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Mixed Medium Pin-ups posted on Aug 19, 2022
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Penelope is enjoying a sunny day, and checking out some cool cars. Everyone else is enjoying checking out Penelope. I've had this in my upload folder for a couple weeks, and thought I'd toss it up to let everyone know I'm still alive. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.. I've not been feeling the best for a few days; having some issues with my lower back. It seems to be getting better slowly. This getting older thing is over-rated. I want my money back... Anyway.... I'm slowly working on the next TNA page, and doing some writing as well. I don't know if any of you remember Miho by Rajib. Haven't seen him for a long time. Not sure if he's just left, or what. Anyway, Miho (at least my version of her) will be making appearances in the future. There will be some other surprises as well. I have to apologize for being so slow getting the story moving again. With all the stuff going on here - as well as all the general insanity / stupidity / unrest going on everywhere, my creativity hasn't been a fraction of what it used to be. I'm slowly working my way through it all. And I want to thank all my friends here for the kind words, encouragement, support, and inspiration, both publicly and privately. You guys and gals rock! Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative weekend! Thanks for stopping by, and for all your wonderful comments! Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord AOY 2019

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Richardphotos 5:23PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

your render totally rocks

a man that I see at the post office told me today that he has 2 years to go. I asked him how old is he. he said 88. when he turns 90, he will quit. well, I have 12 years to go to 90, but I am not going to quit.

I do recall Miho and have wondered why he was not posting now.


donnena 7:07PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

She's a cutie!! My best to you in these trying times!

OmniFX 7:19PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

Beautiful, cute and very sexy. I can see why everyone would be checking out Penelope and there are cars there too.

J.C. Reed. Life is difficult and painful, but if you keep moving forward the final destination makes all of the pain worth it.


RodS 7:22PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

Best of both worlds... LOL

Yep - move forward... I don't have a reverse gear! 😁


zaqxsw 7:46PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

Getting old my suck... but it beats the alternative! Looking forward to your next TNT installment!


thekingtut 10:23PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

Six machines built for speed. Yet she outclasses them all. Great girl, Rod.


mifdesign 11:42PM | Fri, 19 August 2022

Way too hot, outstanding glamorous pin-up, amazing environment and lighting, brilliant awesome render.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!
I have no idea how you put that much glue in your canvases..
Ah, it sticked to my eyes!😊💖🥰


MagikUnicorn 12:34AM | Sat, 20 August 2022








starship64 1:26AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

What a hot babe!


Wolfenshire 3:59AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

Old age is not for the faint of heart. Cool scene.


CoolDimension 7:07AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

Very beautiful and stylish! Reminds me of some the car magazine covers!


g1tip 10:11AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

Really cool scene. Sorry to hear about your ailments. Hope you return to your old . . . I mean, previous self soon !!!


UteBigSmile 10:36AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

I love your new, very nice & sexy looking graphic, have a peaceful sunday and a good start to next week!

I'm sorry about your back hon, look what I've had to go through for the past 2 years, but as long as you don't need crutches to walk like I do, it's still ok! Take a Dafalgan Forte 1g 3 times a day, then you'll feel better soon!!


goldie 11:13AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

Beautiful link minx--pretty in pink :) Hope that back of yours gets better soon, Rod--lower back pain is a terrible curse...Those "Golden Years" can get rusty awfully fast.


eekdog 11:20AM | Sat, 20 August 2022

She is one awesome ride herself Rod! Most impressive work my friend. Ive been so not motivated to create much in last few months. Down to 1 or 2 creations a week instead of 5. Hope you feel better soon. I know back issues for sure myself.


bakapo 2:05PM | Sat, 20 August 2022

she's beautiful, her bikini is sexy. take care, I hope your back feels better, soon.


fireangel 3:22PM | Sat, 20 August 2022

Thanks for posting! I hope to provide something to get you inspired soon, if you still like testing! In any case I hope you get well soon.

