SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 – Symposium on Apps

July 5, 2011 9:31 pm


SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 – Symposium on Apps – Open for Submissions


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 15 September 2011 (23:59 UTC/GMT)

The increased power, portability and ubiquitous connectivity of smart phones and tablets are causing a fundamental shift in how most of humanity interacts with computing. Some mobile devices already deliver the visual computing power of desktop machines of just a few years ago and the rate of mobile silicon innovation is accelerating.  Increasingly sophisticated development environments, almost frictionless market access through application stores and widespread device availability are creating new opportunities for a wide range of developers to participate in a global market that will soon be worth more than $35 billion annually.

Symposium on Apps is an inaugural program at SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 in Hong Kong to introduce the opportunities and challenges of mobile applications development to the global graphics community.  The program will educate and explore how visual and animation techniques can be used on mobile devices to create compelling end user experiences and to drive the use of advanced graphics capabilities on billions of new devices.

Mobile platforms are democratizing the development of applications and encouraging the active participation of budding young developers and entrepreneurs; for instance, many teenagers can now develop applications for the market. Indeed the mobile lifestyle, the open media computing environment and social networks provide a unified network, a level playing field and an almost friction-free marketing channel to deliver apps to their targeted users. In this ecosystem just about everyone can have a chance to create revenue-generating applications.

For the first Symposium on Apps, we call for participation in the following four categories of sessions:

  1. Presentations: on a specific topic related to mobile applications;
  2. Panel Discussions: among multiple participants from academia or industry;
  3. Workshops: a hands-on, how-to session for your product or research;
  4. Exhibits: showing your work in our mini-exhibition.

Proposed events are welcome under one of the following general themes:

  1. Introductory - catering to an audience getting started in the mobile applications world and may introduce SDKs, third party libraries, game engines, programming skills, pitfalls to avoid, etc.
  2. State of the Art - the greatest and latest advances in the field discussing new techniques, emerging standards, technologies etc.
  3. Marketing - promoting and monetizing your application on application stores, selling your application to a bigger company, developing a user ecosystem, etc.

We would like to suggest some sample topics – but feel free to also suggest your own:

  1. Mobile user interfaces and interactivity techniques
  2. Marketing of applications and leveraging app stores
  3. Applications and social networks – how do they interact?
  4. Mobile gaming and how it compares to traditional gaming platforms
  5. Android, iOS and other mobile platforms – strengths and weaknesses
  6. Animation techniques and tools relevant to mobile platforms
  7. Making a business grow through mobile applications
  8. End-user market research and new directions for applications
  9. Mobile cameras and image processing
  10. Pitfalls to avoid when developing applications
  11. Use of GPUs in mobile computing
  12. Augmented reality on mobile platforms
  13. Cross platform application development tools and standards
  14. Innovative use of mobile sensors – GPS, accelerometers and cameras
  15. Gesture processing for innovative user interfaces

Symposium on Apps sessions can be offered in one of the following formats:

  1. Short session: this caters for one speaker and lasts around 45 minutes
  2. Standard session: this caters to one or more speakers and lasts around 1h30 minutes
  3. Half-day session: this caters to more than one speaker and comprises of two standard sessions with a 15 minute break.

Exhibits will last for the duration of the Symposium on Apps and will be table top exhibits setup around the Symposium on Apps session room.

Workshop organizers must specify what equipment attendees must bring to the session and how many participants can be accommodated

Note that if you would like to organize both a workshop and presentation, you will need to submit one application for each and specify that the events are linked in your applications.

Note that the committee of Symposium on Apps reserve themselves the right to alter the length of each time-slot based on content and in order to better balance the schedule.

The official language of SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 is English and consequently all content is expected to be in English.

Morgan Aasdam
Symposium on Apps Chair 
City University of Hong Kong 

Neil Trevett
Symposium on Apps Chair

For more information on the Symposium of Apps and how to submit, please visit

For more information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, please visit

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