Loincloth and Top for V4

3D Figure Assets released on Jul 16, 2007
Loincloth and Top for V4 by N/A

Base Figures:
Victoria 4
Poser 5 or higher
Available Uses:

With this set you will get a sexy little "Loincloth & Top" set for V4 - packed with morphs.
Also included are 10 different styles.

The clothes are set up with automatic morphs (crosstalk) for the included Daz body morphs.

If you do not want to have the crosstalk working in the clothes - just load them into
an empty scene and resave them back to the library. After that the crosstalk will not work any more.

The top of the set is very small by default. If you do not like that or you notice that the nipples of the figure
are visible - just use the morph "CoverNipples" to adjust that.

Included are:

Top (obj, cr2, png, rsr)
Loincloth (obj, cr2, png, rsr)
10 textures - 3000 x 3000
20 MATposes (pz2/png/rsr) for easy use


Poser 5 or higher
V4 from Daz


I included rsr images for Poser 4/Poser Artist users in this set,
but the set was not tested with Poser 4/Poser Artist and Daz Studio.

Price: $9.99 USD

Prime Price: $4.95 USD
50% Off

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