SS Bodyshop MR for LaFemme 2

3D Figure Assets released on Dec 15, 2023
SS Bodyshop MR for LaFemme 2 by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Base Figures:
La Femme 2 Female
LaFemme2 Base SR1
Available Uses:
Standard License, Merchant Resource

SS Bodyshop MR for LaFemme 2, is a collection of custom Merchant Resource Morphs for La Femme 2.
These morphs allow LaFemme 2 to have many exciting body shape possibilities.

The set consists of 97 morphs to shape LaFemme 2 in many new and interesting ways. All morphs can be mixed, and many of the morphs can be used as subtractive morphs as well.

Included in this package:

11 Full Body Morphs
9 Arm Morphs
29 Breast Morphs
39 Core Morphs
9 Leg Morphs

Morphs included in this Package, in alphabetical order:

SS Abs
SS Areola Large
SS Areola Perky
SS Areola Smaller
SS Back Flatten
SS Belly Button 1
SS Belly Button 2
SS Belly Button 3
SS Belly Button Gone
SS Bicep
SS Bicep Flex
SS Bicep Flex L
SS Bicep Flex R
SS Breast Cleavage
SS Breast Confine
SS Breast Diameter
SS Breast Forward
SS Breast Height
SS Breast Lie Down
SS Breast Natural
SS Breast Perky
SS Breast Pushup Bra
SS Breast Sag
SS Breast Shape 0
SS Breast Shape 1
SS Breast Shape 2
SS Breast Shape 3
SS Breast Shape 4
SS Breast Shape 5
SS Breast Shape 6
SS Breast Shape 7
SS Breast Shape 8
SS Breast Slope
SS Breast Spread
SS Breast Up Down
SS Bubble Butt
SS Calf Define
SS Collarbone Define
SS Cross Fit
SS Crotch Adjust Bent
SS Curvaceous
SS Deltoid
SS Fitness
SS Glute Upper Size
SS Glutes Flex
SS Glutes Flex L
SS Glutes Flex R
SS Glutes Tighten
SS Glutes Tighten L
SS Glutes Tighten R
SS Glutes Widen
SS Hamstring Define
SS Hip Crest Wider
SS Hourglass
SS Inhale Clothes
SS Inhale Nude
SS Lats
SS Legs Widen
SS Muscular
SS Nipple 1
SS Nipple 2
SS Nipple Smaller
SS Pectorial
SS Pin Up
SS Pin Up Core
SS Pregnant
SS Quads Define
SS Rhomboids
SS Ribs
SS Ribs 2
SS Shin Define
SS Spine Lower In
SS Spine Upper In
SS Sterno L
SS Sterno R
SS Sternocleidomastoid
SS Sternum Narrow
SS Teres Minor
SS Thicker
SS Thigh Adjust
SS Thigh Adjust L
SS Thigh Adjust R
SS Thinner
SS Thorocolumbar
SS Trap Adj L
SS Trap Adj R
SS Traps Back
SS Traps Taller
SS Tricep
SS Tricep Flex L
SS Tricep Flex R
SS Tummy Flatten
SS Upper Arm Thinner
SS Upper Leg Thinner
SS Voluptuous
SS Waist Narrow
SS Weight

Product requirements:

Poser 11.2 or Newer
LaFemme 2 Base SR1


Promo image shows grouping of morphs within Poser. All morphs can be found in the ShvrDavid group under SS Body Shop. Injection files are located at: Runtime\libraries\pose\LaFemme2\Character\ShvrDavid\Bodyshop. All morphs are in the Body channel.

The morphs included can only be used as merchant resources, provided that you agree to the following.

1. Dial a unique shape mixing various morphs
2. Use "Spawn morph target" to commit them all together
3. Do not redistribute the morphs as a morph pack or in any way that could become a competition for this product
4. Do not redistribute any of these morphs "as-is"

Giving credit and a link back to this product would be greatly appreciated if the morphs are used to create products.

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