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Gate crashing...

DAZ|Studio Story/Sequential posted on Jul 30, 2019
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Hi There =) ! Thank you for the wonderful wonderful comments and favs and likes on my renders. Due to lack of time, if you are uploading more than one image a day, I am afraid I will only be able to comment on a one or two of them at most. Btw. You should see this at the full size.

Description / Story :

The story continues from the previous render... We once again looked at all the info that we had gathered on the Corporation to prioritize what we need to tackle next. One thing that was causing us grave concern was a facility that was doing research on killer cyborgs and the info we had said they were ready to deploy. No one had even heard of a proper autonomous robot being fully built that could do things on their own. Not any government and not any of the hi tech companies had managed it. They were making progress, but not to the level of fully autonomous robots with power that could last weeks and full AI decision making abilities. And yet, in that encrypted information we had found that they had actually built an army of it. Miho and I had previously encountered the cyborgs of the Corporation but they were simply test units with lots of flaws and though we had shut down that site, looked like the Corporation had many such facilities around the world and to make things worse, this was in the middle of a city. The Corporation owned 4 city blocks on each side of this modern glass building where the lab was located. They even rented out space in that building to other prominent people of the city. Big law firms, big companies, friends and family members of politicians, all enticed with special deals to open their business offices in that glass building and other buildings in that 9 square block area. To the Corporation these were the human shields in case they got found out and the government wanted to attack that building. We knew things would be difficult on this mission. One Miho did not want was any harm coming to the civilians in those buildings and two cause damage to their businesses in any way. We could have blasted the whole area with EMP that would have taken out all electronic systems including those that were supposed to be EMP shielded but that would have caused major harm to all the legitimate companies that were occupying office spaces in those buildings. Miho said we may not have the element of surprise like we had in other mission. Then she smiled and said don't worry about it when she saw concern on my face. It was time to get ready. I put on the the armored suit Miho had made for me. Miho was back to her short blue hair now. She got ready too. I packed the non lethal weapons in the hyperplane. Even though the wolf would be coming with us, Miho had told the wolf he had to wait in the hyperplane until she called for him. With everything set, we took off in the hyperplane. It was mere minutes when we reached our destination. Lucky for us the corporation occupied the top floors of the building and with our invisible hyperplane we made a stealth approach to it. We scanned for the security systems on the roof and disabled them. These were child's play for Miho but like Miho had predicted, we did not manage to keep that element of surprise. Not that anyone was on the roof and the digital cameras weren't under our control, but what we had not anticipated was they had put a analog camera with a fiber optics feed to a secure room which acted as a secondary security system. There were no electronic parts in it, it was a pure analog camera so it could not be remotely taken over. The security guard monitoring that analog camera was bored out of his mind. He had been in this post for weeks and nothing ever happened. We was leaning back on the chair and yawning when suddenly out of thin air he saw a girl with blue hair and a guy in a blue suit with a weird looking weapon in hand, appear. He almost lost his balance and fell as he leapt out of the chair and started to ring a actual bell next to a hollow tube that connected to all the other rooms to carry the sound of the bell. With the damage we had been causing the Corporation, they had added a analog layer of security that could not be disabled remotely. It seemed they had learnt their lesson very well. Immediately the lab went into lock-down and the killer cyborgs were released with the killer mode set. Any person who was not wearing a special tag became the target for the killer cyborgs. Entering from the roof did not pose a challenge to us but the moment we landed in a huge hall with wall to wall glass on one side and a sci-fi looking area on the other, all hell broke loose as we got attacked by the killer cyborgs. The cyborgs were somehow ignoring me and attacking only Miho. I thought to myself it must be the armored suit I was wearing. Miho's movement were a blur in motion and one by one she was took down the killer cyborgs. I got into position to protect her back and kept my non lethal weapon pointed at the other end of the long corridor. There was one employee who was so shocked in seeing us that she actually fell on the floor and did not move. Her bio hazard overall did not make me feel at ease. They were doing something even more nefarious than just building killer cyborgs here. How many of the killer cyborgs they had, I wondered. Suddenly it was quite. Miho had dispatched all the killer cyborgs that had attacked us. We looked at each other and then the employee on the floor. We both knew this was just the start, more killer cyborgs will be on their way followed by men with guns... Miho had a grim look. With no element of surprise, we just had to hit them hard and fast. The employee on the floor had to wait... Miho ignored her and pointed to the other side of the long corridor and we both started running... The story will continue with the next render...

