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Software:   Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser Pro 11

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Product Notes

A small Dance/Gym studio.

Hopefully, it all works. This is the most complex thing I've tried to make for Poser. I modeled in Blender, based on other studios I've seen in the past. There are some details. For instance, the windows are very detailed in construction, with the glass pane having thickness and cutting into the frame. The mirror has a silvered backing with a thickness of glass over it. The glass uses BagginsBill's "tricky glass" which is volumetric. Make sure to have sufficient max bounces setup in the render or the light rays won't get through all the transparent surfaces (you'll see black). There are UV templates and some simple mats and textures. Loading the parts, they are untextured. The scene *is* textured (simply). The UV mapping should hopefully play nicely with procedural textures.

Meant to upload this a while ago, but got distracted playing with Blender :D

This is part of my learning to work with Blender, and developing content for Poser.

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Freestuff Comments

thoennes ( 1:14AM | Sat, 07 March 2020

That was it. Actually, I used that a few years ago. But there were limitations. I used my own barre. And the shape of the walls didn't do well with a brick mat I wanted to use. The polys of the window were not good for close ups. Finally, it didn't have the UV mapping that I wanted. The room was simple enough that it was easily enough remade the way I needed.

I wasn't sure if I should post it because while this is entirely my build from scratch, the original is still for sale. I didn't intend for this to detract from sales of a commercial product.

I actually intend to release variation parts for it. Things like a different window setup like a front wall with rect windows with curtains. And a ceiling with recessed lighting. And fancier doors. Really, whatever I need for an image :)

I might post the .blend file and let others play with it.


Lukon100 ( 3:18AM | Fri, 06 March 2020

It's a free alternative to the "Dance Class Studio" item in the Daz Store for $21.95!

thoennes ( 11:02PM | Sat, 22 February 2020

Good luck! @Lukon100 had DS success. Obviously, the Poser SuperFly mats aren't particularly useful, and the lights are probably superfluous. But the model itself is really just collection of simple OBJs exported from Blender; there is nothing inherently "poser" about it :)

Aadt79 ( 5:24PM | Sat, 22 February 2020

Looks fine! Thanks for your effort - try to use in DAZ Studio..

Quillum ( 6:07AM | Fri, 14 February 2020

Thank you, it will be very useful.

thoennes ( 7:24PM | Tue, 11 February 2020

Might be worth it to make the ripped stuffed bear :D

Oh, I know, a teddy bear with muscle morphs! O.O

Lukon100 ( 7:16AM | Tue, 11 February 2020

Let me know if you ever find a ripped stuffed bear with a pretty bow, or buff hello kitty poster images.

thoennes ( 7:30PM | Mon, 10 February 2020

@ SAMS3D: Cool. The studio you did... the center window was larger and the side walls had rectangular outsets at the left and right edges, along with an outset in the center? Daz Original?

. I love that studio. I had no idea where I got it. I just searched DAZ and found it.

In this version, I got rid of the outsets because they didn't work for me when I used brick textures. The brick texture just wrapped around. I will likely do one that has UV mapping that fixes the textures. Also, they needed rounded edges. The center window being larger actually looks better, but in blender I just used instancing. I could have done instancing and scale. The tough bit is the hole in the walls for the windows. It's not like Sketchup where I can have an instance "punch a hole".

I will probably make some variance walls and ceilings. Say, some walls with the outsets. And some ceilings with topology and "fancy lights".

BTW, love your style (your gallery). G8 seems to do the small people well. I'm trying to get La Femme to do that. Biggest problems I have is wrestling with Poser as a character DEV. A lot of manual editing. La Femme does well but I'm finding her facial mesh and rigging a bit of a challenge. I'm sure this has more to do with my own lack of ability. The team that put her together are pretty skilled :)

SAMS3D ( 6:46AM | Mon, 10 February 2020

Great Job! We made one of these Studios years and years ago, so glad to see someone else did one that is updated. Great job. Thank you.

thoennes ( 9:36PM | Sat, 08 February 2020

I'll have to check the front wall. Poser has odd behaviour with searching for referenced OBJs and I had to change the OBJ for that wall when I realized I exported it with the wrong settings. So it might have looked right on my system since poser was returning the old OBJ and not the new one. This has happened to me before. God help you if you have an OBJ named the same as another. When poser searches, it just returns the first match it finds. stuuuuupid. Hopes rendo will finally fix that one.

Wow, nice DS render. Looks the same. The covers as mesh lights was where I started :) Then I thought I'd play with mesh lights behind a material mesh. Probably overkill. But I was playing :D

Korvok dances very well :) . I love when stereotypes are broken. Especially in real life. Gives me hope for our species (sapiens, that is. If you're not sapiens, please pardon me for such a species-ist remark)

Korvok needs some hello kitty posters. Really buff hello kitties. And a ripped stuffed bear with a pretty bow. Because real men aren't aren't insecure.

Miscreate ( 9:38AM | Sat, 08 February 2020

Great stuff. Thank you!

Lukon100 ( 6:29AM | Sat, 08 February 2020

Out of curiousity I wanted to see whether it would work in Daz Studio.

It does. Just have to apply various iRay shaders. For lighting I just made the ceiling material zone called "cover" into an emissive blasting out 888888 lumins.

The front wall (with the windows in it) loaded out of place. The X, Y, and Z coordinates had to be set back to zero. (This is so for the Windows operating system version, at least.)

See my test render over at DeviantArt under my "luqu" account, and search for "Korvok Dance".

thoennes ( 7:39PM | Fri, 07 February 2020

thanks and good luck. There is a ceiling light set. The lights are mesh lights behind "glass" within a box. Other light setups can be done. The glass is there to control the lights a bit :)

I've learned a bit about materials since I made it, so don't take the materials as the be all and end all. Better materials will probably give better results. It works well with ezdone to give something outside the windows.

mininessie ( 1:13PM | Fri, 07 February 2020

thank you !

dbwalton ( 10:15AM | Fri, 07 February 2020

Thank you. I'm going to give it a try.

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