Vendor Showcase Sale | Day 2

April 8, 2011 12:30 am

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Vendor Showcase Sale!

Day 2

Here's a great chance to get to know a wide variety of Renderosity Vendors. Each month the Renderosity MarketPlace will showcase a handful of artists during the:

Vendor Showcase Sale!

Beginning on Thursday, April 7th, six talented and popular vendors will have their entire stores on sale.

Each sale will last just 24 hours (12am - 11:59pm cdt) so it's important you check back often to ensure you find deals from your desired vendor. Each and every product within the selected vendor's store will be

50% off!

Today's vendor is:



Learn more about Turkish vendor: Mytilus by viewing their VOM interview from January 2006

Edo Fashion - Kimono Jacket by mytilus
Edo Fashion - Kimono Jacket
Retro Babe for V4/A4/G4/PBIV by mytilus
Retro Babe for V4/A4/G4/PBIV
Temptation for V4 by mytilus
Temptation for V4
Assasinator - Crossbow by mytilus
Assasinator - Crossbow
Bloody Skin by mytilus
Bloody Skin


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Article Comments

ratscloset ( posted at 1:31PM Fri, 08 April 2011

Great sale, but the end date says the 9th, which is tomorrow... I got day one late yesterday in my inbox and thought I had until today, the 8th to buy... got up this morning to make the purchase and all were off sale, even though it was the 8th, the posted Sale Ends date...

thaaksma ( posted at 1:59PM Fri, 08 April 2011

@ratscloset. We apologize for the confusion. Do you mind directing us to where it was stated that it ended on the 9th? thanks, tim

mrssocolov ( posted at 7:05PM Fri, 08 April 2011

Hi - I think there might be something wrong with the email system. I didn't even get the email for day one until 6:26pm my time(EST) TODAY? I got the email for day 2 and purchased the items for day 2 but I missed out on day one? Why am I getting day one email on day two?