Just Another Quiet Day in Da ‘Hood…

Photography Weird posted on Apr 25, 2022
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...Right outside my gated driveway… No idea what this was all about, but both Independence and Kansas City Police showed up. The guy driving the black SUV was the star of this show, and was eventually hauled away in a KCMO PD paddy wagon. Saw the Nurse Practitioner at my appointment today, told her all my symptoms/concerns, and she listened carefully and was very reassuring. She prescribed a bit of medication for me, and said it was the lowest dose (10mg) available. She even suggested cutting the pills in half to start with for a 5mg dosage. From what she said, there are a lot of folks having depression symptoms lately. With 2 ½ years of pandemic, and now this Russia mess, it’s not surprising. She said sometimes a little “chemical help” is needed to get the body back on track, but she much prefers a more natural approach, so she did recommend more veggies and fresh fruits (don’t they always?) in my diet. I’m with her, though. I sure don’t want to depend on a stupid pill to get back to feeling the way I used to. She said to go with this for 3 – 4 weeks. We’ll see her again in July when our yearly physicals are due. We’ll se how it goes the next few days. Anyway… After we got home, CVS called to say the prescription was ready, so I went and picked it up, and swung by McD’s for a couple burgers. I’d been home about 10 minutes when we heard sirens all over the place, and when I looked at my security cam monitor, this was what I saw. Never a dull moment around here. Can’t imagine why we’d want to move and miss all the entertainment… 🙄 Thanks for stopping by and for any comments you wish to leave. Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord

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JohnnyM 8:52PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

That's wonderful news on your health checkup Rod, glad to hear you are going to be with us a long time buddy! As far as your security footage capture goes...who says Hollywood style of action excitement can't come to your own neighborhood, all you need is one bad apple to start trouble. Its good you let police handle this mess and you did not have to dispatch your T.N.A. Girl squad. :-)

RodS 9:07PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Really... They're handling much bigger issues at the moment.... 🤣 Which reminds me - I need to get back to work on that...

OmniFX Online Now! 8:53PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Law inforcement at work. I can see the culprit saying I'm a Sovereign Citizen and not subject to your laws. Ha Ha Sorry your feeling down. Hope things improve for you.


CoolDimension 9:17PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Incredible photo! So glad your OK! Hope your feeling better soon!


Wolfenshire Online Now! 12:35AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

I can just hear the conversation now if you'd offered to help: 'Hey, guys, I got some T.N.A. in the house if you need it.'

I agree with your nurse, a proper diet goes a long way. I think 90% of your problems will go away if you turn off the t.v. and stop reading social media. There's nothing you can do about anything in the world, so there's no point in filling up your head with all the nonsense. That's what I do. I keep my head as empty as possible. Your time is better spent playing catch with your dog and growing a vegetable garden for the coming apocalypse. Don't forget to put in a couple orange trees in to keep the scurvy down.

P.S. Rake your leaves already, sheesh.

RodS 1:09AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

OMG.... 😆😂🤣 I'd seriously try that, but I don't really want a ride in that paddy wagon.... But thanks for cracking me up, buddy! I needed that! 😁👍

Yeah, I remember some of my grade-school teachers asking if my head was empty. Now I'm thumbing my nose at them. LOL And now you know why I refer to all those lovely trees in my yard as a #%&&%%## pain in the hindquarters..


DangerMouse4Karen 1:19AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

SPOILER ALERT: Everything will be alright.


starship64 1:21AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

It looks like you had quite a show!

I second Wolfenshire's advice; turn off the TV and stop paying attention to any but local news. Also, find a group of friends you can spend time with (in reality, not on Zoom) - a club, or a church, or just about anything that involves actual human contact.


katyee 3:59AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

The stupid wee pill, lol, may help. But diet & the fresh air is great to getting things back on track. Slow walks with a camera. Gardening laughing and finding one great thing about each day work wonders as well :)

As for your action outside, your right nothing is dull around your way.

