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LillianH · January 14, 2005 10:31 am


Front Cover: Jessie Ferguson [Ferguson] - Back Cover: Steve Roberts [steve32680] - Inside Front Cover: Imelda Weijers [Kethram] - Inside Back Cover: James Grant [jimgranite]

A Letter from the Editor:

In this issue of Renderosity Interactive Magazine, we are proud to present several exclusive interviews with well-known artists. For our readers familiar with the world of comics and trading cards: staff member Diana Hilliard caught up with Joe Jusko during this year's Dragon*Con. We hope you enjoy the interview with Joe and a look at some of his artwork. In addition, Diana also presents an interview with noted author Anne McCaffrey. But that's not all! We also have interviews by David Levins, Dee-Marie, and long-time contributor Vicki Shane. This issue is also packed with several tutorials, including two excerpts from a book of Lightwave tutorials by Timothy G. Fillingim (Fillingim) and one on SoftImage's XSI|Foundation by Senior Technical Editor, Eric Post. For photography buffs, Daniel O'Byrne (danob) and Michelle Amarante (Michelle_A.) provide some pointers you may be able to use in order to hone your skills. There are also a number of reviews inside: Corel's Painter IX, FXR Software's Creature Creator Pro (sadly, Brent Kingston's last interview), and two books.

It's a busy issue.

Now that we've closed another calendar year, I would like to take a few moments of your time to examine this past year and explain what the future holds for us.

Our reason for going from print to electronic format was a simple business decision. While we have always emphasized a high-quality product with features designed to further the skills of our community members, the cost to produce a print magazine was prohibitive. So we considered a less costly alternative, one suggested by a number of our overseas readers. Thus, The RIM was born.

We have had a remarkable year. The transition from print to electronic format was difficult. During the first three months we experienced normal organizational problems associated with any reorganization, but we persevered. And, with a lot of hard work, we met our March 31st deadline for launching The RIM. Everyone involved with The RIM, subscribers, contributors, and staff alike, had high hopes for the project.

For some reason, despite our attempts to raise awareness of The RIM, the venture has not been embraced to the extent that we would have liked. Efforts to promote The RIM within the community, by placing announcements in the Renderosity newsletter and forums and using front-page articles extracted from the magazine, as well as various websites and publications, did not increase subscriptions to the levels projected.

But the lack of significant sales growth is only one side of the issue. Authors work extremely hard preparing material for publication. They deserve to have their material featured where it will be viewed or accessed by as many people as possible. In the end, most community members in general did not seem to be interested in switching between Renderosity and The RIM to search for answers or content. While we tried to arrange The RIM forums along the same lines as those on Renderosity in order to provide subscribers a special place, where they could interact with like minds on a more intimate level, perhaps we were a little too close in some and suffered from perceived redundancy. As a result, things did not turn out as we had envisioned and many of the features of The RIM were unused or underutilized. And the work of our contributors did not attract the attention it deserved.

Then too, we have to examine the costs of running a separate site. Does it make sense to continue supporting a venture that cannot hold its own? It would be nice if running a server and providing access was free, but we all know that it is not. And what about the time and effort of the contributors and The RIM staff? It's a high-cost venture with negative return. In spite of this, we believe the need for an outlet that offers in-depth and wider coverage of topics than that normally appearing in Renderosity's forums still exists.

So where do we go from here?

First, this issue will be our last. There will be no new subscriptions available for purchase. Past issues, however, will still be available for purchase from the Marketplace. Paid subscribers will be given the option of receiving a refund or gift certificate for the remaining portion of their subscriptions. The refunds will be determined and settled by the end of February, so please keep an eye out for your emails; further, all site content currently in archives will be reactivated. This will give every current RIM user access to all past content, regardless of when their subscription began. The site will also remain open, as is, until all current subscriptions expire.

Second, realizing the need for such an outlet remains; the decision has been made to incorporate the functions of The RIM into Renderosity proper. Doing so provides the following benefits to the community: members will gain free access to articles, features, reviews, etc.; contributors will be able to reach a much wider audience; and there will only be one outlet and format that users need to interact with - Renderosity.

With all the resources at Renderosity's disposal, the need for authors and contributors, whether describing a new technique in tutorial form or reviewing new products is still present. Any member of the community interested in participating or providing content to the site should contact Lillian Hawkins, Renderosity Marketing & Promotions, at

The past three years, from print through The RIM, have been an incredible journey. During my time with Renderosity Magazine and The RIM, I have learned many things from you, our readers, contributors, and staff. Most of all, you have been a great source of inspiration. For this, I thank you.