RodS 4:32PM | Sat, 20 August 2022

Looking forward to it! 👍


misumu 11:27AM | Sun, 21 August 2022

Glad you're hanging in there. At least Penelope is out and about. Thanks for sharing.


Radar_rad-dude 8:36PM | Sun, 21 August 2022

Some mighty fine looking rides for Penelope to observe! She is a real sweetheart as well! Magnificent work, my friend! Bravo!


STEVIEUKWONDER 4:50AM | Tue, 23 August 2022

An exquisite set of rides for her to choose from! Depending on the mood perhaps? Stay well Sir!


UteBigSmile 1:53PM | Sat, 27 August 2022

Perfect - It's wonderfully done, wish you a great weekend!

RodS 3:15PM | Sat, 27 August 2022

You too, Ute! Thanks, and big hugs! 😁


WolaverJS 12:02PM | Sat, 03 September 2022

OK! How did you dub-in that shadow she's casting?


RodS 12:40PM | Sat, 03 September 2022

Hmmm... Maybe I should record a tutorial on this... In a nutshell, I rendered 2 pngs of her - one with the shadow and one without. In Photoshop, I dropped the first image (with shadow) into the photo, then the png without the shadow on top. Now, I have the photo with 2 layers on top of it. I changed the layer with the shadow to 'multiply' and played with the opacity to match the shadows in the photo as close as possible. I masked her out on that layer, since all I needed was the shadow. I also used the layer mask to "paint" out where her shadow goes behind the copper-colored car.


ikke.evc 10:34AM | Sun, 25 September 2022

You d### right i'm checking her out! ;-)


anahata.c 6:20AM | Sat, 15 October 2022

I know you posted a new image, but I want desperately to catch up on more older images, so I'm back a ways once more. (I loved the newest image btw---I know so little about 3D, so I can't appreciate what you go through to get those tight textures in the stockings, etc. But it was a very classic pinup, and the results were great. Magazine quality. With lots of matching colors in the background. (And you always do skin tone and poses first rate.) I'm very happy Mike is coming along, and I hope he comes back only when he's ready as he's been through a universe: But I'm thrilled that he's finally thinking of coming back. I wish him all the best in the world. And I"m also happy you got that tree taken care of. (One day? A call, and they're out the next day? What planet do YOU live on? If I call customer service---just to ask a question---I'm on for 6 weeks: I forward my mail and order out food and water. Congratulations---I hope it goes that fast for you from here on!)

You placed your model here with total organic ease. I mean, she's a 3D model, but she fits into your photo very naturally. Her color is great, her pose, gaze, her swivel, her sexiness. (Hot pink too!) And she makes a great contrast with those reds of the cars. (I like the photo itself too, btw.) What is that deep amber grill in front? A caramel color, on a truck? This is a fine piece, Rod, could be the photo for a story in a magazine. (She's not gonna have too much privacy, looking like that! So far no one seems to notice, but give it another minute or so...) And her skin tone is like a darker version of the tone of the ground. (I know that's not the first thing people are looking at---"duuude! check out the modulation between her skin tone and the gravel!" Right, "besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play..." But it's still true!) Lotsa sky too, to complete it. Another fine piece of work from you, Rod.

(And btw, if I leave fewer comments in your gallery than in some, it's because I leave longer comments in your gallery---as if you hadn't noticed! ("sorry jo, I know we haven't talked in a week, but mark left me a comment and I'm still's thursday already? shit!") Also, I read your explanation right above: Man, I wish I knew all that stuff. I never even use "masks". Can you believe it? I do so little like what you do. You're very resourceful, ya know that?)


MollyFootman 4:04PM | Wed, 02 November 2022

Nice work on inserting a model into a real world photo, Rod! You've positioned the "Poser Sun" to match the real world one perfectly. Shadows in the real world picture are a bit darker than hers... possibly could be tweaked a bit with the gamma correction if you are using Firefly (which I think you are).

Hope your back will feel better by this time (I'm way behind on viewing art from my favorite artists around here).


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