A number of years ago I woke up and staggered out one night to get a glass of water. I was living in the city/suburb.. glanced at the kitchen window to see a man all in black with a gun sitting right outside. Been sleepy and a bit befuddled I opened the window, stuck my head out and said "Hey whatcha doing in my section?" Laughing, I was politely told to shut the window and not interfere... it was our armed police force. Never did find out who they were looking for.

Keep smiling Rod... thoughts are with you :)


anahata.c 6:34AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

wow, right out of the doctors', and into cops and robbers! That had to be a big welcome home! I"m very glad you had no physical ailments; I'm not glad you have depression, but she's right, it's all over the country, and I know many people who are suffering from it, even teens. Remember that in addition to the perils of the world, you've done so much in your personal life to prepare for moving, w/ all the frustrations and setbacks and so on. You've been a trooper. (And then hey---RR throws another "let's turn the place upside down" party...) Life is flux and change (said Buddha) (I just got an email from him): Just please know that you have a heart as large as the oceans, a compassion to match, and a love in you that's even larger, which touches everyone you touch. I hope you can draw from that, and the joy it gives us all, over the coming weeks. I'm really sorry you've been down, and i wish you all the best in feeling light and joy again, Rod! And btw (don't cringe now), I'm vegan, and while I'm NOT suggesting you go that route (I can hear you: "Vegan??? I'd rather eat ROCKS!!!") (hey rocks aren't bad---super high in fiber): I'm just saying that i know veggies fruits and grains, and the more you eat them, the more you'll start to feel better, even lighter. (You may develop enough gas to power 2/3 of the Air Force, but that's another story...you could make some extra bucks from it: there's always a shortage of fuel...) But I like that she wants you to go natural...May the pill be the grace from heaven to help you feel better. Just know that love and inspiration runs through you like a river: I hope you feel light and joy more with each day...you deserve it!

The pic is wild! A scene from a cop show. What happened? All those cars...at least it was a nice day out...All the best to you, Rod. I wish you everything good from here on!

RodS 12:35PM | Thu, 28 April 2022

Hey, Mark! Thanks as always for your in depth comments, buddy. Not sure what all the excitement was about, but apparently the Kansas City Police had an interest in that guy, and ended up taking him away.

Still dealing with this depression - just don't have much motivation lately. The NP did put me on a very mild anti-depressant, and said to cut the pills in half for a half-dosage for the first week or so. I feel a little better this morning I think, but it will be a very gradual process. I'll sitemail you soon..


versluis 8:30AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

And I thought they finally arrested the crazy cat lady next door, or your rapper friend. Ah well, perhaps next time 😄


MollyFootman 10:37AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

Hey, depression is partly a matter of circumstance (like the isolation of the pandemic) and partly brain chemistry. Tweaking the brain chemistry is a reasonable approach. Although my practice has been solely pediatric I am a retired nurse practitioner myself and hope your provider's idea pans out for you.

As for the drama in the picture? Sorry that you have such interesting things going on in your neighborhood. I live in the middle USA, too, and share your concerns. =(



MagikUnicorn 12:17PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

Nice capture

take care of yourself chief


eekdog 12:37PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

yeah i know how you feel Rod, the last few years have been dreadful and still continues. this war just adds to the depression and me turning 65 next month trying to apply for medicare and all it's confusion. at least in this photo looks like you had some action there. i would sit on the porch and smoke as the action was going on. hope that lower dosage works out better for you my friend. god bless ya.


makennedy 12:49PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

I do know the feeling, same problems in my hood. (they put me on xanax) 🤦‍♂️


bakapo 12:53PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

I hope this is as exciting as it gets at your door and guns weren't drawn. Good luck with the new meds!


adorety 2:13PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

Good idea on the check up. Vitamin D deficiency can add to depression too.

