3D Models released on Oct 21, 2023
CPS-CB-TheVelvetChokerBundle by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Base Figures:
Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 9
Available Uses:

Creeky's Boutique presents a luxurious velvet choker set for G3F, G8F & G9, including 9 gemstone options for each of the 3 included chokers.

For each figure (G3F, G8F, G9)
3 x Velvet Chokers - circular, wavy & zigzag
27 gemstone props - 9 for each choker
3 Sets of Velvet materials, each containing 15 Material options for the choker and 15 Material option for the choker edging plus 2 additional edging settings for velvet set2.
15 Metal shaders
13 Gemstone shaders
Plus TIPS files
Includes UV Template

*BONUS* - This bundle includes bonus files that are not available separately and are included for G3, G8 & G9:
6 Floral Opal Materials for each
6 Floral Opal Edging Materials for each
6 Opal Gemstone shaders for each
10 Extra Metal shaders to co-ordinate with Floral materials for each

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