Top 10 Products Sold at Renderosity

January 28, 2011 12:30 am

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Here's A Look At The Best Selling Products At Renderosity

Have you ever wondered what products have created the biggest demand within the Renderosity MarketPlace?

We've identified the Top 10 products (based on overall unit sales) and listed them below. After reviewing the list, I'm sure you'll understand why these products rose to the top and continue to capture the interest of Renderosity buyers.

If you haven't already made each of these products a part of your collection, here's your chance!


Here are some other HOT products in the MarketPlace

3D Scenery: Volcanic Caves and Cliffs for Poser and Daz Studio


ABC Genetics for Genesis 8 Male - addon

Leslie for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 females

VERSUS - dforce Sweet & Sexy Dress One G3FG8F

*Please know that this list does not include products that are no longer available for sale within the Renderosity MarketPlace.

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Article Comments

digiPixel ( posted at 6:14PM Fri, 28 January 2011

I like this overview big time ... Thanx for sharing!!

mirana ( posted at 12:22PM Sat, 29 January 2011

Congrats to the vendors! I want congratulate especially to Corvas because I think this item is one of the most used, but mostly forgotten on the credits :-)

Imaginatos ( posted at 1:15AM Sun, 30 January 2011

Hair ! Hair ! Hair ! HAIR Rulez ! Very suprised for me. :)

Mairy ( posted at 9:23AM Wed, 02 February 2011

Congratulations to everybody! ... and congratulations 3 times to 3Dream for having 3 products in top-10 :)))

SaintFox ( posted at 9:05PM Fri, 04 February 2011

I am not a bit surprised, I see several of my all-time favorite products. A very interesting hitlist, thanks a lot for sharing it.

AdamWright ( posted at 9:29AM Sat, 05 February 2011

Congrats to everybody!

Anagord ( posted at 3:55PM Mon, 07 February 2011

Congratulations to all Vendors!

DarkRider ( posted at 3:38PM Fri, 11 February 2011

I only have Corvas' Simple Details of the products on this list, although Agent Hair seems like it might be a useful purchase. I agree with mirana that Simple Details is overlooked by those who credit things they buy, as well as with how often it's used. I never render V4 without it, but I don't credit products I pay for, only freebies.