About this render :

I think I went a bit overboard with this one :) ! It started with a scene with Miho and the cyborg. Then I thought maybe I add more cyborgs to the scene that Miho had knocked out. So added one, then added another, then thought add another and so it went. I add the ember and smoke to each of the cyborg that was down as it looked really nice in the test render. The set also took time to add lights too. Some of the lights are not actual lights but I added some mask and lit them by mixing materials. The scene is made up of 2 different sets. I hid a lot of elements from the set I used to create the front of the scene where Miho is. I used the other set as the background as the initial set had terrible texture for the background wall and was not looking good. Adding the second set added depth in the image. Also added a bit of dust floating in the air but for some reason not all of it caught the light. Will need to figure that out. I pointed all the cyborgs head towards Miho as though even when they were disabled, their only thought was to kill Miho making them look creepier. Even though this is a very busy scene, I kept everything in the scene a bit dark so that the focus is still on Miho. And this time Miho was in no mood to smile having to deal with so many cyborgs. This render was always going to be a challenge to do something interesting and I like what I managed to create. But this also makes the next scene that much more difficult to do. Will need to think what I want to do next. All explosion, smoke, ember, dust etc are rendered and there is no post work done. I did use denoiser of Octane. All the materials on the scene are either enhanced or totally replaced. The lighting is a mix of HDRI with lots of emissive lights. In this scene the only ZBrush work I had to do was to press the bio hazard suit at the leg and hand area where it meets the ground to make it look natural and not like it went into the floor. This one took 33 minutes @ 4K.

Products used :

CO Ichigo and Ichigo Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s) @ Daz - Miho's hair Sci-Fi Body Suit SF-001 @ Daz - Miho's outfit Sci Fi Boots for Genesis 2 Female(s) @ Daz - Miho's boots Cyborg Generation 8 @ Daz - Cyborg Sci-Fi Bastion @ Daz - Front of the scene Sci-fi Hanger A @ Daz - Back of the scene Sci-Fi Interior Kit 2 @ Daz - Props SY Rigged Speedy Smoke Iray @ Daz - Smoke Iray FireWorx @ Daz - Explosion, ember, smoke Leviathan Suit for Genesis 8 @ Daz - Me Cyborg Weapon Collection @ Daz - My weapon BioHazard Suit for Genesis 8 Female(s) @ Daz HDRI @
Hope you all like the render ! Rendered in Daz Studio using the Octane Plugin. No post work done. You may want to see this in full size. My previous render - "A quick bite" (Press CTRL and click the thumbnail to open in new tab.) : a5fd6d6618fa8b8481087f0dc164d312_thumbna Enjoy =) !

Comments (73)



7:36AM | Thu, 08 August 2019

Excellent render super crisp !!!



2:37PM | Tue, 13 August 2019

Amazing scene.



3:35AM | Sun, 01 September 2019

I really like the colors on this one. Great image!



4:47AM | Thu, 12 September 2019

No doubt, for me this scene is wonderfully done dear friend, hope to be back soon!?! PS. Can't sit for a long time, therefore I am around just for some minutes to visit each day some of my good friends here at RR!



10:17AM | Sun, 22 September 2019

Fantastic image!!!


JoeJarrah Online Now!

3:57AM | Tue, 24 September 2019

so much to look at in this one! Nicely rendered



1:31PM | Tue, 24 September 2019

Wow this is awesome!



1:06AM | Tue, 01 October 2019

dramatical setting and story bit -watch the cyb killers.



10:08PM | Thu, 31 October 2019

Excellent render!



8:43AM | Fri, 29 November 2019

great scene!


2:08PM | Sat, 25 January 2020

I have to say that your renders are inspiring and that your stories are entertaining and intriguing. You are inspiring me to create a storybook similar in style and format, although the subject matter would be different, to the ones you have created. Thanks for being a leader and a light.



1:04PM | Fri, 07 February 2020




1:13AM | Sun, 15 March 2020

Very very very good work !!

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