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 Subject: Shopping Tutorial For Newbies

BabaBozo opened this issue on Aug 27, 2020 · 1 posts

  BabaBozo ( posted at 10:35AM Thu, 27 August 2020 

This is more of a suggestion than a request for help. I hope it's helpful to you somehow. Both the Renderosity and Daz stores are pretty inscrutable to new users. The product listings typically assume all kinds of knowledge a new user is unlikely to have. It might help to link every product in the store to some kind of basic introduction for novice shoppers. As example, let's look at a particular product. SOFTWARE: Ok, this part is pretty obvious, the product works with those versions of the software. BASE FIGURE: What's a base figure? What is Dawn? What is Dawn S.E? REQUIREMENTS: What's a Dawn starter morph? What's a morph? What are Dawn Head Shapes? Who is HiveWire3D? And then the bottom of the page references all kinds of additional details which will further confuse new shoppers. I'm not asking for an explanation of this particular product. This is just an example. I'm suggesting a help link be included with each product listings which leads to a tutorial which explains basic concepts. Without such instruction being readily available here's what happens. New users browse through the store, see a bunch of pretty stuff, their mind's fill with lots of questions on how they would actually use the stuff, they don't see any way to find answers to their questions, and so... They wander off, taking their money with them. I'll guess for every order you get that happens about 100 times. People come, they get confused, they don't know what to do, they leave. Anyway, just reporting how the store looks to this shopper. Do with it what you will.

  jennblake ( posted at 1:35PM Thu, 27 August 2020 

Hi. I will keep this as a suggestion..and I'll see what I can do about creating something like this. This is good feedback...thank you. :smile: