Elven Guardhouse

3D Models released on Nov 05, 2023
Elven Guardhouse by N/A

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Elves prefer to avoid conflict, yet their communities must provide some protection against the dangers of the world. The Elven Village Guardhouse is made of layered stone and built within a lake, connected to shore by bridge that in turn is protected by founder stones. Open platforms allow both archers and elven wizards to launch attacks against threats, and chains are there for tethering griffons and dragon mounts. Inside, a large chamber provides refuge for the elven people, as well as a store of weaponry.

In the Poser version, you can switch between the material sets using the included Material Collections: Reset (to Classic) and Sea Elves. This model includes two character models: complete (all furnishings) and empty (base building), as well as prop versions of most components.

* Separate Prop Objects
* Removable Roof
* 2048 x 2048 maps (base texture, bump and normal maps) in two map sets: Classic Elven Village Set and the Sea Elves Set

About Elven Village Volume 1 R3
Elven Village is a series of 3D models based on the classic fantasy and RPG elf species from Meshbox. Elven Village is the ethereal home of elves, rich with history and unique architecture, crystal lamps and green dragon skinned roofs.

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