Spider Tank for Poser

3D Models released on Nov 28, 2023
Spider Tank for Poser by N/A

This is a futuristic robot sentry.
Armed with two cannons, this spider tank can dominate the battlefield... or when shrunk down, it can infiltrate enemy bases with ease.

Product Features:
* Poser figure: obj, cr2/ png, with 12,507 polygons.
* Gun mount can rotate, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* Left and right guns can elevate, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* The front gun parts can move in and out to simulate a recoil-firing effect, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* Rear hatches on the guns can open and close
* All six legs with three sections each, are posable.

* Two texture schemes and material collection files to apply them.
* Texture maps are 4096x4096 pixels.
* All materials use Superfly shaders. The model will not render correctly using Firefly.

All sales images rendered in Poser 12.

Model created by masterTOB and sold here with permission.
masterTOB is an artist based out of Kyiv, Ukraine.

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