We got yer Thanksgiving day rant - Right here! ;]

ClintH · November 21, 2001 12:00 am

We got yer Thanksgiving day rant - Right here! ;] Heh. That got yer attention, din't it? ;] HAPPY TURKEY DAY RENDEROSITY!!!!! [And NO - that is not a political commentary. Nor is it a left hand swipe at the PTB. *grin*] Yeppers. Time to kick back, watch a movie or two on DvD and wait fer desert to come up. *snicker* So, did ya'll have a good time feasting on our national symbol a couple of days ago? What? You say you didn't have roast bald eagle at your house? Man - you doan know what your missing. ;] Seriously though - I know the Turkey isn't our national bird. But.... it damn near was. One of our founding fathers was damned and determined that the Wild Turkey should have been the national symbol for it's wiliness, intelligence and character as a game bird. [Heh - the wild turkey is a far cry from it's descendants that tend to drown in heavy rainstorms... ] Don't take my word for it... take a few days off and read a few history books. Honest injun. ;] Gotta admit though... it would have added even more elements of surrealism to political satire if that founding father had gotten his way. *grin* But enough of that. This started out as the Thanksgiving IBear Show... and then I had a Radio Free flashback and got derailed from my train of thought. Happens a lot around here... I always have a hard time with the hollidays. Not that they tend to cause me any huge amount of angst - I just tend to treat them as "just another day" and forget about them til the last minute. Well.. except for two or three. I LOVE Halloween... that's my favorite time of year. And I like Turkey Day primarily for the food. And Christmass for the venison... To me, it doesn't do much to have a certain day of the year reserved for feeling and expressing gratitude. As a recovering alchoholic, I learned early that the only way for me to survive and stay sober was to keep a continual awareness of all the things I have to be grateful for. It get's to be a habit after awhile, and then it gets to be an ingrained reflex. Not something that I spend a lot of awareness on, but the awareness is there naetheless. For me... if I let my warness slip, eventually I dring or drug, and then I die. It's black and white for me. Survival adds a LOT of impetus to making something a ingrained reflex - lemme tell ya. ;] It is good though on occassion to take a few moments, even if we have to set a special day aside for it, and appreciate the things we have that we might not have. *hrrmmm... that scans kinda funny, but leave it set* Speaking just for me... I'm not rich, but I'vespent time with relatives on the reservation, and I've seen entire families and clans that have far less material worth than I do in my household. I have four pretty decent computers - including two that are special purpose. Some make do with one, and that one with much less horsepower than my internet system. My cats always have enough to eat, even if some month we just barely scrape by on bills. I've known families who have a hard time putting food on the table... It's all relative. Whatever we have, where ever we're at, whatever our circumstances - there's always someone who looks to us with envy because their situation is worse. And no matter what our sutuations - trst me, there's always a way that it could be MUCH worse than it is. Some of us are no more than a missed paycheck or a serious illness away from finding that out dramitically. So... rather than spend my time worrying about the expensive CDRW or rendering system I don't have, I do my best to work with and appreciate the things I do have. It's a lot less wear and tear on the soul... and a lot less aggravation. In the meanwhile... I'm gonna go wander the forums and start getting ready for XMass. In just around a month, it's gonna be time fer me to climb up on my roof on Dec 24th - and collect my winter venison. Nice of that fat guy with the reindeer to have such a predictable route. *snicker* And there's the bonus of free toys after he spirals in for a crash landing... Man! Can you BELIEVE that last year all my neighbors got together a coalition and forbade me to install an anti-aircraft gun on my roof?!? They just didn't see my argument that we had to draw a line at this legally sanctioned XMass burgulary. SUUUURE - they SAY he's BRINGING toys down the chimney... uh huh... you betcha. Later... *snicker* Sherman Barnes [Ironbear at Renderosity] Ironbear's Featured Column (click here)

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Teyon ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 22 November 2001

Santa a thief!?! I thought he was stuck up in the Chimney? At least that's what I told my sister last year. I haven't heard a peep out of him since.

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 22 November 2001

Haven't heard a peep out of Santa or your sister? ;o

wgreenlee1 ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 26 November 2001

Acutally Stinger missiles are better. you dont have a sh%tload of spent shells to clean up............(smiles)

mqshocker ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 27 November 2001

Theres a santa ,hey know one told me ......Great another thing I only just learned,geesh.

Varian ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 28 November 2001

To paraphrase SweetwonV, I too am thankful, and that's as mushy as I'll get! d:)

schak ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 30 November 2001

I totally agree with you IB. Turkeyday and Santamas are both "just another day". Why should someone be more thankful or more charitible just one day out of every year? It's kind of pitiful if you ask me. While Stingers are very effective, they're also messy. Much better to sweep up a few shells than have to search a couple of square miles for toys and edible reindeer parts, I always say... or, at least I said it once.

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