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 Subject: What am I missing?

arrowhead42 opened this issue on Oct 17, 2020 · 1 posts

  arrowhead42 ( posted at 8:36PM Sat, 17 October 2020 

Hi everyone, I'm just wondering something about MAT poses and/or materials..... I have a model that has a rather complicated procedural shader. The model itself is a morphing prop (a rocket) with about 9 different material zones (wings, rocket body, fins, etc). I saved the shader as a material file (.mt5) and I've found it rather tedious to click on the material file, hit the check mark to apply it, at which point poser asks me what material zone to apply it to. I click wings, then repeat the process for fins, rocket body, etc, etc. In the past I've created MAT files but they only work on figures (.cr2 files). Just wondering if there's any such way to do a one-click application and place a procedural shader on multiple material zones on a morphing prop, rather than to do it a bunch of times. Thanks in advance -

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