White Wyrms Chapter 23: Shimmer

Writers Fantasy posted on Aug 24, 2022
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“Princess,” Deyama called, knocking on Ann’s study door. Drepal let her and a grief stricken Vor in. “Your majesty, Vor, how can I help you?” “I wanted to let you know that we found the real Mins. Vor was able to scry him.” “Where’s he been?” “He was killed. Jerta believes it was the night of the attack.” “Do you think Bolla had anything to do with it?” “We already looked into that. He has an alibi for the whole night.” “Bolla is another assassin. He could have slipped away unnoticed for a time.” Deyama hesitated. “I shouldn’t tell you this. He and another assassin were on assignment. It wasn’t killing a half-elf, but I can’t tell you more. Mins had been with them for a portion of the evening to advise them. He wasn’t assigned to the task so he couldn’t stay.” “Do you trust Bolla and this other assassin to be honest?” “Yes.” That one word told Drepal who the other assassin was. She glanced at Vor. He rolled his eyes knowing she knew. “Bolla was with me all night. He wasn’t out of my sight for more than a minute. He wouldn’t have had time to leave and slaughter Mins that fast.” “Vor!” Deyama snapped. “She knows. She could tell by your answer. That’s not Ann.” “It looks like her. Drepal doesn’t dress like that and why would she be in Ann’s study?” “I’m not Ann. She’s busy. I’m sorry. I should have said something. I was asked to dress up because of the guests that are still here. I make people nervous.” Deyama nodded. “Can I ask what happened? What were the assassins doing? Why did they need to consult Mins? How was he killed?” Vor looked to Deyama. As her husband, he was the head elder and could choose to tell her, but he wanted to support his wife. She nodded. “We were arresting someone. He killed the first soldiers sent so the elders decided assassins would be better. We had permission to kill him if needed, but we didn’t. That’s why Mins was there. We wanted to try to bring him in and needed another point of view.” Drepal knew it was more than that, but she didn’t push for details. “Where has Mins been stationed?” “Borderton.” “What was he doing in Borderton? There’s no way the rumors could be true.” Borderton referred to the forts the elves and humans had along the border and the surrounding businesses and homes that supported it. The elves and humans there lived and worked together as one people, similar to how it had once been in all the hidden lands. It was rumored they got along too well and they were all of mixed race. “No one who matters believes those rumors. Mins is there to help with the caravan. He’s one of the alternative escorts to help with giving the others leave. Otherwise, he helps with patrols.” “You said he’s from Green Glen. How was he handling the humans?” Vor shrugged. “It didn’t bother him.” “Liar.” “He was adjusting, like Shun and I had to do. But he’s been a soldier longer than I have. He’s dealing with it.” “Uh-huh.” She was still skeptical. “Shimmer, knock it off. I’m telling you the truth,” Vor snapped. Drepal stared and Deyama gasped. “Shimmer?” Vor cringed. “They look alike,” he claimed. “Ann didn’t dress like a princess in Thager.” Deyama looked between them, taking in Drepal’s clothes and Vor’s relaxed attitude with her. Then she nodded. “I understand. Everyone assumes when you two escaped Lerjao that you went your separate ways right away. But you stayed with Ann in Thager for a bit, getting to know your sister some. You both went by Shimmer at times, didn’t you? I can see why Vor got confused in his grief.” Drepal relaxed. Deyama understood what happened, that Ann had become Drepal as a way to protect herself during captivity, but wasn’t going to say anything. Drepal nodded. “She was insufferable back then.” “Anyway,” Vor continued. “Mins was never dogmatic. Like Shun and I, he strongly believes in our traditions and way of life. He keeps them as much as he can. But he’s developed the attitude that not everyone believes as he does so he doesn’t worry about them. He lets progressives do what they want while he does what he wants. It takes him time to adjust each time he’s stationed somewhere new. Borderton was a bit of a shock. Even though there are few traditionalists there, most of the elves try to follow traditions and they still teach why we follow them. And they teach the humans there too so they follow the traditions as well.” “Despite what Jerta said about Mins hating him, he was starting to warm to him a little. It wasn’t so much that Jerta is a round-ears or that he’s from Borderton, but that Jerta repeatedly spoke out against King Arlin and wanted to be released from his vows. Mins sees being chosen to be an assassin as an honor, even if he didn’t agree with how they were sometimes used,” Deyama explained. “Was Mins the only assassin stationed in borderton?” “We can’t tell you that,” Vor insisted. “So, yes. The place is too small for many. And with him going on assignments and going up to Yarba for weeks at a time, he wouldn’t have been missed. Someone’s planned this for a while.” “But who and why?” Vor asked. Drepal shrugged. “Remtani’s questioners will find that out. Emeton won’t let me question him, but I’ve given a few of the questioners pointers.” Vor shuddered. “My love, would it be alright if I lay down for a bit? I need to calm down before I say something else I shouldn’t.” Deyama nodded. “Please do. I’ll have Shun check on you later.” “Thanks.” He kissed her cheek and left. “Traditionalist my tail,” Deyama muttered. “He still tries. Perhaps I should get Ann for you.” “I have a feeling she’s not that far away,” Drepal frowned. “She does like to eavesdrop.” She bowed her head a moment and allowed Ann to surface. “I do not.” Deyama frowned. “Sorry. I know that can be a little disconcerting.”

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zaqxsw 3:48PM | Wed, 24 August 2022

The Ann/Drepal secret is slowly getting out I see. Another little plot-twist.


Wolfenshire Online Now! 1:59AM | Thu, 25 August 2022

Assassins and intrigue, it can't get any better. Fantastic work.


Leije 10:57AM | Thu, 25 August 2022

Superb characters and decor !


CoolDimension 2:31AM | Sat, 27 August 2022

Surprising revelations! Great expression and posing!

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