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Writers Fantasy posted on Mar 15, 2022

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(Note: There's a problem in the writer's gallery, and it's hopefully being fixed. Many pieces are showing up as 'bricks': No paragraphs, no formatting, just a brick of text. post this, I formatted it with a ton of extra code. And it worked...If you got an ebot for a tale that never was, that's why...) ------------------ Ok. It was time to do another tale based on Barb's (bakapo's) magical visions. I didn't tell her I was doing it, because it just happened. I hope she likes the results... I had a crazy week: house cleaning, pulled out my back, I fell, got a cough, and so I didn't finish editing this piece. So please bear with any craziness... The image is here: A New Book. Please see it, as I can't post it myself (due to copyright). But Barb's gallery is just down the block, so give it a glance, so you know what I'm referring to... Finally, I'm days behind on comments, but I'll get to them this week! In the meantime, let's hope the world takes a turn from hell, and starts building real peace. I hope, I hope, I hope. Thanks for your wonderful visits, and stay well, and always inspired, mark
* * *

A Tale on Barb's Image

Now. I wasn't supposed to be there---I mean wandering around Barb's image like a dog lost in the woods, knocking into cabinets, scaring away cats, knocking over vases...I just wanted to touch everything: That's what Barb's images do to me. And I wanted to read that huge book that that woman was holding---but I didn't get permission. As most of you know, there's a rule: "Don't stroll through artists' images!" It's trespassing (and you could break things). But I had to. So I jumped into my screen, stepped on a link to Renderosity, flew for 5 minutes, snuck into Barb's gallery, and voila! I was smack dab, face-to-face with that electrifying woman, and I just had to talk to her...even once... She leaned forward and whispered: "Sir: You're not supposed to be here: You know that! Please leave before they catch you---please!" Ok, ok....It's just, I'd been in images before! I mean, just last month I was in the Sistine Chapel (in Rome) and I spoke with Michelangelo's God (we had lunch), then had sushi with a Madonna. Then I moseyed down to Florence, where I exchanged selfies with Michelangelo's David, after which his girlfriend---Juanita---joined us for chipoltes and margaritas...and after that: never mind. It's personal. But I wasn't exactly Mr. "follow the rules at all costs" when it came to the art crowd. (See it's this whole 'communicable disease' thing; Walk into an art-work, you never know what you'll catch. And hey, it's no joke: I knew someone who slept with a character from Dante's Divine Comedy---the Inferno---and she wound up in the 6th rung of Hell, and got 3d degree burns and was propositioned by the devil. Besides: What if I gave Barb's character covid? Would Barb ever forgive me? No. So I apologized to the woman, bowed, and left. (Ok, I asked for the woman's phone number---but that's another story...) Later that night, I returned... And what I wanted to tell you was: There's a painting over that woman's bed---in the image---which I swear is a painting of that very room. I mean, it looks like it! If I'm right, we're talkin' a painting-within-a-painting-within-a-painting. And that woman---that amazing woman with her illumined gaze and glowing depth---is caught so deep in those images, she no longer knows where she is. In fact, I heard her shout from image number two-million: "Can someone spare a candle? It's dark in here!" I threw her a candle. But---it backfired! (Arghhhhhh! ) The candle hit a bookshelf in image 20, and started a fire! So I hosed Barb's image (she's gonna kill me), mopped up wildly, and sent Barb a fruit basket---digital, from Pixabay---and mended all wounds. I hope so at least... But there's more: On the left side, there's a window: And in that window: a flock of birds! Ta-da! 'Cause birds are one of Barb's signature elements; I love how she uses them in her work. And I wondered: Do they fly from image to image, inside Barb's imagination? Do they cover endless expanses of time, culture and land? I just wonder. They always show up where needed... So anyway, here's what I think of Barb's character: ...she's a soul of great inner light and beauty, someone who, in her youth, set every room afire because she had such inner presence they thought she was much older than she was...She's aged now, but has that inner glow that gifted souls get when they reach their golden years---their years of gold and wisdom: a shine, a radiance, an eternal childhood that shines through no matter how old one is. And her eyes are ablaze with the deepest and gentlest intensity, while her vest---jute, probably hemp---is the garment of someone who's communed with the earth all her life, and knows its inner wisdom...She was born into poverty---she told me this---and never left it: Her home was physically poor but emotionally rich, physically close but emotionally dear; and those who knew her said she'd share wisdom and mystical tales for the very asking, and could lull the most agitated souls into peace---remembering that "lull" comes from the same word as "lull-aby": giving peace to troubled souls. And: This woman's library was prized: One of her books sold at Sotheby's for over 10 million dollars; while another is being auctioned at 20 this coming