The MarketPlace at Renderosity

tim · March 19, 2001 9:49 pm

Key areas of change include: 1. The name of the e-commerce area was changed to better reflect the nature of the function performed. 2. The License for products sold in the MarketPlace was updated to reflect our actual policies and eliminate customer concerns about the previous "no refund" policy. 3. Very specific Submission Criteria has been developed for items to be sold in the MarketPlace to ensure a consistent customer experience. We hope these changes will improve your experience when purchasing items in the MarketPlace. If you have suggestions on how to further improve this site, please email them to

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3ddave44 ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 21 March 2001

I did notice - did anyone else notice however that the graphic is kinda crummy and looks like a designer jean patch? Let's hope someone finds the time or inspiration to change it. Hey, I'm not a talker with no action - maybe I'll make some and renderosity can pick from them... this one though... bleech.