And Now the Winner of the $1,040...

Header Image: Printing the Money by wonderworld.

We Now Have Our Winner!

The winner of the $1040 cash prize we are giving away is RoguePilot! They have been randomly selected out of thousands of eligible entries! Congratulations to RoguePilot, and we want to thank everyone for participating in this great event!

Stay tuned for more great promotions for all of you great digital artists here at Renderosity! The winner will be contacted directly by Renderosity. Cash prize is in United States currency (USD).


Member Opinions:
By: rebelmommy on 5/6/10

By: Kazam561 on 5/6/10
Congratulations RoguePilot!

By: Sveva on 5/6/10

By: mermaid on 5/6/10
congrats from me

By: JeharraVixen on 5/6/10

By: VanDoe on 5/6/10
Nice! Congratz RoguePilot!

By: SissyB on 5/6/10
wowo!! so cool for you! congratulations!!

By: DreamersWish on 5/6/10

By: Talwicca on 5/6/10
Wow! Congrats RoguePilot!

By: DemonMage on 5/6/10

By: KimberlyC on 5/6/10
Congrats!! :)

By: Elliandra on 5/6/10

By: BenBischop on 5/6/10
Wauw Great Work, congratzzzzzzzzz.......;)

By: swjkie100 on 5/6/10
Woot! gratz ^_^

By: Marianne_Designs on 5/6/10

By: ex_nihilo_studios122 on 5/6/10

By: kayleyss on 5/6/10
Bravo :)

By: Acadia on 5/6/10
Congrats!!!! *claps*

I don't recognize the winner's name. I did a forum and gallery search. They aren't active in either. Guess they just shop the MP.

By: SnowDragonArt on 5/6/10

By: anitalee on 5/6/10

By: SDLife on 5/6/10
Sweet! Congrats!!

By: Cimaira on 5/6/10

By: maraich on 5/6/10
Man, I am soooo jealous. Congrats to you!

By: renecyberdoc on 5/6/10

By: pointblank on 5/6/10
Grats! :)

By: JudibugDesigns on 5/6/10
Nice win! Congrats!!!

By: ChristineG on 5/7/10
congrats :-D

By: karanta on 5/7/10
Congratulations :)

By: vulcanis on 5/7/10
Congrats! I'm trying really hard to keep that little green monster at bay =)

By: Cimarron on 5/7/10
Drats:(...but congrats and have fun spending:)

By: VelvetMoxie on 5/7/10
jealous here too--congratulations!

By: Lakotariver on 5/7/10
RoguePilot, Any ideas what you will do with the money? You could get a computer or purchase everything in your wishlist.
Have fun shopping.

By: MinayasStudio on 5/7/10
congrats :-)

By: apokalupsis on 5/7/10
Congratulations!!! prosit

By: wlmay33 on 5/7/10
Now don't follow my example and load up with so much software it takes longer to search for items than to render. lol Congrats!!!

By: snowcrow1 on 5/7/10

By: Shiroyama on 5/7/10
lucky lucky, congrats!

By: geechy72 on 5/7/10
Congratz!!! Wow what a great spending spree they will have.

By: zachary on 5/7/10
Congrats !!

By: RoguePilot on 5/7/10
Thank you very much. Yeah I'm not active yet, just started getting into 3d over the last few months and I'm still trying to find my way with it. This definitely makes up for my big initial outlay to get into the sofware!!!

By: LeChatDesigns on 5/7/10
Congratulations on your win, and have fun spending, Rogue!

By: 4estgump on 5/7/10
You lucky b******d. lol

Contgrats, Rogue!

By: Talwicca on 5/7/10
Wow! Congrats RoguePilot!

By: McKay001 on 5/7/10
Congratz! 8-)

By: Morikane on 5/7/10

By: BonBonish on 5/7/10

By: Seaview123 on 5/7/10
Very nice prize, and for a 3D newby, too! I hope this really helps. Congratulations!

By: quietrob on 5/7/10

Alright RogueP! Enjoy your loot!

Rendo, Nice Prize!

By: fairygirl0821 on 5/8/10
super jealous.

By: kjherstin on 5/8/10

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 5/8/10
Congrats! Have fun! :)

By: Zaimless on 5/8/10
Way to go!! Happy for ya.. really I am.. Zaim

By: Elke on 5/8/10
Congrats RoguePilot. :)

By: hobepaintball on 5/9/10
More contests like this. For most of us, or many of us at least we don't have anything we feel we could enter in a contest if other regular renderosity members WERE allowed to post too.

By: cvrad on 5/9/10
Darn !!!!

That maens I got to go back to work!

By: samechick on 5/9/10

By: Lord_Evil on 5/9/10
Congrats, dude

By: Kimberly.3D on 5/9/10
Yeah! Congratulations!

By: MysticDaniel on 5/9/10

By: jeanne_50 on 5/11/10
New to 3D? Wellllll I think you are going to spend much and much more than you've won with this contest. :)
Enjoy it.

Love, Jeanne

By: steve100 on 5/11/10

By: Akyashaa on 5/12/10

By: SWAM on 5/12/10
how cool, congratulations

By: alienardo on 5/12/10
good one..go roguepilot!

By: Yokasobi on 5/12/10

By: funkay_monkay on 5/12/10
Congratulations. I was sure it was going to be me ;-)

By: UVDan on 5/12/10

By: evielouise on 5/12/10
I never entered this nor would I ever even think about it as I am not that good
However if I ever decided to enter sometime;
what r the rules,doesn;t the winner need to show what he/she won by??
I don't find anything just curious:

By: wendyvainity on 5/12/10
It's really nice to see a fellow noobie won! Most contests are aimed at experienced artists who already have lots of resouces.

By: KnightWolverine on 5/13/10
Congrats and enjoy your winnings!

By: thefixer on 5/14/10
Congratulations, spend it wisely...

By: vitachick on 5/15/10
Congrats!!!!! :)

By: the_photoman on 5/16/10
Contest here to help one another out are awesome for it will promote more growth all around. And with excellent quality of content, people keep spending:-D RoguePilot enjoy your cash;-)

By: pfcn1999 on 5/16/10
Congrats :) ! Good timing!

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