week. That tells you something about her: Not that she seeks money---she doesn't---but that she seeks quality. And joy. That's why I wanted to meet her... I further learned that she dreamt all her books into existence! When she dreamt each night, a pile of books would appear at her bed in the morning: Imagine how many books she's accrued over the years: Word has it she dreamt enough to fill all the libraries in the world... And then there are her sunflowers. (In the vase, on the chair:) Well! Vincent Van Gogh---years before he was born---came to this woman, and said: "Oh, great soul: I'll paint those flowers, and they'll be among my greatest paintings ever..." And he did; and they were. And though he was a bit uneasy---having not been born, he didn't yet have the best footing---he kept his word, and made several sunflower paintings that are maybe the greatest flower paintings in the world. (As an aside, I asked him: "Since you haven't been born yet, how will you get to your mother's womb on time---I mean when the time comes?" He answered: "Oh, the womb sends out notices: They got that covered. It's not like the old days: They send lists of what to bring, how much money you'll need---wombs can be costly (and they don't take cards or PayPal), what food to expect: In fact, you have to tell them if you're vegan, lactose-intolerant, or you want an organic umbilical cord (it's extra)...And you gotta get your shots---like we don't have enough of those, these days. No, no: You go through check-points the size of Greenland. These womb-people have it down, they know their stuff. Shit: There are even schools for this: 'Womb Schools' they call them. It's a whole 'thing' now. They got you covered...they got you covered...don't worry about me...I'll be fine...) Finally (changing the subject), I asked if that woman knew Barb: "Oh yes," she said. She told me she was an ancestor of Barb's; that her ancestors were ancestors of Barb's; and (further) that their ancestors were ancestors of Barb's: In fact, Barb's logo---bkp---was present in the first carvings ever made on earth, which brings me to that book at last: That book---I've seen it!---has the bio of every person who ever lived on earth, back to the beginnings of the human race: There are entries in that book from the Black Plague---with signed selfies from the 20 rats who started it. There are entries from cave paintings, Hopi glyphs, Machu Picchu, and so much else; and they all put their selfies in that book. In fact, there were signed selfies from the first DNA molecules, and the first protein molecules---that book has everything. It even has an autograph from the Big Bang (you need sunglasses to see it)'s that vast... Seeing I was enthralled, the woman said: "Do you want me to dream something for you?" I said: "Yes! What?" "This very tale," she said. "Noooooooooo. You can dream this tale?" (I hated to tell her, this wasn't that great of a tale...) "Exactly!" she said. So she dreamt and dreamt, and poof: I had my tale. One last thing before I go: In the back of her book, there was a Library Card! And it said that the book was due April 29th, 10,000 B.C.: Do you know how overdue that is??? She owed a fortune! I scrambled through my wallet, muttering furiously: "I can give you 20 bucks---no wait: 40! No---50! Here: Take 60! (Grabbing her wrist:) Take it! I'll send you more tomorrow---i promise!" She said: "Relax! It's all part of the dream! Besides, I can't take money in a pixel world: It'll melt the crust of the earth..." "Oh right," I said. (I went along.) "But if you need that money, I'll go to a currency exchange. Get it converted. Anything---" She bowed and walked away... I left... And, ladies and gentlemen, If you open your window as we speak, you'll see those birds looking for a new tale, seeking a new vision, flying flying and flying...and when Barb finds a new vision, they'll return: They always have and will. In the meantime, Barb's woman turned a page, and the Grand Canyon was formed. (That's how good she was.) I hope you enjoyed this little tale...(thanks Barb!)...
---------(the end)---------

Comments (3)


bakapo 3:00PM | Tue, 15 March 2022

First of all, thank you, Mark, for going through the trouble of figuring out how to post this story. Second, this is the most amazing explanation of my image I could ever have asked for. You made a whole world come alive from that woman's tiny room. (The painting over the bed is a copy of the room. I hadn't even noticed that myself; it was in the pre-made background. You have a good eye!)

The birds are there, watching and waiting and you never know when they will appear to bring your eye heavenward. Thank you for giving that beautiful old woman a beautiful story. I am honored you took the time to create this fabulous tale. Thank you so much!

Michelangelo's David, had a girlfriend named Juanita... who knew? I'm glad you got to meet them. :)


eekdog 11:34PM | Wed, 16 March 2022

That is quite the write up about her Mark. So long trying to read it from my phone. Yes Barb is a huge bird fan. Love her works like yours my friend. And this image makes you feel like you are drawing nigh to the sun in a space craft looking out the window.

As Barb explains you do have a keen eye for details and glad she was moved by your post. Take care.


Richardphotos 11:00PM | Tue, 22 March 2022

I really enjoying reading your writings. suspense is the key to your stories and originality

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