SS Lorraine

3D Figure Assets released on Sep 27, 2023
SS Lorraine by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Base Figures:
La Femme 2 Female
LaFemme2 Base
Available Uses:

SS Lorraine is a beautiful and sexy new girl for LaFemme 2. She can easily fill roles in any scene you can dream up that requires a confident woman, with striking features.

Lorraines’s face and body morphs are custom morphs and do not require any other morphs packages in order to use.
Inject the Lorraine Head and FBM Morph and dial it up.
Both morphs can be found in the body channel, within the ShvrDavid Dial Group.
The Lorraine head morph dial can also be found in the Head actor.

Included in this package:

- Lorraine Head Inj
- Lorraine Body Inj
- Complete Lorraine Skin Mat Pose
- 8 Face Makeup Mat Poses
- 8 Lip Mat Poses
- 7 Detailed Finger Nail Mat Poses
- 15 Single Color Finger Nail Mat Poses
- 7 Detailed Toe Nail Mat Poses
- 15 Single Color Toe Nail Mat Poses
- 8 Eye Color Mat Poses

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