Thanksgiving Gravy Bowl - Champion Announced!

November 3, 2011 12:30 am

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We've brought the products to the table - now it's up to you to vote!

Here is your chance to decide the sale price on some of Renderosity's Hottest products!

But how much will each of these super popular products be on sale? That's for you to decide! We will be offering these products for sale anywhere from 35-75% OFF, and you get to vote on the sale price for each product! The 16 products will be matched up against one another, and you vote on which product you want to see advance to the next round. The further a product goes through the rounds, the higher the discount for that product!

When it's all said and done, only one product will emerge as the Hottest MarketPlace item and it will go on sale for 75% OFF until November 23rd!

(Take a look at the tournament bracket, and click on the thumbnails to get a breakdown of each product)


Here's how it works:

First Round

Round 1 has come to a close and below you will find the eight (8) products that didn't make it through and are now on sale at 35% off. Theses products will be on sale at the discount below through Wednesday, November 23rd!

Get These 8 Products at 35% OFF Through Wednesday November 23rd

Cherry V4/A4

Kat Character & Lingerie (V4, A4, Girl4, S4)

After Hours V4 A4 G4

Amusement V4

Fun with Flat Things

Midnight Obsession 2

Tenshi Warrior Anime Character and Outfit for V4

Stella Hair


Second round

Round 2 voting has ended as of 9:00am (cdt) on Thursday, November 10th. The four products below didn't make it through and are now on sale at 40% off from now through Wednesday, November 23rd!

Path 6

Mynastropole 4

Elenoir & Nevil

Ancient Cultures Construction Set by 3-D-C

Third Round

Round 3 has come to a close as of 9:00am (cdt) on Monday, November 14th. The two products not chosen have been be put on sale at 50% through Wednesday November 23rd.

Hongyu's CowGirl 5 for V4 A4 G4 Elite

Feliciana Hair

Final Round

A Champion has been crowned and this year's Thanksgiving Gravy Bowl Champion is DM's Dusty Memories. You can now get this product at 75% from now through Wednesday, November 23rd at 11:59pm (cst).

DMs Dusty Memories

The second place product, Fantasy Warrior Hair is also now on sale at 60% off from now through Wednesday, November 23rd at 11:59pm (cst).

Fantasy Warrior Hair


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Article Comments

DarkRider ( posted at 3:10AM Thu, 03 November 2011


1971s ( posted at 3:18AM Thu, 03 November 2011

All products are perfect ... Hard choice)

bossch ( posted at 3:23AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Lots of 50/50 votes. It was not easy.

SissyB ( posted at 4:06AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Thank you for offering us opportunity of sale price on such beautiful products!! ^-^

Kinchie ( posted at 5:08AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Elenoir and Nevil were just on sale at 50% off and many people may have bought them - pity as these are the best of the times on offer for the 75% lineup! Thanks for the fun pole anyway.

AlexandersGrandma ( posted at 5:56AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Cool. Thanks

Ghostpanther ( posted at 6:22AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Some choices were easy, but most of them not. So many wonderful items. Can't wait to see the results & hopefully I will be able to buy some of them.

Rowan54 ( posted at 7:46AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Kewl! Nice range of choices.

TIRROCCIA ( posted at 8:16AM Thu, 03 November 2011


stevep12 ( posted at 8:41AM Thu, 03 November 2011

kats soooo sexy.. she gets my vote

Sylvia ( posted at 8:58AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Wow!! ~Fantastic & Fun~ GRACIAS!!!

Kerya ( posted at 9:20AM Thu, 03 November 2011

This is going to be fun!!! Fun and complicated - what too choose??? Thank you.

mininessie ( posted at 9:36AM Thu, 03 November 2011


Kludge ( posted at 10:06AM Thu, 03 November 2011

Interesting and difficult choices. Some wound up on my wishlist which just makes it tougher.

infinity10 ( posted at 11:01AM Thu, 03 November 2011


deaddecaydead ( posted at 12:15PM Thu, 03 November 2011

great idea...should happen more often! we enjoy being part of the process & earning the discounts in the process...happy rendering everybody!

foxylady1 ( posted at 2:54PM Thu, 03 November 2011

Voted. That was fun.

KF ( posted at 4:45PM Thu, 03 November 2011

Great fun :)

boobunny ( posted at 5:56PM Thu, 03 November 2011

How fun! Thanks.

druc ( posted at 7:34AM Fri, 04 November 2011

fun and a great way to pole your customers on what they like

Flash178 ( posted at 9:06AM Fri, 04 November 2011

Nice.... Gotta ask the wife what I should do....

anaterium ( posted at 5:36PM Sat, 05 November 2011

Voted! :-)

Seaview123 ( posted at 6:48AM Sun, 06 November 2011

Great choice of contest items. I've got plenty of characters already, so I'm always looking for settings to render them in, and you can never have enough hair, and there are some excellent ones in this contest. Thanks, Rendo!

Swampfox ( posted at 6:33PM Sun, 06 November 2011

I own 5 of the items already, so I voted for it's opposite in hope that it will win and I have a chance to get the others?!!

renecyberdoc ( posted at 10:03AM Mon, 07 November 2011

lol 2 swampfox me too i am doing the same,beeing a bit egoistic wont hurt in this case lol.

foxylady1 ( posted at 5:08PM Mon, 07 November 2011

Dusty Memories, my favorite.

jeanne_50 ( posted at 5:13AM Wed, 09 November 2011

Nice products! Thank you. :) Love, Jeanne

Xerxes0002 ( posted at 1:57PM Wed, 09 November 2011

well since just about everything I voted for got knocked out, not as much interest here. I hope people get the items they really want at least.

Anagord ( posted at 10:23PM Thu, 10 November 2011

I look forward to every year for Thanksgiving Gravy Bowl.Thank you very much!!!

Nick_Jones ( posted at 8:12AM Fri, 11 November 2011

Go, Dusty Memories!