF left the background with weirdly sharp bits.

But sometimes I use the Z Depth map for other purposes, like making selections for masking or making the background darker, by changing the blending mode on it to multiply and lowering the opacity. There are several other options available under Auxiliary Render Data that probably do other nifty things, but Z Depth is the only one I know how to use!


Flint_Hawk 11:15AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

You have really shown that robots have an emotional side! I love it!

perpetualrevision 1:02PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Thanks for the comment! It's kind of fun to dial in emotions on the face of a bot! I like that Aikobot2 is designed to convey facial expressions, as they don't look right on some android or bot characters. I almost missed that Rex had a heart shaped emoji for his screen, but it was a different color, so I recolored it in Photoshop to match the blue of their blue and orange color scheme :-)


donnena 11:52AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

I got a lot of use out of Aiko bot!! but Alas, it's been forever!
Super image!

perpetualrevision 1:08PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Somehow I don't think she'd be one of the "sheilas" Be the Trey comes across in his travels, but perhaps she could offer him some assistance if he happens to travel to space? (That would be one way to escape Ma Yeti's nagging for a bit!) Thanks for the comment!


Diemamker 1:16PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Very nice scene,,,

perpetualrevision 9:17PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thank you for the comment!

CleonXXI Online Now! 9:04PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Very cute and engaging scene!

perpetualrevision 1:17PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Thank you for the comment! Aikobot2 has the full range of V4's expressions available to her, but getting a fond expression on the dog was a bit trickier. Thank goodness for that heart shaped screen emoji!


MollyFootman 7:56AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Has a lot of nice "feelz", Amy! =) I'm puzzled why it would take a longer time to render than you expected; perhaps the reflections? I'd hate to decrease settings (especially Ray Trace bounces and number of pixel samples) as the quality of the reflections and blurring from a shallow DoF are really nice in this picture. You've got me wondering if I've got Aikobot 2 in my library... XD


perpetualrevision 9:13PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks, Molly! When you mentioned Raytrace bounces, it occurred to me that I did not increase them for this render from my default of 1. Usually in a scene with this much reflectivity, I go up to 2 (or higher for glass etc.) But I would guess that higher numbers = longer render times, not lower numbers??

I always render with Pixel samples set to 6, Min shading rate at .2, and Post filter size 2 set to sinc (unless I really don't want things super sharp). I used to adjust to those numbers only for final renders, but since I got a new MacBook Pro in 2019, I've left them alone even for draft renders b/c it goes so fast. I do test renders at quarter size but don't mess with most of the render settings.

But I did fiddle with two other things that may or may not have affected the render time. I changed the Max bucket size from 32 to 64, and in the Preferences/Render I increased the number of threads. The bucket size change should've made things faster, in theory, but I think I probably shouldn't have increased the threads. I just got a new MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip and twice as much RAM, so I might try rendering the scene again to see if it goes any faster.

Whoops, sorry for such a long techie response! Thanks again for commenting on the scene (and also for engaging with the techie stuff) :-)


misumu 1:08PM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Robopuppy will commence 12 hours of barking. Sorry, I immediately thought of Futurama. A wonderful image.

perpetualrevision 9:15PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

I sure hope Rex comes programmed with an easy way to disable unwanted barking! Like maybe one of those "clappers" they used to advertise on TV as a hands-free way of turning lights on and off. Rex barks, you clap, and he shuts up! Hmm, I wish that worked for our non-robot dogs! Let's just hope Rex doesn't piddle oil all over the ship :-) Thanks for the comment!


Radar_rad-dude 7:29PM | Wed, 13 April 2022

Loving it! A most delightful image and super fine idea! Many fine kudos from me!


mifdesign 11:42PM | Wed, 13 April 2022

Impressive top-notch render and definitely, there is a strong bond. I'm sure they would perfectly fit a Blade Runner scene, their happy faces with a proper atmosphere would allow a smile and a couple of less tense moments.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it.

perpetualrevision 9:17PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thanks so much for the comment! Rex's face is set up to take different kinds of "emojis," so he could definitely move through a scene that's tense and then maybe scary and then happy! I want to try doing more sci-fi scenes, so now you've given me some ideas :-)


Inawati 1:40PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Beautiful image, l love the theme.

perpetualrevision 9:17PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

Thank you so much for the comment!


daggerwilldo 11:57PM | Sat, 16 April 2022

When a bot dog barks does it sound like 'bit' 'bit' 'bit' ????

perpetualrevision 12:09AM | Sun, 17 April 2022

Let's just hope they don't byte :-)

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