Julieta LF Teen

3D Figure Assets released on Jul 05, 2022
Julieta LF Teen by N/A

Base Figures:
La Femme 1 Female
La Femme Body Kit MR by DCArt
Required Products:

Julieta LF Teen is a very realistic character for La Femme Pro.

You need La Femme Pro, the head and body are one single custom morph, but you need also the beautiful morph pack La Femme Body Kit MR of DCArt:


Included also adorable custom morphed teeth as separate INJ and REM, to be applied on Juliet and also on every LF character you like.

This product will work only for the Poser versions 11 and above.
MAT Files created to be perfectly compatible also with the new Superfly render system of Poser 11 and also the Firefly render system.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Julieta Teen
- REM Julieta Teen
- INJ Julieta Teeth
- REM Julieta Teeth
- MAT Julieta
- 8 Eyes
- 1 Arm No Tattoo
- 1 Arm With Tattoo
- 1 Face Natural
- 1 Face Blush
- 8 Face Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 7 MAT Lips Make-Up
- 1 MAT Lips Natural Glossy
- 7 MAT Lips Make-Up Glossy
- 3 Lashes
- 1 Nails Natural
- 5 Nails Color

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In order to work you will have to own Poser 11 and above for the SSS MAT files, La Femme Pro and La Femme Body Kit MR of DCArt.


Price: $16.99 USD

1993 27

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