3D Models released on Nov 09, 2023
Maelstrom by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Available Uses:

The Maelstrom… old sailors shudder if even only the word is whispered in their presence. The whirlpool can drag down any ship unlucky enough to encounter it. The Maelstrom can form suddenly in any body of water, be that a calm lake or a tempestuous ocean. The Maelstrom product contains nine different props for DAZ Studio representing various stages of the whirlpool, from its formation to the raging funnel of water. In addition to a mesh showing the body of water, spherical particles are used to represent foam, bubbles and spray evolving as the whirlpool gains strength. To show that a whirlpool can be tamed, a cute yellow toy boat is included in the product.

I hope these new prop models will add a splash of fun to your scenes.
Happy rendering!

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