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3dcheapskate posted Wed, 17 May 2023 at 8:42 AM

This is the supporting topic for my "Railing01" freebie in the Renderosity Free Stuff.

I originally created this freebie several years ago, around 2013 I think, just for fun. It was tested back then in Poser 6 and 9, and in DAZ Studio 3 and 4.

Please feel free to post comments (good or bad - constructive criticism preferred), suggestions for improvement, and/or questions about this freebie here.

Link to item in Renderosity Free Stuff:

Alternative link to item at ShareCG: Railing01 - Poser - ShareCG

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3dcheapskate posted Wed, 17 May 2023 at 8:55 AM

(Original blurb)

A set of four simple railing props for Poser and DAZ Studio that can be connected together to form a variety of larger railings by simply parenting, Y rotating, and X/Z translating.

Three colour schemes (quayside, park, and urban) with three 'ages' (new, old, and repaint) for each.

The 'old' variants use a very simple shader to combine the rust and paint in accordance with a simple mask image. In DS there are a two extra parameters on the 'Surfaces' tab under 'Diffuse' for this (see the second promo image for screenshots)

The ZIP contains THREE main folders: 'Runtime', 'Runtime (Extra DS Files)', and 'DS Content'. Poser users only need the first, DS users need all three. See the readme for more details.

Happy rendering!

The 3Dcheapskate* occasionally posts sensible stuff. Usually by accident.

*also available in ShareCG, DeviantArt, DAZ, and CGBytes flavours.

3dcheapskate posted Wed, 17 May 2023 at 8:56 AM

There's a Morphing Railing add-on that I'll upload separately in the next few days.

The 3Dcheapskate* occasionally posts sensible stuff. Usually by accident.

*also available in ShareCG, DeviantArt, DAZ, and CGBytes flavours.

3dcheapskate posted Wed, 17 May 2023 at 9:00 AM

This composite screenshot shows the shader as it appears on the advanced tab of the Poser material room and on the DAZ Studio surfaces tab. Note that the DAZ Studio material was created in Shader Mixer, so you can fiddle around in thereif you're a masochist. But for normal people everything you need should be on the surfaces tab.

The 3Dcheapskate* occasionally posts sensible stuff. Usually by accident.

*also available in ShareCG, DeviantArt, DAZ, and CGBytes flavours.

3dcheapskate posted Wed, 17 May 2023 at 9:02 AM

(the readme)

        3DCheapskate's Railings01 (3DC021 Version 1)



    Four Simple Railing Props With Three Colour Schemes And Three 'Ages' 




- Summary

- What's Included

- Testing/Compatibility

- Licence/Copyright

- Credits

- Feedback

- Installing The Package

- Using The Package

- Known Issues

- File List



A set of four simple railing props for Poser and DAZ Studio that can be connected together to form a variety of larger railings by simply parenting Y rotating, and X/Z translating

What's Included:


Four Props - railing elements that can be combined to make larger more complex railings:

- A straight section of railing with five pillars and three rows of railings between them.

- A single pillar.

- A set of three rails.

- A single pillar with a set of three rails.

Nine materials (combinations of three colour schemes and three 'ages'):

- three colour schemes (quayside, park, and urban)

- three 'ages' (new, old, and repaint)

The props/materials are in Poser PP2/MC6 format (with MAT Pose PZ2 files for those who prefer them).

For DAZ Studio users there are additional DSA files to automatically apply the DS materials when you load the PP2 props or apply the PZ2 MAT poses. There are also plain DSA material presets.



Tested in DAZ Studio 3 (Free and Advanced) and 4 (Pro), and in Poser 6 and 9. On a windows PC.



As usual you're free to do whatever you want with this. Credit is appreciated, but not required.



No specific credits for this one (and unusually I didn't post any queries to the Renderosity/DAZ forums while working on this!).

So it's just the usual 'everybody on the DAZ and Renderosity forums who's helped me get to where I am'.



Feedback is always appreciated. I can't fix problems if I don't know about them!

You can contact me via the DAZ or Renderosity forums, via ShareCG, and now also via DeviantArt. I'm user '3dcheapskate'. Alternatively use the feedback form on my website

Installing The Package:


Copy the folders you require according to the notes below:

1) Runtime - this contains the standard Poser files. Copy them to your preferred Poser runtime (DAZ Studio users need to have this Poser runtime mapped).

2) Runtime (extra DS files) - this contains DAZ script files (DSA) to automatically load the DS materials and MAT pose files. DAZ Studio users should copy the contents of this folder to the same Poser runtime as above.

3) DS Content - this contains DAZ material preset DSA files. Copy them to your preferred DAZ Studio content folder (unless you prefer to just use the MAT pose files above).

4) Templates - if you want to create your own textures copy the 'Templates' folder to anywhere you like.

Using The Package:


All four props load with the base of the pillar at the origin and the railings running left to right. For the 'Rails' prop' the rails are in exactly the same position as the rails of the 'Pillar And Rails'prop, and for Railing Section' prop the central pillar is at the origin. The 'Rails' and 'Pillar And Rails' props each have and 'Extend Railings' morph which is set to zero by default. Setting it to +1(Poser)/100%(DAZ Studio) will make the rails twice as long, and setting it to -1(Poser)/-100%(DAZ Studio) will make the rails disappear within the pillars.

