Big Trailer for Poser

3D Models released on Nov 06, 2023
Big Trailer for Poser by N/A

You have a truck and you have a boat, but how do you get the boat out of the water? With this trailer set, of course!
Includes a trailer and hitch designed for the Marine Interceptor boat and poses to align many Vanishing Point trucks and SUVs, including: Pathblazer, Romero GX500, Trailfinder, and TAV-5.

Product Features:
* Two Poser figures: obj, cr2/ png
- Hitch, with 370 polygons.
* Use this model to connect the trailer to a (separate) SUV model.
- Trailer, with 15,626 polygons.
* All six wheels can rotate around, with a Pose Control dial on the Body.
* The front wheel is steerable, with a Pose Control dial on the Body.
* Turning the crank will lower and raise front wheel, with a Pose Control on the Body.
* Multiple separate parts which can be hidden and shown.

* One set of texture maps.
* All materials use Superfly shaders. The model will not render correctly using Firefly.

All sales images rendered in Poser 12.

Designed for use in Poser 11 and above and not supported in any other software.

Model created by Chris Jones (dogor) and sold here with permission.

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