Karl W. Heller

We would like to make a very special thank you to Dee-Marie for her enormous contributions to the Renderosity Interactive Magazine.

We would also like to thank all of the writers, editors, artists, and contributors over the years that have made the Renderosity Magazine an enjoyable experience.

Meet RIM Team

Inside the Nov/Dec 2004 Final Issue of The RIM - [Volume 3/Issue 4]

Featured Series

Legends of Art Series
An interview with Joe Jusko
by Diana Hillard [dido6]

Fantasy Photographer Joseph Corsentino an interview by Dee-Marie [deemarie]
An interview with Anne McCaffrey by Diana Hilliard [dido6]
An interview with Scott Kurtz, creator of PvP by David Levins [midrael]


Tips for Working in Photoshop: tips and tricks by Sandra Desaultels [muddylady]

A Quick Look at the Pen Tool: Using Photoshop's Pen Tool by Jenna Hoffstein [bluuevenus]

Creating My Online Children's Book: by Koty Lapid [bonbonish]

Ten Tips for Vue: tips and tricks for Vue 5 by Laurent Alquier [agiel]

Integrating Backgrounds into 3D Artwork: tutorial by L. McDermott [musicat]

Photographing Birds in the Wild: tutorial by Daniel O'Byrne [danob]

Creating Asteroids in Lightwave - Method One: tutorial by Timothy G. Fillingim [Fillingim]

Creating Asteroids in Lightwave - Method Two: tutorial by Timothy G. Fillingim [Fillingim]

Unofficial Survey of Toon Rendering: by Don Henton [dhenton1000]

History of Imagine: by Robert Purves [bobbystahr]

An Apple for Canada - XSI NURBS and Revolve Tools: tutorial by Eric Post [EricofSD]

Reviews and Previews

Corel's Painter IX - A choice Morsel: review by Paula Sanders [paulajane]

Creature Creator Standalone v1.6: preview by Sandra Castle [SndCastie]

Digital Sci-Fi Art: book review by Sean Ellery [SeanE]

Abandon All Hope: book review by Karl W. Heller [GonWaki]

Art Gallery

Laurent Alquier [agiel] Kivork Awadissian [awadissk]
Thomas Weiss [beton] Chuck Siebuhr [chucksiebuhr]
Christine [Krystie] Dorothea Beer [Dotthy]
Elsina Schepers [Creations] Suzi Hereth [Sprryte]
Guillermo Vidal [gevidal] Suzi Hereth [Sprryte]

Cover Contest Winners

Front Cover: Jessie Ferguson [Ferguson] Back Cover: Steve Roberts [steve32680]
Inside Front Cover: Imelda Weijers [Kethram] Inside Back Cover: James Grant [jimgranite]

1st: mksjuliana 2nd: Esclece 3rd: Gurami
4th: cwrw 5th: Odrah 6th: Eisbaerchen

Honorable Mentions
Beachadonis Claymor DoctorZee dukun
herbstliebe Hythshade Kendra Luminaa
Martine silveril Spunkrat Trancecaster

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Article Comments

BellaMorte ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 14 January 2005

I for one am sorry to read that the RIM will be no more. I was hoping to get my subscription this year. Oh well, such is life I guess. Whatever you decide to do in the future I hope I get to be a part of it somehow.

FrenchKiss ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 17 January 2005

I'm very sorry the RIM hasn't been the success you deserved for all the hard work that went into it. There are, however, many Renderosity members who would love to see the Magazine return in its original printed format. Perhaps that is an option that can be looked into again?

bobbystahr ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 17 January 2005

It's a really finely crafted mag and I for one, tho new here will be sad to see it go...Sigh peace bobby

dialyn ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 19 January 2005

I was a small part of the RIM, and it was an amazing experience. My thanks to my team members who worked so very hard to make it work...GonWaki, midrael, Dido6, tyramisu, retrocity, nemric, nirvy, kixum, pokeydots, vclaszlo, hawkstheman, genny, BigT, Peggy_Walters to name just a few, and others that I don't have room to name. A lot of people worked on the magazine and the website behind the scenes that no one will ever know about. And I treasured my time spent with these hard working people. In the big scheme of things, I know any participation I made will be forgotten (and that's probably for the best) but it is too bad that no one really knew how many people worked so extremely hard to make it work, nor did those people get adequate credit for their day in and day out contributions (which is the way it goes, one was in it for the credit but they still deserved to get it). I don't regret my time on the magazine--it was a good faith effort on the part of so many people to try to make it work, and it taught me many things I wouldn't have had an opportunity to learn otherwise. So many talented people on Renderosity...I am really happy I had a chance to meet a few of them.

