@ The Barre Plus V4-A4-Elite

3D Figure Assets released on Feb 20, 2015
@ The Barre Plus V4-A4-Elite by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Base Figures:
Victoria 4
DAZ's V4
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Whether it be À terre, Allongé, Aplomb or Arabesque your ladies will need to workout again and again to get it right. They will surely love this sexy wrap
around skirt that goes perfectly with the Lace Lingerie II body by 3D-Age and shows off all their sensuous movements.
The girls will also have their own workout barre to practice on.

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@ The Barre Plus


• 2 objects

• 1 super conforming skirt cr2

• 1 morphing prop barre

• 51 Textures including maps

• 18 MAT Poses for the skirt

• 8 MAT Poses for the barre

• 2 Utility poses to fit the skirt over Lace Lingerie II & Rem

• 10 Mt5+ Materials for the barre

• P6+ Materials


Super conforming Skirt

Morph List>

• Dynamic Morphs:

Fix -use only if needed-
Move to hips
Fit Lace Lingerie 2
Back Longer
Tummy Adjust
Tighten Waist
Open Lift
Open Lift 2
Adjust Buttocks
Back Top Adjust
Back Up
Back Middle In
Bottom LBack Front
Bottom RBack Front
LSide FrontBack
LTopHip Adjust
RTopHip Adjust
L In Front
R In Front
R Bottom Front
L Bottom Front
L Bottom In All
R Bottom In All
L Up
R Up
L Thigh Adjust Up
R Thigh Adjust Up

• FBMs

Body Builder
Pear Figure
Sylph Body
Utopian Body
Aiko Stylized
Aiko Petite
Aiko Realistic

• PBMs

Belly Thin
Belly Thickness
Thighs Thickness
Glutes Size
Glute Raise R
Glute Raise L
Glute Flex R
Glute Flex L
Waist Width
Hips Size
Hips Crest
Thighs Tone
Torso Thickness

• Adjust:

Adjust Waist
Adjust Thighs
Adjust Buttocks
Adjust Hips

Extra: Skirt Right - Left - Back - Front


1 Morphing prop Barre

Morph List>

• Dynamic Morphs:
L holder Move
R holder Move


Required: DAZ's V4.2

†This pack has not been tested in DS.†

Rendered in Poser Pro 2010

No touch-ups.

All Styles are shown in the promotional images above.

† Characters, hair and poses are not included.†

Thank you for your interest in my products.

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$10.25 USD 35% Off
Price: $6.66 USD

Prime Price: $4.61 USD
55% Off

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