Deep Sea Diver for G8M

3D Figure Assets released on Feb 11, 2023
Deep Sea Diver for G8M by N/A

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)
Base Figures:
Genesis 8 Male
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Standard diving dress, also known as hard-hat or copper hat equipment, deep sea diving suit or heavy gear, is a type of diving suit that was formerly used for all relatively deep underwater work that required more than breath-hold duration, which included marine salvage, civil engineering, pearl shell diving and other commercial diving work, and similar naval diving applications. Standard diving dress has largely been superseded by lighter and more comfortable equipment. Standard diving dress consists of a diving helmet made from copper and brass or bronze, clamped over a watertight gasket to a waterproofed canvas suit, an air hose from a surface-supplied manually operated pump or low pressure breathing air compressor, a diving knife, and weights to counteract buoyancy, generally on the chest, back and shoes. Later models were equipped with a diver's telephone for voice communications with the surface. The term deep sea diving was used to distinguish diving with this equipment from shallow water diving using a shallow water helmet, which was not sealed to the suit.

Some variants used rebreather systems to extend the use of gas supplies carried by the diver, and were effectively self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, and others were suitable for use with helium based breathing gases for deeper work. Divers could be deployed directly by lowering or raising them using the lifeline, or could be transported on a diving stage. Most diving work using standard dress was done heavy, with the diver sufficiently negatively buoyant to walk on the bottom, and the suits were not capable of the fine buoyancy control needed for mid-water swimming.

What is included:

Daz conformer/follower figures:
Diving Suit
Diving Boots
Diving Gloves
Divers Beanie
Diving Belt
Jock Strap

Daz Figures (non conformers)
Standard Diving Helmet
Breathing Hoses

Smart Props:
Standard Diving Corselet
Pneumatic Lantern
Diving Knife in Sheat (Morph for hiding ther knife)
Diving Knife in RH
Chest, Back and Belt Weights
Bail Out Kit
Standard Diving Rebreather

Texture variants:
Brass, Steel and Copper variants for Helmet and Corselet
Green, Grey and Orange variants for Suit
Red and Blue Variants for Beanie

G8M Diver Holding Helmet
Standard Helmet in Hands
G8M RH holding knife

Inside helmet Point Light

Up to 4kx4k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 229 MB.
suitable for animations. Historical Reconstruction/Real life inspiration.

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