The Other Side of the Academy

Writers Science Fiction posted on Jun 05, 2022
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Cadet Avery Goldman was off to meet up with Cadet Van Artell like he had promised in his text message. "This is a part of the Academy I haven't seen before!" Avery thought as the decor and conditions of the interior seem to suddenly change all around him. Everything worn, shabby and run-down looking changed with each step he took into something luxurious and rich-looking! "No spartan walls here! Van bunks in Area S! That's the wing reserved for the super-wealthy guys who pay to come here." Avery thought. As he turned the corner, Avery saw a group of first year cadets gathering their gear for a field trip. "They even get better gear than we do! All brand new! I heard their field maneuvers are in nicer places than ours as well." Avery thought. Like Cadet Mab, Avery was attending Empire Star Academy on a scholarship. The fact that Van Artell was living in the luxury wing made Avery's angry feelings well back up to surface. "I was going to forget that stupid bet we made and tell him he's off the hook, but seeing where he lives makes me want to change my mind. It's not right that Cadet's are treated differently! I bet his bunk room is a lot nicer than mine! I think I will make him keep that bet after all!" Avery thought. At last he reached the proper room number as a group of well-dressed cadets pushed past him. "Look at the scrub! What's a Shipper doing in our zone?" A blonde Cadet said to his fellows as they walked on past Avery! "A shipper!" Avery thought. "That's what they call Cadets here on a scholarship, like it's something dirty. This Academy has become so money hungry, what with them selling picture cards of the Cadets and building this wing to attract the sons of wealthy families! No wonder Van is such a stuck-up bully! I think I will make him keep that bet! Being my servant may teach him a little humility!."..... To be continued! Background made in Wombo dream app and postworked by me.

Comments (21)


MagikUnicorn 7:55AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Wonderful work

CoolDimension 1:56AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, MagikUnicorn! I appreciate it!

Stormrider75 8:36AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Hi, interesting story and the render fits perfect :)

Greets Stormrider75

CoolDimension 1:57AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

I really appreciate the kind comments, Stormrider75! Thank you so much!


Arodia 8:48AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Love the look!

CoolDimension 1:57AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, Arodia! I appreciate it!


UteBigSmile 9:51AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

This graphic looks fantastic, I like it very much. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your visits and comments, to wish you a nice Sunday and a good start to the new week! I have spent the last week creating a graphic for each of my friends, including you, and I will be uploading it with your name on it from next Monday.

CoolDimension 1:59AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so very much, UteBigSmile! I appreciate all your kind remarks! I look forward to seeing the dedications! Best wishes to you in the week ahead!


rayag 9:58AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Impressive looking!!!

CoolDimension 2:00AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, rayag! I appreciate your kind comment very much!


JohnnyM 10:32AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Excellent work on such a great developing story and an amazing render to go along with it! :-)

CoolDimension 2:01AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, JohnnyM! I appreciate your kind comments and thank you for the kind remarks on the story as well!


Jean_C 10:37AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Super portrait with an excellent rendering!

CoolDimension 2:02AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you, Jean_C! I very much appreciate it!


Leije 11:24AM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Gorgeous portrait !

CoolDimension 2:08AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, Leije! I very much appreciate it!


madame 2:18PM | Sun, 05 June 2022

Wonderful portrait itโ€™s very artistic !!

CoolDimension 2:09AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, madame! I appreciate it!


eekdog 9:02PM | Sun, 05 June 2022

terrific art style you do.

CoolDimension 2:10AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you, Steve! I really appreciate that very much!


Radar_rad-dude 10:36PM | Sun, 05 June 2022

But he must be ever vigilant around this bully/servant of his! That guy can't be trusted! Another fine addition to the story! Very excellent illustration as well!

CoolDimension 2:11AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much for the kind comments, Radar! I look forward to reading what you think about what is going to happen next!


starship64 1:07AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Fantastic work. He'd better stay on his guard, though!

CoolDimension 2:12AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, starship64! I appreciate it very much! I have some surprises coming for Avery!


Saby55 2:50AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Great,extraordinary image,superb light and filter ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ

CoolDimension 3:23AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, Saby55! I really appreciate it!


RG19 3:39AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

ืกืฆื ืช ืื•ืคื™ ื™ืคื” ื•ืžืฆื•ื™ื ืช ืžืื•ื“!

CoolDimension 7:02AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Thank you so much, RG19! I appreciate it very much!


uncollared 8:00AM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Great scene. Handsome character. Cool post work

CoolDimension 12:33AM | Tue, 07 June 2022

Thank you so much, uncollared! I appreciate the kind comments!


Flint_Hawk 3:58PM | Mon, 06 June 2022

I really like the post work you have done on this illustration! It fits your story well!

CoolDimension 12:42AM | Tue, 07 June 2022

Thank you so very much, Flint_Hawk! I appreciate your kind remarks!


daggerwilldo 4:18PM | Mon, 06 June 2022

Wow, the texture work on this render is outstanding. Great story telling as always.

CoolDimension 12:43AM | Tue, 07 June 2022

Thank you so very much, daggerwilldo! I appreciate the kind remarks very much! I did put this image through more than usual! I wanted to achieve a certain look and sometimes that can be difficult!


fluffykatt 10:56AM | Tue, 07 June 2022

A very artistic work

CoolDimension 5:26AM | Wed, 08 June 2022

Thank you so much, fluffykatt! I appreciate it very much!


APlusDesign 9:08PM | Tue, 07 June 2022

It may teach a bit of humility....if he doesn't stab you in the back first....I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Besides, will he become more humble or more angry? I'm leaning towards the latter.... :/

Though I find it interesting he was going to show some humanity and let the guy off the hook but is now jealous of the nicer conditions the cadets get and is now going to make the guy pay. He needs to be careful to not become as bad as his own bully. I mean a bet is a bet, if he wants to hold him to it that's fine, but I find his reason for holding him to it to be...interesting. Shows a bit of a darker side to his character, being jealous of the wealthy. Jealousy isn't healthy... (the debate of the nicer quarters being 'fair' or not is interesting because technically if the wealthier families paid more for nicer quarters it's not really unfair is it? Other than of course if you break down if it is fair that they have more money or not, which have to go into how they made the money in the first place, if it was fairly earned or not...hmm....long debate for sure).

Intriguing part of the story for sure.

CoolDimension 5:37AM | Wed, 08 June 2022

Thank you so much, APlusDesign! I really appreciate it and I enjoyed reading your post very much! I think Avery's thoughts are "This guy has all the breaks in life and look how he acts! Why should I give him one and feel sorry for him after seeing how he lives!" It upsets Avery that there is a status system in military training, since they are all studying and working hard to become Officers. Now, the Academies are creating another tier in the Training by giving special treatment to the wealthy, Van's Dad actually wanted him to go to Empire by scholarship to save money, but Cadet Mab beat all of Van's scores! Van is in a lot of trouble with his perfectionist dad!

Rozsakert 4:32AM | Wed, 08 June 2022

Nice character, it has a radiance.

CoolDimension 5:38AM | Wed, 08 June 2022

Thank you so very much, Rozsakert! I appreciate your kind comments very much!


MeInOhio 7:38PM | Wed, 08 June 2022

Nice looking character. Great expression. I like his closeness to the camera. Helps to pull us into the scene!

CoolDimension 6:36AM | Thu, 09 June 2022

Thank you so much, MeInOhio! I appreciate it very much!

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