Terrielee ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 19 January 2005

I'm sorry you had a rough go of it - you all are so talented and have worked so hard to create a great product. I too would love to see the magazine return to its original printed format. Being a charter member, I thoroughly enjoyed holding the magazine (something tangible) in my hand when I wanted a break from the computer. The printed magazine was exquisite! Good luck on the next leg of your journey! I'll be watching and hopefully joining in on the fun :).

Andarianedomon ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 20 January 2005

As I'm Sure there was an extreme amount of effort and hard work along with the Passion I know that Renderosity has for getting the Best out of everything they do, I still enjoyed the Printed Magazine much better. There's nothing quite like holding a piece of Art in your Hands. Yes I agree that the RIM and Renderosity sites where too Close to the Same thing and with all the Content In Renderosity having to Keep up with TWO complete Sites seemed Time Consuming. I Hope that the Powers that be see the Wisdom in Continuing the PRINTED Magazine. I was getting alot of Friends and Co-workers interested in Purchasing a Subsrcription. These were Persons that did not either have Computers or Not Interested or savvy with Joining the site. Plus there's nothing like striving and Hopeing someday to get featured in the Magazine. Anyways Just my Thoughts and I will always support and belong to Renderosity..............

Disciple3d ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 21 January 2005

I can't say I did not see this coming. I'm sure anyone who's ever worked with any sort print or e-publication will recognize the tremendous ammount of work that went into RIM, unfortunately, that's not enough folks I guess. Anyways congrats on a job well done. Like others, I still miss the printed publication and would be among the first to subscribe to that were it to ever return, even in a lower print quality format.

Doofus ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 21 January 2005

I loved the printed copy of the mag. Read them each cover to cover repeatedly and still read them often. I hated to see the paper mag go and now this. tis a sad thing tis a sad thing.

DarkStarRising ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 22 January 2005

i never got a chance to get my hands on these, and it a huge shame its ended, but as they say as one thing ends another begins!

mmitchell_houston ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 27 January 2005

Congratulations to you all on your brave venture. The print magazine, and now the e-magazine... both were worthy efforts and they were undertaken with professionalism and a sense of enthusiasm that is truly inspiring. Everyone involved should be VERY proud of their involvement with the projects! That being said, I have to admit to being one of the people who never embraced RIM. I have all of the print magazines, but I dont read e-books or e-magazines. They are unpleasant experiences for me. I dont like to read articles while sitting at my computer, and its really prohibitive and annoying to print it out so I can read it while taking a soak in the tub (or chilling in my favorite chair). The portable technology to easily read e-books just isnt there, yet. Of course being a little bit ahead of the curve is what makes it so great here at Renderosity! Again, you all did a really good job and you should be very, VERY proud of yourselves!

deemarie ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 31 January 2005

A very special "thank you" to all of the magazine staff - your total devotion and selfless dedication throughout the past 3 year is greatly appreciated! As dialyn mentioned above, there are just too many people to thank, to mention here, so, I am posting a link to my list of "special thanks" in the Magazine Information Forum. Thanks also to Renderosity Community for your sharing your long time support of both the magazine and the magazine team! Without "you," the Rosity Comminity, there would never could never have been a magazine! Lastly - Let us not forget audre - the woman behind the concept! The magazine team was honored to continue her dream for as long as we could! With much love for the magazine and the team! Dee-Marie

danob ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 07 February 2005

I am sad to see the end of both the RIM and the Magazine having contributed to both I know all the hard work that has gone on from all those concerned.. A big thanks for all the support and be proud of what you have done!!

jewell ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 09 February 2005

any chance of getting pdf versions of the online content? I found getting around the site and finding things to be more trouble than it wasworth, but I have the paper issues sitting on my desk and reference them a lot. Being able to print out my own version would be REALLY nice. I'd even be willing to work up a layout for the content (being as that is what I do in RL) and pdf them/it if you'd be willing to get me the content in editable format.

GonWaki ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 11 February 2005

Unfortunately, the online content will not be made available in PDF format. Although conversion is certainly within our means (considering the magazine staff created the PDFs), the publishing agreements between the contributors and The RIM only specified use as online content and do not permit release to third parties.

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