MarketPlace Policies

Want to sell your Products in the Renderosity Marketplace?


This document is designed to help you understand all of the policies within the MarketPlace.

 If you have any questions please contact Renderosity Support.


General Policies

Renderosity adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We take copyright and trademark violations very seriously.

Vendors need to read, agree to and understand Vendors responsibilities in the Product Upload Agreement, Renderosity's Copyright Policy and the US Copyright Basics before uploading items into the Marketplace. Please make sure you take time to review in order to avoid copyright violations.

 Clearance Section

Clearance items are identified by the clearance icon (). The Clearance section is an area in the MarketPlace that contains older products whose sales have fallen off over time.

If a product hasn't had any sales in the last 180 days it's moved into the Clearance section. These products receive an automatic, up to 35% discount, but do not drop below $5. Clearance products cannot be placed "On-Sale" by a vendor. This helps reduce the older, more obsolete items get removed from the MarketPlace to ensure that the more newer items will be seen. If a product is in the Clearance section for another 90-day period and has not had any sales it will be removed from the MarketPlace. Previous buyers will still be able to download their past purchases of Clearance and Deleted products. Vendors may "opt-out" of the Clearance section. The items will be removed from the Marketplace if it has not had sales in 180 days, instead of having the price reduced and marked as Clearance.

In order to re-submit a product that has been deleted or removed by the Clearance process, updates to the product need to be made to help ensure it will sell. Updates required are:

  • New Thumbnail and Promo Images
  • Minimum of 50% changes to the product
  • New pricing
  • Significant product changes or additions.

 Product Reviews

Any member that purchases a product has the option of leaving a Product Review.

A product review consists of a Ranking and a Text Review. The vendor will be notified by E-Mail when the review is submitted. Product Rankings will not be displayed until a total of five reviews with rankings have been left for a specific product. The review system is based on a five star ranking with five being the best. Product Reviews can be an excellent source of information for the vendor to improve upon their products or determine what the customer finds of value.


Vendors need to read, agree to and understand Renderosity's Refund Policy.

 Credit Card Chargebacks

A chargeback is a customer initiated complaint to their credit card company.

In the event that Renderosity receives a chargeback from our credit card processor, Renderosity will issue refunds for any fraudulent purchases made on the card. Customers who issue a chargeback will be banned permanently as outlined with the Terms of Service (TOS).

 Vendor Sales & Coupons

Vendors have control of putting their items "On Sale" through their Vendor Control Room (VCR). Vendors may discount single items or their entire store up to 30% off, and discounts are applied before percentage splits are calculated.

Renderosity issues shared coupons where the costs are shared with the Vendors, where the discounts are applied before percentage splits are calculated (just like the Vendor store sales). Shared coupons may be up to 30% off, up to four days in duration, and up to two times a month without Vendor majority approval. Shared coupons do not apply to items Vendors have on sale or in clearance. This is help secure the Vendor's amount due.

Vendor Policies

 Store Fronts, Payments and Splits

Vendors are only allowed one store per person. New Vendors are limited to 3 products in the MarketPlace until they exceed $300 in gross sales. $300 in gross sales is fairly easy to obtain when the products are of good quality and the promotional images are done well. Once gross sales exceed $300 the upload restriction is automatically lifted.

Standard Payment Schedule:
Vendor payments are sent on or before the 7th of each month for sales generated in the previous month, and on or before the 22nd of each month for sales generated between the 1st and 15th of the month for PayPal (only for those that agree to the mid month paypal fee), and Direct Deposit (for US Vendors only). There is a minimum payment amount of $60.00, in which Vendors may increase their minimum payment amount. Vendor accounts with less than $60.00, or other designated minimum, will receive their payment at the next payment cycle after the minimum payment amount has been reached. Payments are made by check in US Dollars, PayPal, or Direct Deposit (for US vendors). US Vendors must provide their correct social security number or a federal employer identification number (FEIN), and will be sent a 1099 by January 31st when Vendor's sales are over $600. Address or payment change information should be done from the Vendor Control Room prior to the 25th of the month in order for it to be processed in time for the next payment. Payment questions should be sent to


 Product Advertising

There is a special forum and art gallery for advertising products called The Product Showcase. This forum and art gallery gives members a central point to view new, updated and/or previews of products. If a product is advertised in one of the Technical forums the forum moderator will move it to the Product Showcase forum.

