Scenic Roads 3

2D Graphics released on Apr 26, 2023
Scenic Roads 3 by N/A

This package contains 6 photos of various scenic roads. They are mostly from Mount Rainier National Park and North Cascades Highway, both in Washington State, USA.

There are three photos at 4000x3000 (12 megapixels), one photo at 4000x2952 (11.81 megapixels), one photo at 4000x2928 (11.71 megapixels), 4000x2700 (10.8 megapixels). And yes, some of the photos were taken with a hand-held camera in a moving vehicle. Which is why the trim work. Lots of photos were rejected for this as not good enough. However, the driver refused to stop every quarter mile so I could take photos. (Obviously, his priorities were a little different from mine.)

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