The New Artist Pages Are Here!

November 23, 2010 1:23 pm

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New Artist Homepages

Your New Artist Page Experience

The Renderosity Team is always looking for ways to make our community more interactive and user friendly while allowing for input from our members. With that in mind, we feel as though the changes that have been made to our Artist Homepage's will excite those avid users! We're hoping you take some time to experiment with all of the new features and give us feedback as to how we can continue to make this experience even better. Please know that the Artist Bio will remain a part of this new design - users willl still be able to provide a picture and bio of themselves as they have in the past.

By default, each of the new homepages will have a series of links along the left-hand side (see below). This 'Content Slider Tutorial' will help step a new user through the process of getting their page set-up.

Please be sure to view this tutorial before getting started

(below is a screenshot of what the homepage will look like)


The idea was to give our members the tools and flexibility they desire in managing the identity of their own unique place within the Renderosity Community. To do this, we've provided a variety of 'elements' that will give the artist freedom to customize the tools that are important specifically to them.

Elements included (as of right now) are: Recent Activity, Display Friends, FreeStuff, Show Blog, Favorite Images, Recent Images, Featured Image, Favorite Artist, User Tutorials and Filelocker Files.

The way that users currently see their friends is via a lenghty list at the bottom of their page. Through the 'Display Friends' element, that can be dragged onto the content slider, users can now also search for friends and have friend suggestions provided to them.

With the help of the elements listed above, you can customize your homepage for the look and feel you desire!

(below is a shot of how you can drag and drop elements from the left sidebar onto one of your pages)


Not only can you choose which elements you want to dispay on your homepage, but you can also choose the overall color scheme and functionality of your page.

(Here's a shot of how you can customize the overall color scheme and appearance of your homepage).


We hope to continue to add features that will make this a more useful tool for you and to enhance your overall user experience while visiting the Renderosity Community.

*Please know that we've identified a few minor quirks across varying browsers. We are working to clean these up and should have them resolved in the very near future. If you would like, please report anything you're seeing to If you're using IE8, please make sure you're in compatibility mode.

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Article Comments

Belladzines ( posted at 4:47PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Looks promising .. but its a mess right now .. still wanting .. and the top bar that leads you to the store, gallery artist bio etc .. is that going?

Kyms_Cave ( posted at 8:20PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Interesting times ahead me thinks..

Kyms_Cave ( posted at 9:06PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Arh! no way and I thought this was going to be fun..not.. I seem to have lost everything I had in the first element have still got what I put into element num 2 How do I get back what was in 1 ????? HELP NEEDED... and yes I did read but the tutorial has disappeared..I knew I should have taken notes...

StaceyG ( posted at 9:18PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Hi Kyms, You can get the tutorial back. Just go the options then "add elements" and add the Tutorial element again so you can read through it:)

StaceyG ( posted at 9:33PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Hey Kyms, I sent you a sitemail with some info:)

Cimaira ( posted at 10:08PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Well, I can't get to my artist page, period. When I click on the link, I get.."Internet Explorer cannot view....and will now abort" :(

Winterclaw ( posted at 11:20PM Mon, 15 November 2010

Well, I just toyed around with mine a little. It even encouraged me to start a blog about art and anything I feel like talking about.

Lully ( posted at 12:10PM Tue, 16 November 2010

ok.... until i tried to alter the default mustard colour, now everything has disappeared. :(

Flint_Hawk ( posted at 6:43PM Tue, 16 November 2010

I'm having exactly the same problem as Cimaira a couple of posts above. I too am unable to get to my Artist Page because Internet Explorer aborts. I hope this can be fixed soon.

IO4 ( posted at 12:47AM Wed, 17 November 2010

I do like the new artist page. It might even encourage me to blog more as the blog feels more accessible and looks better on this page I think. However, the favourite artist and images elements doen't appear to work very well - when I click 'next' the next image doesn't load or takes a few minutes. But it's a great new feature, thanks Rendrosity:)

renecyberdoc ( posted at 5:21AM Wed, 17 November 2010

well i dont want to criticize rendo ,i am glad to be a member here and thankful to renderosity for providing this fine plattform to interact and show my art. but it seems to me that since the works on artists homepages has begun with the new features that servers are getting very slow sometimes its a pain to comment and upload,and believe me when i tell you that it is renderosity galleries only.i really tested all up to the max. now i think that a very high pourcentage of members dont even have a bio let alone doing some works and using new features on their homepage. in my eyes and i know it sounds not popular (paying never does)the user should have the opportunity to choose.for example if i want new features i am willing to pay for example 1 dollar a month. this way we could relocate these features to a server which is far away from rendo daily business speaking of the galleries. for most people they want to upload comment fav,and shop of course lol, and view and nothing extra. i mean i would like to have new features as long as the rest stays quality and fast.if not i take a dislike to the new features when they bother me to jump around in the galleries the way i want and the way it works mostly with rendo.. i just wanted to mention my point of view without attacking anyone ,and i am sure some more people do have problems, i had private emails from 3 different continents this morning about the slowliness of the rendo servers. and as i can imagine the whole work to maintain a huge place like this i have the deepest of respects for the people over in tennessee(lol). i am as well not sure if the new features and the works are slowing down the servers or if it is something else,in any case nothing wrong on my end,with my connection. i have 10mb adsl-line. a nice day to all

