Biscuits Vela Hair

3D Figure Assets released on Oct 12, 2016
Biscuits Vela Hair by N/A

Base Figures:
Victoria 4, Dawn - Dawn S.E., Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female, Pauline
Available Uses:

Vela Hair is a super versatile hairstyle.
This hair is a multi purpose hair which can be transformed into different styles.

Many Morphs build in!

The default fit is for Victoria 4.
Additional fits for Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 2 Female, Dawn and Pauline.

This product comes with a hair prop and an optional haircap.
Both have fitting and offset morphs and the hair prop has additional styling and movement morphs.
The hairprop comes also with a mirrored version.

It comes in 15 colors for the cap and 15 single colors that will fit on the hair prop.

Note that all RGB HairSalon addons fit on these props!!!
Keep in mind that you need to pick the proper CAP transmap, hair with a parting needs one of the parting transmap cap jpgs).



Fit G2F
Fit G3F
Fit Dawn
Fit Pauline


Offset Front
Offset Front Forward
Offset Front Wide
Offset Back
Offset Height
Offset Sides


Move Tips Front
Move Sides In
Move Side In 1
Move Side In 2
Move Side Out 1
Move Side Out 2
Move Side Front 1
Move Side Front 2
Move Side Back 1
Move Side Back 2
Move Side Flat 1
Move Side Flat 2
Move Back to Back
Move Back Down
Move Behind Ear
Move Infront Eye


Style Air
Style Balloon
Style Clumpy
Style OneLength
Style Playful
Style Scifi
Style Sensual
Style Short
Style Straighten
Style Swing
Style Thick
Style Thin
Style Volume Back


CAP Dawn Fit
CAP Pauline Fit
Offset Front
Offset Back
Offset Sides
Offset Height
Offset Ear

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