SIGGRAPH Dailies! Deadline Extended

May 1, 2012 11:05 pm



What is SIGGRAPH Dailies?

Whereas most SIGGRAPH content is focused on new techniques for creating images, SIGGRAPH Dailies! is focused on the imagery itself and the stories of the artists who created it.

The program debuted at SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles, to rave reviews. Here is an excerpt from the review in Animation World Network:

"Three cheers for the new SIGGRAPH Dailies. The premise sounds so simple: give artists, animators and computer graphics professionals an opportunity to showcase their own work, usually part of a larger project. They have 90 seconds.

"One after another, rapid fire, the presenters showed their clips while briefly describing the scope of their work. Some were unintelligible, some were hilarious. But they all resonated with one thing: they shone a light, ever so briefly, on the mostly anonymous and unappreciated work done by any one of the thousands of names that scroll by at warp speed at the endĀ of a feature film. Or the work done by grad students locked in the basement of some dark and distant research lab."

SIGGRAPH Dailies Wants You!

SIGGRAPH 2012 invites you to submit a short (60-90 seconds) sequence showing recent work. It could be professional, personal, student work, or anything. The work might be:

  • For film: A turnaround of a model or shader
  • For film: A final animation, FX, or lighting shot
  • For games: A game character or level design
  • For games: A killer cinematic
  • For visualization: Elucidating a biological or physical process
  • For visualization: Turning numerical data into visuals

But anything is welcome, as long as it's great. The only criteria are mind-blowing excellence and interesting backstory:


We want the best thing you've done all year. Never mind whether it has the latest, greatest algorithm or will redefine techniques for future work. Ask only: will it blow your peers away?


Did you re-tailor the wedding dress 51 times? Did you pull three consecutive all-nighters with a production assistant hovering over you? Did you throw out the design packet and do what you thought was best?

SIGGRAPH Dailies! is a presentation format. You will need to get on stage for approximately two minutes and talk about your work. So pick the best thing you've done all year, and submit!

Submission deadline has been extended to Monday, May 21st! Find out more here...

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