Architectural Wall Panels - Evolution

3D Models released on Feb 10, 2023
Architectural Wall Panels - Evolution by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Available Uses:

The idea for these props arose when I was looking for some relatively simple, yet believable background props for sci-fi, horror or out-of-this-world scenes. Particularly, when something organic looking is needed to supplement the scene, thus I envision their use in cases when the emphasis is not on the background, but on the main actors or objects. This set of twenty-four (24) different architectural wall panels is an addition to my already available panel sets. However, these panels are quite different from the ones in the previous sets. The organic patterns seen etched in or protruding from the geometry are a result of a computer simulation that mimics chemical and biological systems and their evolution over time. Each panel is a unique capture of the state of a system that is a result of different starting parameters. These panels were created with reusability in mind so you can put as many as you need side-by-side because all panels seamlessly tile. By default, each panel has an Iray Uber shader applied, but you can apply your own either from DAZ Studio’s material library or from your collection of material shaders. As seen in the promotional figures, the panels look perfect using concrete, plaster, stucco, plastic, metal, wax, or other shaders. Just in case, each prop is UV unwrapped and 2K texture templates can be found in the zip file, thus truly the sky is the limit to what each panel can be made from.