Layla's Buddy... And a Message..

Poser Pin-ups posted on Jan 15, 2022
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You remember Layla.... She's Kayla's younger sister that we met the first time back in Chapter 5 Page 4. She's the one that was recently kidnapped by Slickie's thugs, and rescued by the DC TNA Group. She has a little message she wanted to pass along: "For anyone else out there that wants to try that again, I have some advice. Forget it! My golden friend here wouldn't like it. At all. And he really wouldn't like it when he has to clean up the mess it'll make when I put a couple of these little nasties through your forehead! You've been warned!" Wooooaaaahhhh! Sounds like someone has picked up a bit of 'tude recently. This IS Layla - the demure younger sister, sweet, charming, computer hacker one, right? Who's she been hangin' with lately? Well, anyhoo, you bad guys better keep hands off - while you still have hands... Just a quick bit of fun as I work on the next page in the story. I'm trying to stay busy and keep what's left of my mind on creative stuff while sitting inside avoiding cold, snow, and covid. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my last page, and for all your wonderful support and friendships! Stay safe out there! Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord

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Wolfenshire 11:56PM | Sat, 15 January 2022

Stay safe, stay warm. It's been a mild winter here, it does get a little chilly at night and you have to put a shirt on, or jump in the spa.


Saby55 Online Now! 1:01AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Great extraordinary pin up,excellent render and light!!! 👏👍🙋‍♂️


starship64 Online Now! 1:16AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Fantastic work, and I think I'm not going to try to mess with her.


FurNose 2:01AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Hahaha! CP3O makes an apearance in TNA! Maybe you should ask Layla to help out a little with your loud neighbors? She seems not much to be into compromises… 😆 Hilarious! Nice model btw.


fireangel 2:12AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Yeah, once is enough! As her training progresses she will become a bit more of a handful for anyone who tries to offer her a repeat experience.


dragongirl 2:44AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Her expression is so quietly assured. Impressive.


zaqxsw 3:17AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Delightful! Baddies be warned! I can't wait for winter to be over! Delaware is supposed to be a southern state (i.e south of the Mason/Dixon line), but yesterday's HIGH was in the 20's, but then today we have a severe storm warning, flooding and high winds in the 40's... I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind... but than it is a woman's prerogative, isn't it?


STEVIEUKWONDER 4:14AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

I'd LOVE those two to get cracking on those noisy neighbours! Surely Rod, you can complain of noise pollution with regards to the arseholes?

Likewise, aren't there a few newly married couples living nearby who resent the noise keeping young kids awake?

Surely there must be a generous sprinkling of shotgun licenses around the area?

How about you follow them at night to the local convenience store and announce your self as the President of the (Name of your street/road) Noise Abatement Society!!!!

Punch him in the gut perhaps then let him see how proficient the young man is with his pristine shotgun!

The value of your house will rise directly proportionally!

That's the part that interests me the most!

That will help you big time!

Vigilantes Are Us!

Stay warm Sir!

Stevie Vigilante Wonder!!!


anahata.c 5:53AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

you got some fine responses here...I read the older (Layla) chapter, and thank you: It gives real background. (I never commented...I'll rectify that soon.) I love how Layla puts her arm on C3PO, as if to say to the world, "see this dude? you don't wanna piss him off..." (can I say "p---" here?) I love the union of those two characters. Layla's in beautiful purples and blues, love her hair's deep crimson, and her "oh yeah?" expression. C3PO is actually in a more muted gold than his usual brass gold---I really like the tones. And they seem to be standing at the front desk of a building or office; and she seems to say "don't take another step unless you have good intentions..." I also like the lights in the glass behind them...a touch of abstraction. I love that you combined these two: You made it look like he's definitely new to your story, but she's made him totally at home. A real charmer, Rod, w/ your usual attention to costume, colors and so on.

(btw: You've spoken often of the "few remaining brain cells" you have left: Suggestion: Have your TNA team go looking the rest! "We FOUND 'm!"...You're doing a helluva job w/out them, but as long as they're somewhere in the caribbean, have G4 et al go fetch them, or at least drop you an email every so often...Also, Wolf said you should jump in the 'spa'. You got a lotta spas sittin' around??? ((I got 3 in my bathroom alone...)) Honestly, I don't think I've ever been in a spa. Love the suggestion though...) Thx for keeping us apprised of Mike. I hope he's doing well...


Leije 9:24AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Amazing scifi scene !


donnena 10:26AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

So much fun!!


JoeJarrah 10:29AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Demure? In In that outfit? I think not! :) Nice work


bakapo 11:31AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

She may look chummy and friendly right now, but she sure knows how to use that weapon. I'd listen to this warning and take heed if I were a bad person.


nefertiabet 11:34AM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Beautiful scene and render!!!


hashdoc 1:38PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

fantastic image!


eekdog 1:51PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

whoohoo, she has C3PO working with us now. your group of T.N.A. keeps getting larger, my wasted brain will not recall all of your beauties. so mindless i have no ideas on a new series for me. and you are always so creative Rod.


Radar_rad-dude 2:14PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

A very fun image, Rod! I love it! Many fine kudos from me!!!!!


mazzam 3:14PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Kayla and Layla are two of my favorite characters. Nice scene.


UteBigSmile 3:20PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Very beautiful & funny looking image dear Rod, I wish you a nice Sunday evening and a good start into the next week!


miwi 3:41PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Fantastic scene, excellent done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mifdesign 5:35PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Adorable gorgeous composition, superb characters, exquisite outfits and assets, brilliant awesome render.
Goldie has always been adorable and fun.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!


Darkglass 6:38PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Great looking character and scene, she can't go wrong with her side..!!

PhthaloBlue 8:53PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Wonderful! :)


katyee 10:09PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Fantastic image. A great Sci Fi scene


Richardphotos 10:12PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

I have not been out much except to walk early mornings. not as cold here as where you live, but the wind has been terrible.

she has a very intimating friend. she is gorgeous and a superb scene


TwiztidKidd 10:55PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

Another fantastic image, Rod!! I wish I had this kind of talent... you never cease to amaze! I feel you deserve a complete book to showcase your extraordinary and unique style lol I wish people were willing to engage in discussion instead of getting mad the second someone doesn't have the same opinion as them.

RodS 1:01AM | Mon, 17 January 2022

You wish you had this kind of talent? I've seen your work, buddy - you have talent I've never stumbled into yet! 😄😁 Your work is amazing!

Indeed.... The fine art of compromise and intelligent conversation is in dire need of a renaissance..


paul_gormley 11:35PM | Sun, 16 January 2022

this made me smile and taking it at face value, rather than as part of an ongoing story, I couldn't help but put words in their mouths... great render and characters


beachsidelegs 5:24AM | Mon, 17 January 2022

Wonderful :)


thartwick1 10:45AM | Mon, 17 January 2022

Wonderful scene. I wouldn't mess with that sweetie!


ikke.evc 1:20PM | Mon, 17 January 2022


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