Biscuits Looking Glass

3D Models released on May 27, 2016
Biscuits Looking Glass by N/A

Biscuits Looking Glass is a product to setup your own interior.

It contains several Props;

Floor, wall, ceiling, fireplace, mirrorborder, skydome, stairs, cakeplate, glasscover, cupcake, bottle, mirror, lamp and a clock.

The cupcake has an eat me morph and a paper texture dial.

The mirror comes with 5 ripple morphs and 5 distortion morphs.

Also included are 5 Camera Presets and 2 Preload Scenes.

As all props are also separate you can mix and match and setup an environment to your liking!

Textures included are optimised for Firefly,
but because of the many materialzone options,
one can edit all materials to your liking for Superfly or external render engines like Octane.

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