What's in a Name?

November 13, 2006 9:58 am

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File192.jpg What's in a name...a rose by any other name...is still a rose. How old and cliche and true.

But, in a community and in business it defines you and identifies you. Reputations are built and associated around names. Sometimes names need to be changed as in the case of our first Username Change customer...As Shanim has now changed their name to Aery_Soul. As Shanim has been a vendor with Renderosity since 2001. Together, As Shanim and Siliphiel are the dynamic team known as Aery Soul. They have waited patiently to change their name from As Shanim to Aery_Soul so they could have a continuity of name recognition across the industry.

Here's what they had to say about their creative journey and the reason for their name change:

When we started producing Poser content it was for a precise reason, we wanted to create a comic and needed clothes and props for our characters.

We registered as As Shanim on Renderosity to share our first freebies with the community.

The freebies had a huge success and after several freebies and various months of using Poser we thought it could be time to try and create something for the market. Our first product was released on December 17th 2001.

At that time it was mainly As Shanim with Siliphiel as his supporter and helping with the "paper" work, everything was new for us and we didn't want to miss any details.

Time passed and Siliphiel become much more active in the creation of the Poser products and specialized in texturing. Our first site, Aery Sense, had turned into Awful Soul. Awful Soul was already As Shanim & Siliphiel, we were the two halves of a whole. Awful Soul became Aery Soul around a year ago and we felt it like a new beginning.

As vendors we felt that As Shanim was no longer representative of us as content creators and we have desired to change our Renderosity name for years. As Shanim had already become pretty popular as a vendor name though, especially after 2005's recognition as Merchant of the Year, and we didn't want to lose all our records and achievements by switching to another account/name.

With the conversion of Renderosity site to the new platform and the possibility to change name we can finally change our name to Aery Soul. This is something really important for us because it reflects our growth, what we actually are as Poser content creators. Vendors' skills improve, vendors grow and it's nice this can now be shown on something so important as the vendor name, it's a great opportunity!

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