Banner ads must follow the MarketPlace nudity guidelines located here.

Free banner ads can link to a Renderosity store or a specific product in the vendors store. Exclusive banner ads must link to an Exclusive product in the vendors store. Banner Ads are promoted throughout Renderosity and are therefore visible to all members. We feel strongly about keeping this content professional and suitable for all ages. The intent of the banners are to give Vendors the additional exposure for marketing their products but at the same time this reflects on the overall site and must be professionally displayed. Advertisers that purchase banner ads are held to these same terms. If a Banner Ad violates any of the MarketPlace guidelines it will be deleted. Renderosity reserves the right not to approve any banner at our discretion.

 Top Sellers

The Renderosity Top Sellers list is based on sales revenue. This group is reevaluated at the beginning of each month and can change.

 Updating Products

In order to ensure that updates are handled in an efficient manner please follow these steps.

  1. Name the update ZIP file using this format: "Vendor Name_Product" Example: ""
  2. Upload the updated zip, graphics and readme.txt as NEW to Pending with the word "UPDATE" somewhere in the title. If only the ZIP file is being updated, send it to the MarketPlace FTP server. If you need the FTP server address please send a request to for this information.
  3. Contact Renderosity Support with the following information:
    • Exact product name as it appears in the MarketPlace including link to the active item
    • Vendor Name
    • Filename that was uploaded to the FTP server
    • A description of why the update is being done

Any update submitted due to technical issues will be processed, and the item retain it's current position in the MarketPlace. Updates will be processed as long as the original product has exceeded a $300.00 gross sales threshold. Renderosity reserves the right to refuse an update, and an explanation will be given if that is the case.

Adding makeup textures, additional eye maps, re-doing the skin textures, etc.. for a character pack, or adding another cr2 or pose "fit" file for hair or clothing does not constitute new content. These will be considered product enhancements, and will not warrant a re-release of the item. Re-releasing an updated item is at the discretion of the Admin Team.

 Credit Account

Any vendor may choose to use their profits from sales to purchase items at The MarketPlace. The cost of these items will be deducted from your monthly sales payment. Simply select the products you would like to purchase and check out as normal. Select "Use In-Store Credit" as the payment method.

 Testing Process

All products uploaded to the testing queue will go through our Pre-Testing Review process prior to technical product testing. The Pre-Testing Review process will look at:

  • Do the promo images and/or thumbnails violate the MarketPlace guidelines and/or Renderosity's TOS?
  • Promotional images should be done to show the quality of the product, and the promos themselves must be of good quality as well.
  • Is the product in the correct departments?
  • Does the readme included contain all the proper information as requested in the guidelines?
  • Does the readme file, and/or product description contain links to outside stores? (Go here to see acceptable outside links)
  • Check vendor split %'s on any collaborations - minimum of 10% per vendor.
  • Does online readme contain a contact email address
  • Products and/or Promo images of poor quality will not be accepted for sale in the Marketplace - Renderosity reserves the right to decline any submission

If we have suggestions that will help your product sell you will receive an E-mail outlining any changes needed. Once the product has passed our Pre-Testing Review process it will then move on to the techincal testing process.

Testing times are as follows:

  • Top 50 Vendors: 3 days (Top Vendors must send an E-Mail to after uploading notifying the staff they have a product waiting in the testing queue.)
  • Exclusive Products: 6 days (Exclusive products require a 60 day product/exclusive commitment once released into the MarketPlace.)
  • All other products: Will be tested as fast as we can get to them. Usually under 12 days. (Non-Exclusive products require a 30 day product commitment once released into the MarketPlace.)

 These times are for ACTUAL testing. The review process can take up to 14 days, and is not counted towards testing times.

 Product Support

Vendors are required to log into the site at least every 5 days in order to provide product support via the Renderosity Site Mail system.

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