VWD Cloth and Hair - Version 2 - Upgrade Version

Software released on Dec 23, 2019
VWD Cloth and Hair - Version 2 - Upgrade Version by N/A

Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)
If to be used with DAZ Carrara 8.5, you must purchase The Carrara bridge to VWD Cloth and Hair (https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/carrara-bridge-to-vwd-cloth-and-hair/115860/)
Available Uses:

Virtual World Dynamics presents VWD Cloth and Hair, Version 2 - Upgrade Edition

You qualify for this upgrade version if you have ever purchased any version of VWD's Cloth and Hair Version 1.x product from any source.

This includes:

- VWD 1.x Full version
- VWD 1.x Lite version
- VWD 1.x Direct purchases from Virtual World Dynamics

Please see the upgrade requirements and instructions below!


Virtual World Dynamics presents VWD Cloth and Hair, Version 2.2.

This Windows-based simulation application enables users to alter and 'reform' existing 3D meshes as if they were realistic dynamic hair and cloth items - for the creation of still-images, animations, or new 3D-mesh products for games, content production, or any relevant 3D workflows.

Using the updated VWD Cloth and Hair simulation engine, 3D mesh items will drape, collide, and flow, much as they do in the real world. Precision results can be realize by applying user-controlled gravity, friction, wind, force-fields, and material properties to the 3D meshes resulting in realistic and/or exaggerated mesh deformations.

This product is designed to help users creatively 'sculpt' 3D meshes and use them to produce both still-images and animated-sequences from within Poser 9+/Pro-2102+, DAZ Studio 4.10+, or DAZ Carrara 8.5 (with 3rd Party Add-On from here at renderosity.com). This sculpting process works well without user involvement as the draping process occurs, but it can also be manually adjusted *during* or after the simulation to get exactly the effect your are looking for.

The VWD simulation engine can be configured to help create compelling body-jiggle dynamics, dangling jewelry, flexible string and chain,
furniture cushion compression interactions with figures, inflation of closed mesh figures, jelly-like mesh masses, and any other clever applications that involved mixing and matching these powerful techniques.

The resulting simulated meshes can also be exported from these host-applications for use in other 3D-mesh products, games, and any
other workflows that involve the manipulation and use of 3D-mesh assets.

Please see the information in the Editorial Tab for functions, details, and "What's new in Version 2.x" information.

Warning: As with VWD's Cloth and Hair V1.x, this program is both powerful and complex in its capabilities and operation. While tutorials, documentation improvements, and forum-based support are available, we highly recommend that you try the latest free VWD demonstration version that's available from our Renderosity Freebies collection at:


Before purchasing this tool, it is essential for an operator to learn, understand, and experiment with the available tools and settings in order to effectively produce their desired results.

Those who follow our VWD Renderosity forum have seen periodic updates, fixes, advice and some very compelling renders, all from a great
community of VWD enthusiasts.

Note: If you are a current owner of the original VWD Cloth and Hair product, you are eligible to purchase the lower-cost upgrade version of this product! Look for the upgrade version at our store page:


We hope you enjoy the new features, and produce renders and animations that are even more incredible than those produced with our first VWD

Upgrade Users!

This is the Upgrade version of the new VWD Cloth and Hair Version 2.x product, which requires that the original VWDClothAndHair.exe Version
1.x product file (as sold here at renderosity.com or directly) be visible to the included VWD Upgrade utility program (a one-time check). Upon verifying the presence and correctness of this previous version, the full product version package will then be extracted.

Only buy this version of the product if you have:

- Purchased the original VWD Cloth and Hair Version 1
product from renderosity.com

- Purchased the original VWD Cloth and Hair Lite, Version 1
product from renderosity.com

- Purchased any VWD Cloth and Hair version 1.x directly
from us at Virtual World Dynamics (VWD).

If you have purchased the original Version 1 program directly from us at VWD, or if you have purchased the 'Lite' version, please contact us here at Renderosity (PM us here at 'VirtualWorldDynamics') and we will quickly provide what you need to use this full upgrade version of the product.

Note: Virtual World Dynamics (VWD) will no longer be selling the VWD Cloth and Hair product directly. If you wish to purchase this new version of VWD's Cloth and Hair V2.x product, you *must* purchase it here (full version or upgrade version).

We are sending upgrade instructions and notices to our Direct-Purchase and 'Lite' Version 1.x users and we will quickly help resolve all upgrade situations as they occur.

If you have *ever* bought any version of VWD Cloth and Hair Version 1.x product, you qualify for this upgrade pricing!

Please contact us here at Renderosity by PM if you have any questions.

Price: $40.00 USD

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