Don't know if this will help, but it might get a laugh. I had a friend who lived in the Browns Mills area of NJ which is close to Magurie AFB, Fort Dix etc. A lot of military brats and low income housing. For all that, the low income housing attracts the dregs, not the military. My friend managed to live there a long time as he watched the decline, but it was cheap on cheap to live there. One by one his neighbors were replaced by criminal element. Next door and across the street he'd see drug deals go down. Twice or more there were drive by shootings. I kid you not. He showed me holes in his house as the mistaken target. Well he finally escaped about 10 years ago. He found new love, got married and moved to Sau Palo, Brazil in South America. Talk about fleeing the coop. He is happier than ever, has a new band and still married. No looking back.


Darkglass 2:58PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

Medication is never the answer, just a band aid solution, but may help short term until your feeling more yourself and in a position to do so, lots of good advice already posted.....back the the image...Wow...its a cool capture...if not somewhat concerning...what was he a mob boss..LOL...6 cars.. two law enforcement officer per car...


mifdesign 9:58PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

I see no reason why would anybody miss the free entertainment..😂
For the given past and experiences, it's normal distress arive; no sense taking pills, it hurts but it's normal.
A metal heart would feel nothing, no strain, no stress, that is a problem and that problem can't be fixed with any pills.
That would be a great concern.
I should focus on the bright side, there is a lot to see with great achievements. I think those matter a lot more attention.
The coin always has two sides, you just need to orient yourself properly. Of course I'm right. Hugs.😊💖🥰


paul_gormley 11:33PM | Tue, 26 April 2022

wow, that is a bit scary; trust the new poppers help clear the depression, just getting out and about in nature might help too, I think we are all suffering from closeting ourselves owing to covid


Saby55 1:15AM | Wed, 27 April 2022

Routine or forced action? Discussion for a baseball game? Great photo my friend 😁👍🙋‍♂️


ikke.evc 3:30PM | Wed, 27 April 2022

Rod, cheaper than reality tv and it's reality! .-)


Radar_rad-dude 7:09PM | Wed, 27 April 2022

Gee! And I thought you got a lot of volunteers from law enforcement to help you with some of your projects around the house! LOL! But seriously, that looked like some heavy stuff going down there. We've had similar episodes in my hood over the years as well, but this one tops all of them by a few degrees! Nice photo, though, Rod! Hope you enjoyed your burgers.


Richardphotos 11:25PM | Wed, 27 April 2022

talking about a black suv, Saturday morning I pulled out on a six lane street near where I live and a Cadillac Escalade flew by me doing close to 80mph in a 40 zone. I saw the driver driving that fast across the railroad. I glanced in my mirror to see if there were any police chasing the driver(none in sight). I continued down the street when I seen the driver ran a stop sign just past the railroad crossing. I glanced again for police chasing the driver, and when I turned my attention to the street, I noticed the fool was gone, disappeared. superb capture Rod. wonderful there were no bullets flying


hashdoc 1:19AM | Thu, 28 April 2022

entertainment at no costs :)


Grey_cat 2:57PM | Thu, 28 April 2022

Last week I was converting a clothing item in DAZ studio when my computer locked up. I had to restart my computer and when I tried to open DS again it wouldn't open. I tried everything, reinstall; installing other versions of DS; asking around on the forums, nothing worked. i was at the end of my rope when I stumble on this. https://helpdaz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405408749325-Daz-Studio-Crash-on -Login-Windows-10- I followed along with the steps and restarted my computer. When I was done DS open again. Maybe this will work for you too.


donnena Online Now! 9:35PM | Thu, 28 April 2022

I love my half anti-depressant! it lets me be me! Without it, I'm a miserable, crying mess. If it helps you, take it. If it doesn't, there are others to try. the important part is NOT being depressed!
Urban Theater is one of my least favorite things. Glad you are safe!!


STEVIEUKWONDER 7:36AM | Fri, 29 April 2022

So glad you have the protection of two area Police Divisions, Rod! Cannot wait until you are able to move house, Sir!

Hoping the Summer Sun will perk you up somewhat! Stay safe Sir!


UteBigSmile 3:53PM | Sat, 30 April 2022

Lol @ Wolf's comment!

RodS 3:57PM | Sat, 30 April 2022

Yeah, that cracked me up as well! 🤣

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