Elven Woodshaper

3D Models released on Nov 07, 2023
Elven Woodshaper by N/A

Available Uses:

Unlike other races, elven societies treat forests more like a farmer raises livestock and work animals; not all trees are for cutting or turning into smoke. The woodshaper will cut down trees, but as much, they plant and raise new trees, and use their special magic to shape trees for beauty and other uses. The woodshaper's house has an attached greenhouse, and a main room where he both works and rests. Outside, two balconys feature potted trees, and a beautiful leafy trellis adds both beauty and coolness to the woodshaper's home.

In the Poser version, you can switch between the material sets using the included Material Collections: Reset (to Classic) and Sea Elves. This model includes two character models: complete (all furnishings) and empty (base building), as well as prop versions of most components.

* Separate Prop Objects
* Removable Roof
* 2048 x 2048 maps (base texture, bump and normal maps) in two map sets: Classic Elven Village Set and the Sea Elves Set

About Elven Village Volume 1 R3
Elven Village is a series of 3D models based on the classic fantasy and RPG elf species from Meshbox. Elven Village is the ethereal home of elves, rich with history and unique architecture, crystal lamps and green dragon skinned roofs.

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