RodS ( posted at 11:43AM Wed, 17 November 2010

What I've noticed so far is that on my homepage, the links at the top seem to 'jump' around. For instance, if you try to click the gallery link, you have to chase it all over the top of the page. I have yet to be able to click on anything at the top and have it work. Like Rene said, it seems like everything has slowed down a lot lately. I'm sure the bugs will all get worked out eventually.

auntietk ( posted at 11:49AM Wed, 17 November 2010

Two thumbs down. You've cluttered up the page with stuff I don't care about and will probably never use, and made viewing the "friends" section cumbersome and painfully slow. Can we have a choice? If we don't want our home page in the new format, can you give us a button to click that hides all the new stuff and gives us the "Classic Look" back?

bazza ( posted at 1:33PM Wed, 17 November 2010

Like Rene I have found rendo over the last month reallly reallly slow some pictures don't load now until viewed in full size then commented on after looking at full size then when it reloads after commenting the picture may be there.. and to fav same slow process.. I even change my internet provider thinking there was trouble with my old one but to no avail it is no faster on the new one :-(. I hope this isn't to do with all these changes.. If so I hope it improves when the fiddling stops lol. I think that there was nothing wrong with how the set out was, people could do what they need too.. If they don't have a bio now, new features are not going to have any change to that.. they still wont have a bio... I'm of the opinion if it ain't broke don't fix it.. was going ok before leave well enough alone.. Us oldies don't need all the gizmo's etc lol Any way just my two bobs worth... Have a wonderful day

Savage_dragon ( posted at 4:41PM Wed, 17 November 2010

I'm with Rene & Bazza. Its been very slow & I have no use for a fancy home page. I was happy as things were. I pay my $5 a month & would like to at least have a choice. Its nice to grow, but sometimes, we just grow fat. All in all, RO is still the best art site on the planet.

Kyms_Cave ( posted at 8:34PM Wed, 17 November 2010

THANK YOU! Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help on the new look is great and I am loving the way it is set that I know how to get around it is going to be of great help.. to me anyway.. and I have to say it is nice to be able to customise my Homepage with out there being a cost involved..I so love the paid for looks in some galleries but alas I can not afford one of a big thumbs up from me for giving the use of this awesome feature... Hugs..Kym.. I have noticed a slow down on the site but then I also have the same problem at Deviantart so I guess the more popular sites become it will take a little time to speed things up can become frustrating at times but..I certainly think there are a lot worse things to worry about..well for me anyway... Am looking forward to see it evolve...

StaceyG ( posted at 1:43PM Fri, 19 November 2010

Just an FYI that we have added a link on the artist page under the Content slider that says "Old Homepage View". For those that prefer. To go back to the new view, just click the link that says "New Homepage View":)

coolcatcom ( posted at 5:12PM Fri, 19 November 2010

I wish to thank you for giving us the choice of using the new or as was for our artist page. This freedom of choice is truly appreciate.

ldgilman ( posted at 4:29PM Sat, 20 November 2010

I am also very happy that the switch has been added to go back to the old if desired. I just don't have time to setup another new page and learn another set of rules. Personally I liked it the way it was.

auntietk ( posted at 8:12PM Sun, 21 November 2010

Thank you, Stacey! You rock!!! >:D

davidoblad ( posted at 3:35PM Mon, 22 November 2010

Coolcatcom says we get a choice of using the older version of Homepage.. How do I activate my choice to resume the original homepage look? I see nothing on my Homepage that says "Old Homepage View". In fact.. I don't see a content slider either.. just my Bio.. some squashed Friends Icons and 4 boxes at the very bottom that says "Menu-Home-Back-Next".. Tried the compatibility button.. made everything go basically blank.. I like the idea of customizing Homepage but needs more debugging.. Best to all from Dave :^)

pixeluna ( posted at 9:13PM Thu, 25 November 2010

I agree with most everybody. The old one works well, why change it to something that seems more cluttered. Just an opinion. I like the old one better.

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