When a prop loads it may briefly appear in the preview window with a patching black and white texture before turning dark grey. This is correct (because the default texture use the advanced tab in the material room (Poser)/Shader Mixer (DAZ Studio). You will need to render to see the texture.(Note: if you apply one of the 'New' or 'Repaint' materials the preview will show the correct colours)

To connect multiple props together to form longer or more complex sections of railing use Y rotations of 90 180 and 270 and X/Z translations as appropriate to move (it's a good idea to parent the second, third, etc props to the first so that you can move/rotate the whole combined railing as a unit).

You can apply one of the nine predefined materials (new/old/repaint variants of quayside/park/urban colour schemes), or manually edit the material in the material room (Poser)/ on the surfaces tab (DAZ Studio). I created a very simple shader network for the default ('Old') texture using the advanced tab in the material room (Poser) / Shader Mixer (DAZ Studio).

Poser users


Load your selected prop PP2 file from 'Runtime > Libraries > Props > 3DCheapskate > Architecture > Barriers > Railing01'.

Apply an alternative material in the material room using the MC6 file from 'Runtime > Libraries > materials > 3DCheapskate > Mapped > Architecture > Barriers > Railing01'.

(N.B. alternatively on the advanced tab in the material room manually edit the Rust_Color, Paint_Diffuse_Color, Paint_Specular_Color, and/or swap the Rust_Mask_Image or Bump_Detail_Image for one of your own)

DAZ Studio users


Load your selected prop PP2 file from 'Runtime > Libraries > Props > 3DCheapskate > Architecture > Barriers > Railing01' (you'll notice the icon has a tiny DAZ script icon on the top left, because it will run a script that will automatically apply the DS materials).

Apply an alternative material DSA file from your DAZ Studio content folder, under 'Materials > 3DCheapskate > Mapped > Architecture > Barriers > Railing01'.

(N.B. alternatively on the surfaces tab manually edit the 'Rust Color', 'Paint Diffuse Color' and 'Rust Mask Image' (under 'Diffuse'), Paint Specular Color (under 'Specular), and 'Bump Detail Image' (under 'Bump))

Known Issues:


This is the first model I've created that works reasonably well with subdivision. However:

1) If you use 'Smooth polygons' in Poser you'll notice that the cube-shaped bits of the pillars become slightly rounded/'inflated'/'blown up'.

2) If you apply 'SubD' in DAZ Studio the boundaries of the gold 'PillarDetail' material areas move. The cylindrical stubs that poke out from each side of the cube-shaped bits

3) The DS Shaders were created in DS4 and exported as DSA material files. If you use Shader Mixer in DS3A all the bricks are overlaid and you'll have to manually drag them around. The effort involved in me doing that for you and creating additional DS3A-exported DSA files wasn't justified this time!

4) The 'Park' and 'Urban' colour schemes have very dark colours on the pillars - you many need to make the colours a bit brighter (or adjust the specularity) to suit your lighting).

5) Not really an issue, just a 'note to self' - the 'CombinedBump.jpg' image is only used in the DS 'repaint' materials.

File List:


DS Materials


DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.dsa.png

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.dsa

DS Content\Materials\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.dsa.png







Material Collections


Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.png

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.mc6

Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DCheapskate\Mapped\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.png

MAT Pose Files


Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.pz2

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.png

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.pz2

Railing Props


Runtime\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Pillar And Rails.png

Runtime\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Pillar And Rails.pp2



Runtime\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Railing Section.png

Runtime\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Railing Section.pp2



Bump/Mask Images





Extra Files To Make MAT Pose Files Apply DS Materials When Opened In DAZ Studio


Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park New.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Old.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Park Repaint.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside New.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Old.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Quayside Repaint.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban New.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Old.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Pose\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Urban Repaint.dsa

Extra Files To Make Props Use DS Materials When Opened In DAZ Studio


Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Pillar And Rails.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Pillar.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Railing Section.dsa

Runtime (Extra DS Files)\Libraries\Props\3DCheapskate\Architecture\Barriers\Railing01\Rails.dsa

Happy rendering!

Pete Williams (aka 3DCheapskate)

20th January 2013

The 3Dcheapskate* occasionally posts sensible stuff. Usually by accident.

*also available in ShareCG, DeviantArt, DAZ, and CGBytes flavours.

3dcheapskate posted Wed, 17 May 2023 at 9:04 AM

(apologies about the double line spacing on that previous post - another one of the idiosyncracies of these forums that I'd forgotten about)

The 3Dcheapskate* occasionally posts sensible stuff. Usually by accident.

*also available in ShareCG, DeviantArt, DAZ, and CGBytes flavours.

3dcheapskate posted Mon, 03 July 2023 at 8:44 AM

Morphing Railing Add On freebie now uploaded as well:

The 3Dcheapskate* occasionally posts sensible stuff. Usually by accident.

*also available in ShareCG, DeviantArt, DAZ, and CGBytes flavours.