Out There - Desert Grassland

3D Models released on Jul 18, 2023
Out There - Desert Grassland by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Available Uses:

The distant wail of a harmonica can be heard in the desert heat … only those wander in there who don’t want to be found … ever. The Out There – Desert Grassland is the first in the series of landscape vignettes that were developed with small to medium scenes in mind. In this landscape, measuring approximately 10m by 10m (30ft by 30ft) a few figures can be comfortably placed. The scene subset is based on a highly detailed gently undulating ground surface. Upon this ground, it is possible to place a layer of stones and eight ground-conforming grassy patches. Four different and easily relocatable tumbleweed props complete the product. What sets apart this product from similar ones is that each blade of grass is modeled with full geometry. There are no 2D billboards of grass, only triangles and quadrangles, so the scene looks good in closeup, no matter where the camera is placed. With full geometry for the grasses, large textures are avoided resulting in faster render times. The ground-conforming grassy patches can be added or deleted to create an unlimited number of scenes perfect for those high noon showdowns…

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